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Maiev Shadowsong

By: tkal
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2017
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Maiev Shadowsong

Leader of the Wardens

Combat Info

Health - 1758
HP Regen - 1.8
Mana - 600
Mana Regen - 1.1
Damage - 58
ATK SPD - 1.5

Combat Trait

Marked for Death
Enemy heroes hit by Maievs basic abilities gain a Bounty, enemy heroes hit with Marked for Death are slowed for 1.2% for 2 seconds.

Quest:Kill 5 Unique Heroes while under Marked for Death
Reward:Increase Maievs Ability damage by 125 and movement speed by 5%.

Primary Abilities

Envenomed Glaive
CD:6 Seconds
Target an enemy hero, stunning them for 1.2 seconds and dealing 89 (+4% per level) to the target.
Barbed Wire
Mana:52 Mana
Cooldown:12 Seconds
Deal 125 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies and after 1.2 seconds deal 155 (+4% per level) over 5 seconds.
Mana Burn
Mana:66 Mana
Cooldown:8 Seconds
Target an enemy hero, dealing 55 (+4% per level) damage and burning 35 (+4% per level) mana.

Heroic Abilities

Wardens Armor
Mana:78 Mana
Cooldown:60 Seconds
Gain 45 armor, 1200 health and lower basic ability cooldowns by 4 for 7 seconds.
Critical Wound
Mana:76 Mana
Cooldown:68 Seconds
Target an enemy hero, if under 50% health deal 560 (+4% per level) damage to the target and 50% less damage to nearby enemy heroes.

Lvl 1

Empowered Glaive
Quest:Hit 60 enemy heroes with Envenomed Glaive.
Reward:After hitting 15 heroes increase stun duration by .5.
Reward:After hitting 30 heroes Ennvenomed Glaive bounces to two additional heroes.
Vault Master
Quest:Gather 30 Regeneration Globes
Reward:Increase Mana and Health regeneration by 1.5
Siphon Mana
Mana Burn restores Mana to Maiev.

Lvl 4

Healing Barb
Barbed Wire restores 50 (+4% per level) health to Maiev for each enemy hit.
Bloodthorn Glaive
Envenomed Glaive restores 56 (+4% per level) to Maiev.
Burn to a Crisp
Mana Burn Time Stops the targeted hero for 1.6 seconds.

Lvl 7

Bounty Hunter
Enemies Marked for Death are Silenced for the duration.
Deathly Blow
Envenomed Glaives cooldown is reset if an enemy hero is killed after 1.5 seconds of casting.
Sedated Lust
Envenomed Glaive deals 15% more damage to disabled heroes.

Lvl 13

Anti-Magic Armor
Spell Damage against Maiev is reduced by 55%. This effect has two charges with a 20 second cooldown.
Blinded Wire
Barbed Wire blinds its targets by 1.5 seconds.
Improved Metal
Quest:Hit 70 enemies with Barbed Wire.
Reward:Barbed Wire roots its enemies hit for 2 seconds.
Hardened Tactics
After using a basic abilty your next basic attack deals 25% increased damage.

Lvl 16

No Exception
Mana Burn also burns Energy, Fury, Zarya Energy, Ammunition (Tracer).
Shields are Weak
Envenomed Glaive deals 15% increased damage to Shields.
Master Warden
Quest:Kill 10 enemy heroes.
Reward:After killing 5, increased movement speed and armor by 10%.
Reward:After killing 10, gain 25% increased healing and 1000 health.
Fan of Knives
Barbed Wire deals 5% increased damage to heroes, Deals 200 (+4% per level) over 5 seconds.

Lvl 20

Perfect Armor
Increase duration by 3 and health gain by 1000.
No Escape
Cooldown:68 Seconds
Activate to teleport and cast Critical Wound to all nearby enemies. This shares a cooldown with Critical Wound.
Increase damage by 5% and duration by 2 seconds of all Basic abilities to enemy heroes under a Bounty
Basic attacks reduce ability cooldowns by 3.1 seconds.

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Korthrax (6) | October 19, 2017 6:44am
Okay so, you really need to look over this and fix up the wording on a lot of abilities and talents, as many of them are incomplete or wrong. I don't know why you've added numbers such as "3.1" and "1.2" instead of round them up or down, e.g 3.25 and 1.25. Please fix the numbers on mana costs too, something should not cost "77" mana it should be 75 or 80.

Q is exactly the same as Muradin's, except so much better as it has a 4 second CD less cool down than him, and it is point-and-click. Personally i suggest changing it to a slow, as tossing a glaive and cutting someone does not stun like like throwing a hammer at someones head would.

W is fine

E, as the other commenter has said, is not something blizzard will, or wants to add, however it is a concept so if you want to keep it then it is your choice.

Lets look at your first Ultimant and compare it to Avatar
Mana:78 Mana Cooldown:60 Seconds
Gain 45 armor, 1200 health and lower basic ability cooldowns by 4 for 7 seconds.
100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
Transform for 20 seconds, gaining 1124 (+4% per level) Health.

Do you see a problem here? Because i do. Your Ultimant does way too much. Health, 45 armor and reduced CD. Also 7 seconds. Don't do 7 seconds.

Other ultimant, again mana cost and CD need to be real number, 50, 55, 60 e.g
Also, you should not have an ultimant that requires a specific health amount to use, perhaps change it to what i am going to word it as
Deal 280 (+4% per level) damage to the target enemy and 140 (+4% per level) to nearby enemy heroes. If the target is below 50% health, deal 50% more damage.

Some of your talents also are quite odd.
Barbed Wire restores 50 (+4% per level) health to Maiev for each enemy hit.
Envenomed Glaive restores 56 (+4% per level) to Maiev. (I assume the 56 is health)

Barbed Wire is obviously better since it can hit up to 5 units compared to enevenomed glaive.
AoiMizune | October 10, 2017 11:25am
Blizzard have actually officially stated that they will never add "Mana Burn" abilities in the game. Just a reminder in case you want the concept to theoretically be 100% portable to HotS.
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