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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017
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Leader of the Kabal

3D Model by: nakedbuddhahttps://sketchfab.com/nakedbuddha

"What if players could create their own spells?"

Combat Trait

Use potion
Active: Throws the Potion Mix he prepared. 3 charges. CD 12s.

Passive: Kazakus spend mana to empower potions. If he runs out of mana he can still use potions by their power and duration are reduced by 50%.

Primary Abilities

Goldthorn potion
Adds Goldthorn Potion into the mix.
effects focused on buffs and health
heart of fire potion
Adds Heart of Fire Potion into the mix.
effects focused on damage
ICEcap potion
Adds Icecap Potion into the mix.
effects focused on debuffs

Secondary Abilities

Toogle on/off Memory: if on, last mix will be memorized, if off, mix will be reseted after cast.
Toss Potion
Toogle on/off Toss: If on, wil throw potion on area, affecting every ally or enemy, but effect and duration are reduced to 50%. Off: targeted unit.

Heroic Abilities

Dragon's Breath
Level 10
Active: Kazakus will drink a secret blend of potions and after 1 second will spit arcane fire causing damage in cone for 500(+4% per level) over 2 seconds.

Passive: If kaza-kola is used on Kazakus, also increases magic damage and do not silence.

Level 20
Dragon's Breath benefits from 50% of talents for Heart of Fire potion.
Dimensional Rift
Level 10
Active: Kazakus will focus his power on his stomach, causing the rift to suck a chosen ally or enemy, absorving it and teleporting it to the respective Altar of the Storm. Target being channeled must move afar or interrupt the channeling with stun or silence. Enemies target being channeled are heavily slowed. Channeling lasts 2 seconds.

Passive: hearthstone is not interrupted by taking damage and cast time is reduced 50%. Also, animation is changed for a one where Kazakus is sucked into his own belly

Level 20
Within 12 seconds after hearthstoning, Kazakus can hearthstone from Hall of Storms to return to where he last hearthstoned. CD 60s.
Level 20
Kaza-Kola can now be tossed but when tossed will only affect minions. Minions requires a single stack of Kaza-kola and the effect will last until death. Minions do not benefit from talent upgrades on Kaza-Kola.


Kazakus must mix 3 potions to create a unique spell, cast by throwing the potion with his trait.

Kaza-Kola - Can't be tossed, being single target only.
Stacking 3 Kaza-kolas on enemy hero will cause him to change sides and attack closest former ally nearby for 100% damage. Can be damaged by former allies. Lasts 1.5 seconds.
Stacking 3 Kaza-Kolas on allied hero will cause him to become mad, receiving increased 10%: health, physical damage, atk. speed armor, mov. speed but be silenced. Lasts 2 seconds.

1 - Restore Health over time. Initial 380(+4% per level)+1% max health per second for 2 second.
2 - Increases Damage. 10% increased damage for 2s.
3 - Increases Armor. 10 armor for 2s.

4 - Inflicts Damage over time. Initial 300(+4% per level)+1% max health per second for 2 second.
5 - Summons a demon to give sight and guard the area for 2s.
6 - Slows for 20% for 2 second.

7 - Reduces Damage by 10% for 2s.
8 - Reduces Armor by 10 for 2s.
9 - Polymorph for 1s and explodes when turns back for 60 damage.


Every talent will be avaiable every 5 tiers, meaning Kazakus can either pick a mix of them or focus in a single one, stacking it. Talents are actually 6 materials. Each material benefits a base potion for either power or duration affecting blends that uses this potion.
1) adds Felboom to Heart of Fire potion, causing all potions using it to increase power.
2) adds kingsblood to Golthorn potion, causing all potions using it to increase power.
3) adds shadow oil into icecap potion, causing all potions using it to increase power.
4) adds mystic wool into icecap potion, causing all potions using it to increase effect duration.
5) adds netherbloom to heart of fire potion, causing all potions using it to increase duration.
6) adds stonescale oil into goldthorn potion, causing all potion using it to increase duration.

As you see, there are 6 herbs to add into potions, 2 for each potion, one for increaing effect power, other for increasing duration.

Power increasing ingredients adds 20% extra power.
Time increasing ingredients add 20% extra seconds.
Repited POTIONS do not stack bonus. Exemple: Potion 2 uses 2 Goldthorn potions, this means Stonescail talents will only take effect once instead of one for each Goldthorn potion.


When HS designers asked themselves "what if players could create their own cards?" they developed Kazakus. This is a misterious character, rumors says he is a dragon and no one knows where the portal in his stomach leads to. He is the leader of the Kabal and they profit by selling potions, but there is a hidden plan behind all of it, where Kazakus is trying to mind controll people, developing the Kaza-Kola and the enchanted chains they use to stabilize their potions.

So when this hero was designed he was meant to have the same idea: what if heroes could create their own spells?
There are 10 possibilities to be explored. This is a very complex hero and because of that the talent choices were very simplified, so players won't have to burn their brains to play him.

Playing Kazakus
must feel very challenging, since he has so many option to chose that it will require high game perception. This is a very hard character but playing him well must feel very satisfaying.

Playing as his ally
Kazakus is very complex so you don't know what to expect from him. Just be sure to be very aware to use the possibilities he creates.

Playing against him
You can expect pretty much anything from him so you will have a hard time antecipating his moves. He can counter a lot of strategies if the player is doing a good job so the higher your rank, the more you must be aware for his flaws. Kazakus is squeashy so you'll want to prioritize him when isolating or bursting down an enemy.

This is a very hard hero to play. Not because you'll have to memorize the recipes, that's probably the easiest part. But because you'll have to know when each ability will be more useful. When to buff, when to debuff, when to slow instead of polymorph, when to heal instead of damage. Kazakus can do pretty much anything and he can do it 3 times in a row, so it's kinda hard to balance everything and keep it simples, but I belive it's actually close to that when I do the math. You can reach up to double the power or double the time or anything between it and this versatility is what makes his talent choices so important to fit your team and counter your enemies.

troll concepts



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spyro2002 (4) | November 11, 2017 1:09pm
THis concept is magnificent.But I'm a bit confused on how the talents work.Can you help me with that?
HexerVoodoom (2) | November 13, 2017 7:31pm
You will always face the same options, no matter which talent you got on last tier, so you can get the same talent over and over and it will stack it's effect.
-There are 6 talent options, 2 options for each basic ability (Q, W, E), where 1 will increase it's POWER EFFECT and the other will increase EFFECT DURATION of any potion that use the buffed ability.
-For exemple, if you get Felbloom Talent it will increase power of abilities that use Heart of Fire (W), so if now you create the potion 2 (10% increased damage for 2s) it will instead increase it's damage by 12% for 2s. This talent will also empower potions 4, 5, 6 and 8.
-Another exemple, if you get the Mystical Wool it will increase the duration of potions that uses Icecap (E). So if now you create the potion 7 (reduces damage by 10% for 2s) it will last 20% more, meaning it now slows for 2.25 seconds. It will also increase duration of potions 3, 6, 8 and 9.
-Every talent will buff Kaza-Kola either on power or duration.

It's important to notice Kazakus is very versatile and that makes him very powerful, so when picking a talent his power will not be buffed as most heroes, making it more even as the games advances. Yet, if for exemple, you pick Mystical Wool every time you will end with a 100% duration effect, meaning the all affect potions will last 4s, what is a big amount of time for a TF.

Hope I made it clear!
Thanks for your time!!
Challenge (7) | September 26, 2017 8:01am
The most interesting thing I've learned from this concept was Kazakus is a Troll. Idk what I thought he was before but i legit never noticed he was a troll.
Koetetsu (4) | November 13, 2017 10:56pm
I think it has to do with his nose. The other male trolls have longer noses except for him. I never noticed it at first too. I even thought he was a mutated dranei with tusks.
HexerVoodoom (2) | November 17, 2017 4:13am
Oh, that's because he is a Zandalari, their nose are a lot shorter than other troll's, but to be fair Kazakus' is even shorter than normal zandalari nose. The tusks are also disorted due to the extreme use of Arcane.
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