Maximilian Rainfiel (Complete) by furynator

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Maximilian Rainfiel (Complete)

By: furynator
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2018
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Maximilian Rainfiel (Complete)

Wandering Bard

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Combat Trait

Years of practise
Maximilian is able to use his abilities while mounted. If he is attacked he is dismounted 1 second later

Primary Abilities

Harmony Carol
Cooldown:5 seconds
Cost: 25 Mana
After a 0.5 casting, buff a friendly hero that lasts for 15 seconds. Everytime this hero uses an offensive attack an other attack follows it dealing 35(10/level) damage. Can only use it up to two allied heroes
Chant of the Grimalkin
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Cost:30 mana

After a 1 second casting. Increase the movement speed of a friendly hero by 25% and reduce the damage they receive by 10% for 3 seconds
Nocturne melody
Cooldown:8 seconds
Mana: 5% of your current mana

Steal 15% of an enemy heroes current mana and destribute it to nearby ally heroes evenly

Heroic Abilities

Hymn Of Hope
Cooldowm:60 seconds
Cost:80 Mana

After 3 seconds casting heal nearby heroes for 10% fo their max HP and increase their movement speed by 35% for 5 seconds
Lullaby of Misfortune
Cooldown:80 seconds
Cost:90 mana

After 3 seconds delay. Slow the movement speed and attack speed of nearby enemy heroes by 25% for 4 seconds. All existing enemy shields are lost. The ability is 25% larger than Malfurion's Twilight Dream.



1. Spiritual music
Increase Harmony carol duration to 20 seconds

2. Siphon melody
Nocturne Meloddy also steals 3% of the enemy heroes current health

3. Fast tongue
Reduce the mana cost of Chant of the Grimalkin to 20


1. Wolf's enchantment
Nocturne Melody silences the enemy hero for 0.5 seconds

2. Dance under the pale moon light
CD 30 seconds:Dance for  4 seconds. Friendly heroes near you are healed for 4% of their max health every second

3. Patience is a virtue
Your mounted speed is 10% slower but your abilities are 15% stronger

4. Echo of music
Increase the range of your basic abilities by 20%


1. The joy of a musical
Increase the duration of Chant of Grimalkin to 5 seconds

2. Jolly Carol
Increase the damage of Harmony Carol by 30%

3.Hypnotic melody
CD 40 second: After a 4 second casting make a mercenary camp friendly even if they are enemy mercenaries


1.Hymn of Hope

2. Lullaby of Misfortune


1.Leech all Talent
Nocturne Melody reduces the damage and attack speed of the enemy hero for 2 seconds by 10%.[/h3]
2.Spiritual elevation
Harmony carol heals the hero for 90% of the damage it deals
3.Tempo of Balance
Reduce the cost of Chant of the Grimalkin by 40%
4.Stable Saddle
Maximilian is now dismounted after one extra second


1.Clarity of the Nerves
Increase the damage reduction of Chant of the Grimalkin to 20%
2.Dark Melody
Reduce the Cooldown of Nocturne Melody to 6 seconds
3.A hymn for all
Can now use Harmony Carol to four allied heroes

LEVEL 20 Talents

1.Aurora Song
The channeling is increased to 4 seconds. Nearby allied heroes are now healed for 35% of their max health and their movement speed to 50%.
2.Lullaby of destruction
Reduce the cooldown and mana cost by 25%. Enemy heroes become vulnerable(Receive 25% more damage from all sources)

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furynator (2) | January 10, 2018 2:53am
Thank you, Edon for your input. I will see what i can do
Edon Tzedek | January 2, 2018 10:46pm
man, lullaby of misfortune is pretty weak, not mention the 4 second channeling time make it even worse my allies would have been dead already when i start cast it XD. maybe you need to add more description like how large the AoE or can you attack or cast while channeling. :D
rhijinshu (1) | January 10, 2018 12:30pm
maybe reduce the channel time to 2 seconds and increase the 25% to 40%?
furynator (2) | January 13, 2018 3:07am
I reduced it by a second. I think it is ok now. The 20 level talent makes this ult quite powerful.
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