Niadra (WIP) by greggrulz

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Niadra (WIP)

By: greggrulz
Last Updated: May 16, 2018
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Niadra (WIP)

relentless broodmother

Basic atacks: Ranged
dificulty: Very Hard

description: after being left alone by kerrigan, Niadra explores the koprulu sector, with a mission: eliminate all the protoss. Now, she is in the Nexus expanding her never-ending brood

Combat Trait

Pasive: when you kill a enemy unit, you gain Biomass (you lose biomass when you die)

Active: After recolect enough biomass, you can active this hability (by default D) to enter in a cocoon and envolve after 5 seconds
when you evolve you gain more maximum health, extra range for your W and E habilities, more damage from your basic atacks and your 3d model will change
You can evolve two times

first, second and finale phase respectively

If you die, you will lose biomass but you cant go back to your previous form

Primary Abilities

Passive: every 7 seconds, a zergling spawns near you, the zerglings will follow you and atack te nearest enemy to them (prioritizing heroes)
you can have a maximun of 10 zergling at the same time

when you evolve into phase 2, your zergling becomes swarmlings, a faster and stronger unit and you can have a maximun of 12

Active: your zerglings will atack the selected enemy unit

Cooldown: 6,75 seconds
heal all aly units around you by a 15% after 1,5s

you gain a 15% more range after evolving

Cooldown: 8
invasive parasite
active: infect a enemi unit, after 3,5s a zergling will emerge from them, dealing damage
if you infest a minion, this ability will insta-kill him

active2: during those 3,5s you cant re-active this ability to deal extra damage to the infested unit, and 50% to the enemies around it, slowling them by a 20%

if you kill a enemy with this hability you will gain extra biomass

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Secondary Abilities

your zerglings in a selected tiny area will burrow themselves, and will emerge when an enemy walks near them, gaining a speed boost
they cant move while burrowed and will become invisible after 2s

The burrowed units doesnt count to your max of zergling, and will last 7 seconds after emerge

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Heroic Abilities

after 3s Niadra will create and control a clone of the selected enemy hero, gaining their basic habilities and stats
you can still being killed but your zergling will protect your real body

Cooldown: 75 seconds

the copy last 25 seconds
evolve: roach
pasive: when an ally hero lose the 73% of their maximun health, Niadra gains vision around them in a big area

Active: transform your zergling into Roachs with those changes:

More health
more damage
while burrowed, they will slowly pursuit the nearest enemy hero in a area around them (similar to Junkrat's chatering teeth talent)
the roachs will last until they're killed

Cooldown: 60 seconds


i will add something here soon..... maybe

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Cykloth | May 16, 2018 7:03am
WHen you die as Niadra do you restart at your first stage?
greggrulz | May 16, 2018 12:50pm
Nope, i will correct that now
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