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Hanzo Shimada

By: tkal
Created: Sep 12, 2017
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Hanzo Shimada

Leader of the Shimada Clan

Health - 1632
HP Regen - 2.3
Mana - 400
Mana Regen - 1.2
Attack Damage - 39
Attack Speed - 1.4

Combat Trait

Aim of the Dragon
The further you are the more damage your basic attack deals.
You can move while charging but lose 50% movement speed.
The longer you charge the farther the arrow goes and the more damage it deals.

Primary Abilities

Storm Aim
Mana - 40 Mana
Charge Cooldown - 8 Seconds
Activate to increase the range and damage of your next basic attack or ability by 15%.
Contains 3 Charges
Scatter Arrow
Mana - 75
Cooldown - 12 Seconds
Fire a skillshot in a line, dealing 125 damage initally and losing 10 damage per arrow hit.
Scatter Arrow is reset when an enemy hero is killed hy the ability.
Sonic Arrow
Mana - 50
Cooldown - 9 Seconds
Fire an arrow in a line, dealing 75 damage and revealing the area for the next 5 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Mana - 100
Cooldown - 90 Seconds
In a line, fire an arrow unleashing the dragon within the Shimada brother, dealing 240 damage to all enemies caught within. The cooldown of Dragonstrike is reduced by 10 per hero killed by it.

Level 1 Talents


Quest:Kill 40 enemy minions near Hanzo.
Reward:Gain 20 Basic Attack damage and 1.1 basic attack range.
Dragon Skin

Quest:Deal 5500 damage with your basic attacks.
Reward:Gain 25 armour while using a basic abilitu for 5 seconds.
Master of the Shimada

Quest:Gather 20 Regen Globes.
Reward:Increase mana and health regen by 2.

Level 4 Talents


Quest:Hit 50 Heroes with Scatter Arrow.
Reward:Increase Scatter Arrows damage by 50.
Energetic Arrows

Scatter Arrow restores 5 mana per enemy minion, mercanary, boss or monster hit.

Basic Attack damage increase by 10 per hero slain. Bonuses lost upon death.

Level 7 Talents

Dragon Eyes

Gain 20% bonus movement speed after using Sonic Arrow.
Sonic Paraylsis

Revealed targets are rooted for 1.5 seconds.
Sonic Breath
Sonic Arrow deals 67 damage to revealed enemies.

Level 13 Talents

Flow like Water

Increase movement speed while charging an arrow by 25%.
Return of the Dragon

Gain 2 more charges of Storm Aim.
Dragon Sight

Storm Aim increases Hanzos health by 500 while charging a Sonic or Scatter Arrow under Storm Aim bonuses.
Dragons Rage

Hanzos basic attacks cleave for 50% reduced damage.

Level 16 Talents

Temporal Aim

Reduce charge cooldown of Storm Aim by 3 seconds.
Second Strike

Scatter Arrow deals 10% more damage per bounce.

Every arrow bounced on enemy heroes increases the duration by 5 seconds.
See Which Cannot be Unseen

After using Sonic Arrow gain a free cast of Sonic Arrow.

Level 20 Talents

The Dragon Hungers

Enemy heroes slain by Dragonstrike increase the width by 1.5 and damage by 100.
Shimada Chains

Cooldown - 50 Seconds
Activate to target an enemy hero, rooting them for 2 seconds and decreasing their armor by 15%.
Dragon Aim
Storm Aim can be acivated to increase Hanzos movement speed while charging an arrow by 100% and damage by 70%.

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aust | September 12, 2017 3:28pm
oh cool , are people's stealing concepts now ? haha
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