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Daelin Proudmoore

By: TheSkyMayBe
Last Updated: Aug 9, 2016
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Daelin Proudmoore

Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras

"No Orc, no, your kind will never change, and I will never stop fighting you."

A staunch naval commander who defends his allies fervently and controls the battlefield with powerful water magic.

Combat Trait

Hold The Line!
Admiral Proudmoore roots himself in place, gaining Resistant (25% damage resistance), immunity to displacement effects, and different abilities. Enemy heroes cannot move or pass by Admiral Proudmoore while he is in this stance.

1 sec Cooldown.

Primary Abilities

Admiral Proudmoore lunges a short distance dealing medium damage. If Admiral Proudmoore contacts an enemy hero, he continues the lunge and knocks the enemy back.

Medium Cooldown.
Sea Spray
Admiral Proudmoore deals light damage and blinds all enemies in a directed small frontal cone AoE.

Medium cooldown.
A targeted slow on an enemy that grows over 2 seconds to 80%.

Long cooldown.

Secondary Abilities

Admiral Proudmoore sweeps a short area in front of him (short frontal semi-circle AoE) for medium damage.

Medium cooldown.

Heroic Abilities

After a 1 second channel, Admiral Proudmoore summons and launches a Cyclone that travels a medium distance in a wide straight line at a medium speed. If the Cyclone hits an enemy hero, they are Knocked Up for 1 sec, suffer light damage when the Knock Up effect ends and are slowed for 30% for 1.5 seconds.

80 second cooldown.
Tidal Wave
Admiral Proudmoore summons and rides a giant Tidal Wave. This is a large straight line skill-shot that displaces all heroes affected by it. Allied heroes behind Admiral Proudmoore are carried with him in the direction of the summounded wave and enemies are pushed back and slowed an equal distance.

80 second cooldown.

Hero Concept

Proudmoore is designed to be a sturdy warrior who protects his backline stalwartly by preventing and mitigating a bulky warrior frontline. High level players should be able to position Admiral Proudmoore in choke-points to prevent enemy escape.

Talent Tree

[*] Level 1 - Baseline Talents

Captain of the Depths: While in Hold the Line, Proudmoore is given a 35% spell shield.
Wipe Them Out! (Quest) Hit 15 heroes to increase the damage of Lunge (and Sweep) by x. (Reward) The distance of Lunge is increased by 25% and Proudmoore gains a 25% move speed after casting Lunge.

[*] Level 4 - Water Talents
Shells and Sand: Sea Spray deals 50% more damage.
Seaweed Slap: Sea Spray now applies a 35% slow.
Grasp of the Deep: Undertow now roots.
Refreshing Spray: (Quest) Hitting 20 heroes with Sea Spray increases the radius of Sea Spray and now heals allies in the AoE for a small amount.

[*] Level 7 - Survivability
Vigorous Strike
Leeching Sweep: Hitting an enemy with Sweep heals Proudmoore for a small amount.
Tidal Synchronism: Hitting an enemy hero with Sea Spray lowers the cooldown of Sweep by 1 seconds up to 4 seconds.
Proudmoore's Force: Lunge now pierces enemy heroes allowing Proudmoore to pass through enemy heroes.

[*] Level 10 - Heroics
Cyclone: This ability is akin to Medivh's Ley Line Seal or Arthas' Summon Sindragosa. It is designed to disable and disrupt grouped enemy heroes for a strong engage by Proudmoore's team. It can be used to disengage from fights as well, provided it hits enemy heroes.

Tidal Wave: This ability is like Falstad's Mighty Gust. It is designed to move all 5 allied heroes towards the enemy team whilst pushing the enemy team backwards. It can be used for strong engages and disengages, provided enemy heroes are not inside the hit box for the spell.

[*] Level 13 - Hold the Line tier
Rallying Cry: Allied heroes in a small area around Proudmoore gain Relentless when Proudmoore is in Hold the Line!
Tete a tete: Increase Proudmoore's attack range by a small amount while in Hold the Line!
Admiral's Fervour: deal small AoE damage while in Hold the Line

[*] Level 16 - Power Spike
Mail Breaker: Lunge now applies a 25% Vulnerability.
Consumed by Hatred: Proudmoore's AA speed increases by 50% after 2 seconds while in Hold the Line!
Protect the Weak: Enemy Heroes attacking Proudmoore while in Hold the Line! are slowed by 50%.
Heart Seeker: Lunge now stuns the first enemy it hits.

[*] Level 20 - Storm Talents

Monsoon!: An enemy hero hit by Cyclone is now struck by lightning for light damage. The duration and length of Cyclone is increased by 2 seconds.
Victory or Death: Increases the damage resistance of Hold the Line! To 50%.
Fanaticism: Activate to become completely immune to disabling effects for 3 seconds. Passive: increase move speed by 10%.
Skeet Surfing: An allied hero affected by Tidal Wave gains a shield for 25% of their health for 3 secs.

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