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By: Sardonyx
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2018
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Adventuring Climatologist

A sustainable softy who is able to slow enemies in their tracks and receive aid from her companion, Snowball.

Instead of choosing a heroic talent, Mei has the choice of enhancing one of her two heroics, similar to Heroic Storm talents, however on a smaller scale.

Basic Attack Damage: 60 per second
Snowball Damage: 30 per second

Mei's Health: 1750
Snowball's Health: 875
Mei's Health Regen: 4 per second
Snowball's Health Regen: 20 per second (If not have taken damage in the last 5 seconds)

Combat Trait

Health: 50% of Mei's full HP

Mei's companion robot fires its own attacks that deal half the damage of Mei's basic attacks. Snowball also has its own ult, allowing the use of two ults. Snowball's ult charge is earned through its basic attacks

Primary Abilities

Charge Cooldown: 8 seconds

Fire a line of cryogenic freezing liquid which when applied to enemies, slows them by 20%. Can be stacked twice to increase slow by 40%. Lasts for 3 seconds. (Similar to the range of Nova's Pinning Shot)
Ice Wall
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Create three ice pillars at a targeted location which all have a healthpool of 250, blocking enemies and spell attacks. You can't create an ice wall while an enemy or ally is at the target position. (Similar to the cast range of Lunara's Noxious Blossom)
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Health: Mei's full HP

Create an ice block that shields Mei from attacks, has a healthpool of Mei's current health meaning it can be destroyed by enemy fire or by cancellation. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Secondary Abilities

Cooldown: 1 second

Redirect Snowball to a specific target

Heroic Abilities

Cooldown: 80 seconds

After a 1 second delay, slow enemies in an area gradually until 80%. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Personal Resistance
Charging Ability [Locked until level 10]

Send Snowball to a nearby enemy, reveal their location and slow them by 30% for 6 seconds. During heroic, Redirect cannot be used.


Level 1

[Q] Subzero: Increase the slow of Cryofreeze to 25%, now stacking to 50%
Quest: Damage 20 heroes with Cryofreeze
Reward: Cryofreeze now roots upon second stack for 1 second

[Passive] Optical Mechanics: Increase Snowball's attack range by 15%

[Passive] Armed Forces: Snowball's attack damage now creates equal shields for Mei

level 4

[Q] Convection: Increase Cryofreeze slow duration by 1 second but now decays overtime

[W] Towering Wall: Ice wall now blocks enemy vision on the other side but still grants allied vision to the other side

[E] Ice Armour: Gain 40 armour after Cryostasis is destroyed by enemies

level 7

[W] Structural Cryology: Ice Wall now creates two extra pillars, creating a longer wall.

[E] Healing Chill: Cryostasis heals 100 health per second

[Active] Radar: (Cooldown: 20 seconds) Reveal a location for one second

level 10

[R] Advanced Blizzard:
Cooldown: 80 seconds

After a 1 second delay, slow enemies in an area gradually until 80%. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Blizzard now does 50 damage per second to anyone in the area.

[R] Personal Defiance:
Charging Ability

Send Snowball to a nearby enemy, reveal their location and slow them by 30% for 6 seconds. During heroic, Redirect cannot be used.
Snowball now does untalented basic attack damage to a targeted enemy.

level 13

[Active] Traveling Wanderer: Snowball can be locked onto nearby allies now

[Passive] Chilling Wanderer: Attacks from Snowball now slow enemies by 10%, stacking up to 30%

[Passive] Brutal Wanderer: Increase basic attack damage from Snowball by 100%

level 16

[Q] Pulsating Chill: Cryofreeze now shoots twice over 0.5 seconds, charge removed.

[W] High-Density Fractals: Ice Wall now has 50 armour meaning it takes twice the damage to destroy a pillar.

[E] Deep Freeze: Cryostasis now lasts 50% longer and has 50% more health.

[Passive] Technological Advancements: Attacks from Snowball reduce ability cooldowns by 0.5 secs

level 20

[R] Numbing Breeze: Advanced Blizzard instantly roots enemies that are initially in the radius for the whole duration of the ability.

[R] Target Locking: Personal Defiance now creates two copies of Snowball to nearby enemies, targeting them both.

[Active] Permafrost: (Cooldown: 120 seconds) Activate to make Cryostasis last indefinitely and become invulnerable until cancelled.

[Active] Absolute Zero: (Cooldown: 20 seconds) Activate to make the next basic attack root an enemy for 2 seconds


Synergizes well with:
Tracer, Chromie, Nova, Raynor, Dva, Varian, Butcher, Tychus, Kaelthas

Mei's slow allows those who have basic attacks or trick shots to deal more damage rather if it's staying in basic attack range or adding more precision to skill shots.

Counters against:
Kerrigan, Illidan, Tracer, Genji, Medivh, Valeera, Zeratul

Those who can deal lots of damage up close or who are mobile assassins that can travel past her walls are threats towards Mei's unmobile nature.

Cool skin ideas

Basic Rare Recolourizations

Epic Skins

Winter Veil Skins(Epic)

Halloween Skins (Rare)

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Labreris | October 8, 2018 3:17am
It's cool, but the charging heroic is too similar to water elemental in my opinion.
Sardonyx | September 29, 2018 12:19pm
I'm really new to this site and I'm also very young if my theory of all HotS players being over 18+ is correct. I do accept critiques but please remember this is my first concept and it's not good.
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