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Daelin Proudmoore

By: Derpifier
Last Updated: May 10, 2016
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Daelin Proudmoore

Grand Admiral of the Alliance

Health: Similar to Johanna
Regen: Similar to Arthas
Mana: 500 (+10 per lvl)
Regen: 3
Attack Damage: Similar to Illidan
Attack Speed: 1

Role: Tank that thrives in longer combat, gaining additional attack speed and damage the more he attacks. 

-Egon Stetmann

Combat Trait

Unrelenting Warrior
Daelin gets more power the longer he fights, gaining more attack speed and damage.

3 attacks- 10% bonus attack speed and damage

6 attacks- 20% bonus attack speed and damage

9 attacks- 30% bonus attack speed and damage

Stacks fade rapidly after being out of combat for 4 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Forked Lightning
Fires lightning bolts at enemies in front of the caster in a cone (90 degree) radius. Deals 125 (+4% per lvl) damage to all enemies hit.
COOLDOWN: 13 seconds MANA: 45
Create a thunderstorm in a target area to deal damage to all enemies within the radius. Lasts 3 seconds. Deals 98 (+4% per lvl) damage per second.

COOLDOWN: 18 seconds MANA: 60
An aura that pulls in nearby enemies. Has a range of 2. Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds after escaping from Cyclone. This effect can only happen once per Cyclone.

COOLDOWN: 20 seconds MANA: 80

Heroic Abilities

Howl of Terror
Decreases all enemies' attack and movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds. 

COOLDOWN: 100 seconds MANA: 100
Last Stand
Plant your sword into the ground, creating an impassable shield, deflecting all taken damage to the shield back to the enemy. Negative effects from abilities or attacks are deflected to all nearby enemy heroes. Lasts 4 seconds. Similar to Reinhardt's Barrier Field.

COOLDOWN: 80 seconds MANA: 80

Special Mount

Naval Captain
You gain a floating boat mount, looking like the ships from the Alliance.

Tier 1

Storm- Monsoon slows enemies by 30% for 3 seconds.
Ball Lightning- Forked Lightning deals additional damage over 2 seconds.
Regeneration Master
Seasoned Marksman

Tier 2

Fury- Upon reaching 6 basic attacks, increase your movement speed by 20%.
Lightning Strike- Forked Lightning deals additional damage to target enemy.
Stormfront- Monsoon deals additional damage to enemies recently hit by Forked Lightning.
Tornado- Cyclone speeds up enemies within its radius.

Tier 3

Focused Attack
Rune Blade- Every 4 attacks you deal 50% additional damage.
Unleashed- Every 3 attacks you deal 50% splash around your target.
Thunderous Charge- Forked Lightning instantly charges you to the last enemy hit.

Tier 5

Tropical Storm- Cyclone damages enemies inside of it.
Giant Killer
Death From Above- Monsoon deals additional damage to enemies in the center.

Tier 6

Unrelenting- Gain a shield equal to 1% of your max health with each attack. Lasts 6 seconds.

Tier 7

Full Moon- Stun enemies for 2 seconds after the effects wear off of Howl of Terror.
Final Stand- Last Stand deals damage to nearby enemies.
Nexus Blades
Bolt of the Storm

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