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By: Demolij
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017
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Steward of the Templar

I fear no enemy 
for the Khala is my strength!
I fear not death
for our strength is eternal!
As the most renown warrior of the Protoss, Fenix has fought countless battles against enemies other Protoss cannot begin to comprehend. His fighting skills were so renown that he was given the title of Steward of the Templar. In an unfortunate turn of events he was incapacitated in a battle with a Hydralisk due to an equipment malfunction, but he was reborn in the shell of a Dragoon, where he continued to serve and aid in the downfall of the Overmind. He accomplished much before he was slain again by the Queen of Blades, and was later born again as the Purifier Talendar. His valor will be proven in the Nexus alongside his Protoss bretheren, and the enemy shall feel his fury, firsthand!
HEALTH: 2178 + 4%lvl
REGEN: 4.57 + 4%lvl
DAMAGE: 132 + 4%lvl
ATTACK SPEED: .81 per second (.25 second delay)
RANGE: 5.5
Fenix is a ranged bruiser that doesn't shy away from action, whaling on enemies with high-impact abilities while being hard to shut down.

Combat Trait

Can be activated at a target point with global range in vision, causing Fenix to channel for 3 seconds and crash down at the location pushing away enemies in a small AoE. Can only be cast in the Altar of Storms and has a 10 second cooldown.

Fenix also has a unique mount called Shuttle.

Primary Abilities

Launch Scarab
60 mana, 12 second cooldown

Release a fast moving Scarab in the target direction while Fenix is pushed in the opposite direction. The first enemy hit by either the Scarab or Fenix are pushed back and take 191 (+ 4%lvl) damage.
Singularity Charge
30 mana, 10 second cooldown (starts at the end of the effect).

Can now basic attack while moving, and basic attacks reduce the target's attack armor by 10 for 1.75 seconds. Lasts 5 seconds and can be cancelled.
Heart of a Zealot
75 mana, 15 second cooldown

Fenix becomes unstoppable for 1 second. Can be cast while stunned silenced or polymorphed.

Heroic Abilities

Guardian Shield
5 mana per second, 3 second cooldown

Create a large aura around Fenix in the shape of a bubble, allied heroes inside transfer 25% of their damage taken to Fenix. Can be toggled on or off.

[Storm Talent] Heroic Legacy: Enemies inside the aura deal 25% reduced damage.
60 second cooldown

Instantly restore all your health but become incapacitated as you repait for 3 seconds after which you regain control. Is autocast upon taking fatal damage when off cooldown. Activating the Trait while incapacitated will instantly kill you and put it on 10 second cooldown.

[Storm Talent] Power Capacitor: Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds and when incapacitated gain a shield equal to 50% of your max health.

Special Mount

Channel to call down and enter a Shuttle, becoming unstoppable while gaining a shield for 571 (+ 4%lvl) health and 30% movement speed. Damage or disables do not dismount him until the shield is broken in which the damage is rolled over and the mount gains a 20 second cooldown. Dismounting also takes .5 seconds before action can be taken.


[Level 1]
Spearhead: Disruption dash speed and range increased by 30%.
- Heart of a Champion: Heart of a Zealot grants 25% movement speed for 2 seconds.
- Charge Forward: Singularity Charge grants 15% increased movement speed on-hit.

[Level 4]
- Shatter: Basic attacks during Singularity Charge deal 40% increased damage to shields.
Electromagnetic Bolts: Basic attacks during Singularity Charge deal 100% damage to all enemies the projectile touches.
- Repulsion: Launch Scarab knockback increased by 100%.

[Level 7]
Gravitic Drive: Shuttle movement speed increased to 40% and dismounting is instant.
Trillic Compression Mesh: Gain 15% increased health.
- Battle Hunger: Heart of a Zealot releases a pulse that purges slows and roots from nearby allies.

[Level 10]
- Guardian Shield: Heroic ability.
- Reconstruction: Heroic ability.

[Level 13]
For Adun!: After Heart of a Zealot ends the duration of crowd control control effects are reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.
- Shredded Defense: Singularity Charge attack armor reduction increased to 25.
- Particle Cannon: Basic attack delay removed and basic attacks deal 10% more damage.

[Level 16]
- Phase Disruptor: Hitting an enemy with a Scarab grants 75% increased attack range against them for 5 seconds.
- Fear no Enemy: Enemies or summons that basic attack you have their attack speed slowed by 40% for 3 seconds.
Hot Landing: Deploy takes 1 less second to channel, and enemies in the impact area are knocked back further and take 144 (+ 4%lvl) damage.

[Level 20]
- Immortal Protocol: Heart of a Zealot makes Fenix invulnerable for 1 second and the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.
- Power Capacitor: Reconstruction cooldown reduced to 45 seconds, and increase the shield by 200%.
- Heroic Legacy: Guardian Shield reduces nearby enemies' damage by 25%.
Robotic Support Bay: Shuttle health increased by 30% and destruction cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.


Fenix is a bruiser with ranged attacks, which means he doesn't play like other bruisers or other ranged heroes. He deals quite a mix of sustained and burst damage, and his health pool is higher than assassins but on the low end of other warriors. His basic attacks are quite slow and have a delay but deal decent damage making each shot count. The lack of self-sustain or hard cc severely gimps his solo tanking potential and he's somewhat slower-paced, but his abilities are quite powerful regardless and he can stay out of troublesome situations really well. He fits into teams as a safe bruiser or a low-cc tank, or can also be a strong peeler for a squishy backline against heavy divers.

Deploy seems a little funky at first, but what it does is basically give you an offensive Abathur Deep tunnel every time you die or Hearth, at the cost of not being able to use it on the field. It's an extremely powerful tool that allows instant reinforcement, and even better, you still have access to a cool mount! The Shuttle doesn't let you have cool custom mounts, but what it does have it the ability to prevent you from being dismounted for silly reasons like going through a minion wave, and also gives you a pretty strong shield. You can still be hooked and the such though, and it comes at the price of being a little slower on the upkeep since you can't use abilities immediately coming out of it. Still, the ability is very powerful and thematic.

Scarabs are a nice utility tool that provides a little bit of mobility and damage but the most useful aspect is the knockback. The daze is mostly great simply for the disengage, but there will certainly be situations where it's more optimal to charge face-first into an enemy, or maybe just use the pulse to stop a channel. Singularity Charge allows you to move and shoot, which is a lifesaver due to how long it takes to actually fire and can let you kite pretty well, and the shield damage can be a great boost against anti-sustain heroes like Tassadar and Chen. It doesn't last super long and has a pretty long cooldown, so make sure to cancel it if you don't need it. Heart of a Zealot makes you super slippery, letting you instantly get out of sucky situations with a potent self-cleanse, and using it when the enemy tries to pin you down can save your life. It won't save you from damage nor stasis effects like Cocoon, but it can stop you from getting shredded by chainstuns and letting you Disruption away.

Guardian Shield is a supporting ability that gives everyone around you armor, except it doesn't count as armor. 25% damage reduction for your whole team on call is pretty good, and it has a small mana cost and can be toggled on and off with a small cooldown, but it's not a passive ability like arthas' Frozen Wastes. It can very easily kill you if they all get hit by AoE abilities, and although you are probably tankier than your allies you still don't want to be countered by the enemy just picking you off, so choose this heroic if you're less likely to get focused or you really need to defend your allies.

Reconstruction is literally a resurrection on a 60 second cooldown, and is another way to instantly reinforce your allies during a fight, and since the enemy will likely try and burn through your second health bar to prevent the revive you're basically a nice big distraction for the enemy team to waste their time on. Of course, if you do manage to revive you're a nice big problem for the enemy team to deal with. The downside is that the revive takes 3 seconds which is likely enough for the enemy to either kill you off or just wipe out your teammates, and if your whole team dies and you're the only one left alive the enemy team can pick you off with impunity. Being able to activate it is okay because it can be used as a 3-second full heal or as a way to cleverly avoid burst (or to just kill yourself...?) but the real value comes from the resurrection, so unless you expect to get focused it's not as strong.

Counters and Synergies

Works well with: 
- Rohana. My other design likes to keep enemies tethered and reduce cooldowns, both being things that Fenix can love. You then defend her if she gets attacked. Kind of like Talandar... huh.
- Anub'arak. Neither of you are super tanky, but when Anub keeps them pinned down while you pelt them from afar and peel for him your dps can then mop the baddies up.

Works well against:
- Artanis. Ohh baby, since you can kite him and break his shields he has very little he can do. This isn't Brood War anymore, Dragoon>Zealot.
- Xul. Purges for days, break his Bone Prison, break his Cursed Strikes, break his shield. So unfair rofl.

Struggles against:
- Melee assassins. Yeah, you do deal damage and can sort of kite them, but they simply deal so much damage, and you can't purge their superior mobility.
- Tosh. My other design is a ranged utility specialist that can go invisible and mess up Fenix's damage. If he spaces his cc abilities you're screwed.


IT IS DONE!!! After many days and nights (I think like a whole week) I finally pulled enough sources to gather abilities and talents for this character. This was seriously one of the most testing designs I've done since Dragoons are pretty bare of abilities and stuff. I figured that since he embodies the warrior spirit of the Protoss he needs to be a warrior, and he also showcases the robotics of the Protoss in his Dragoon and Talendar forms so he needs to represent other Protoss icons that are unlikely to be put in the game. In the end, this design was birthed, and I couldn't be happier (well I could, if Blizz put this in the bloody game). 

If you want to see more of my designs, here is a list of all the designs I've made.

EDIT 1: Reworked Disruption, Singularity Charge and Scarabs swapped places, rebalanced and reworked talents.
EDIT 2: Changed pictures and wording.
EDIT 2: Unstoppable on basic ability again, Deploy new Trait, Scarab tied in with Disruption, Guardian Shield added.

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MagicPants | January 11, 2017 12:06am
I like your ideas. I do think that with certain talent combinations he may be OP. Also i disagree that his Heart of a Zealot can be cast while polymorphed. Stunned yes, polymorphed no. That being said, stuns only last 1 second anyway, so by the time you realise you are stunned it will have worn off anyway. I think it could be reworked so that it can be cast during roots. This would give it utility against Malfurion's extremely annoying root. Otherwise good work.
Demolij (1) | January 12, 2017 2:18pm
Hm, I was under the impression that he was on the underpowered side of things. Most of his damage comes from basic attacks, and even though that's not where his sustain comes from like Artanis, it still means blinds are pretty good against him. He's somewhat of a pansy tank, being pretty durable and can defend the backline, but in a straight-up fight his best defense is kiting. He's strong but not OP lol.

As for Heart of a Zealot, it's quite literally a self-cleanse. Unstoppable means you're immune to cc so you can cast it if you get locked down to purge the effects and gtfo. Thus, it already works against Malfurion's root, but if it didn't work against polymorphs then it would defeat the purpose.
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