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Nielas Aran

By: Elganesin
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2017
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Nielas Aran


A ranged mage. Capable of summoning monsters and the elements to destroy his enemies.
He is good at single target damage, as well as zone control.
He has 400 mana. He uses all of his mana when casting a spell.
He regenerates 26 mana a second (making it a total of 16 seconds to get from 0 to full mana)

This hero's skill comes in knowing what spells to cast when and at what mana level.
As well as knowing when to use his trait.
Using his trait to summon a Daemon and using the Daemon to get mana, during the trait's cooldown, is one example.
Selecting talents that increase the effectiveness of a spell cast at low mana, will allow you to become more effective at low mana.

Hit Points: 1500
Damage: 95
Attack speed: .7 (.07 slower than Leoric)
Range: 5.5
Armor: 0
Mana: 400

Combat Trait

Elemental Blast
His spells are more powerful at higher mana.
Upon casting a spell you expend all of your mana.
This hero regenerates 26 mana a second.
Can be activated to restore 400 mana over .5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
While on cooldown the Conjurer does not regenerate mana (This includes Globes, Fountains, and Malfurion's trait).

Primary Abilities

Summon Scorpions
Summons one scorpion for each 100 mana used. No Cooldown.
If cast at full mana, the Scorpions can also be controlled (Like Jaina's water elemental).
Scorpions have 900 health do 80 damage per second.
Scorpions prioritize heroes.
No casting range. Scorpions appear right in front of the Conjurer.
Cloud of Poison
After .5 seconds this spell summons a circular poison Cloud for each 120 mana used. No Cooldown.
Clouds will start overlapped and then spread out away from each other.
If you are at full mana you will use the leftover 40 mana and the clouds can be sent in a specific direction.
Spreading out in a V until just their edges are touching.
Clouds last 5 seconds, doing 70 damage a second, and poisoning enemies. Poison does 25 damage over 3 seconds. Poison damage can stack up to 5 times. Clouds are just smaller than Jaina's blizzard.
Casting range 6.6.
Rain of Fire
Calls down one wave a second for each 80 mana used. No Cooldown.
The Conjurer channels calling down Fire in a rather large area, dealing 80 damage per wave to enemies.
If cast at full mana Conjurer does not channel and each wave get stronger.
When cast at full mana, each wave does 20 more damage than the last. Making it a total of 200 extra damage.
Casting range 9. Area is equal to Thrall's Earthquake.

Heroic Abilities

Summon Water Elemental
Summons one Elemental for 400 mana. No Cooldown.
The Elemental will stay close to the Conjurer. Using its ranged attacks to attack the same target that the Conjurer's attacks.
The Elemental protects the Conjurer granting the Conjurer 100% physical armor while the Elemental is alive.
The elemental has 1500 HP dealing 250 damage and last for 21 seconds. The Elemental will not attack on its own.
It will only attack when the Conjurer does.
You can only have one Elemental at a time.
No Casting Range. Elemental appears next to Conjurer.
Summon Daemon
Summons a Daemon for 400 mana. No Cooldown.
The Daemon prioritizes Heroes. Attacking the closet hero to its summoned location.
Every 3rd HP the Daemon loses, 1 mana is restored to the Conjurer. As well as a third of the damage he deals.
The Daemon has 1600 HP does 90 damage and lasts 20 seconds plus remaining HP. Losing 100 HP a second after the timer runs out.
(so if he did not lose any HP in the 20 seconds he would last a total 36 seconds)
You can only have one Daemon at a time.
Casting range 6.6.


Tier 1

Mana Reserve-
Quest: Collect 20 regeneration globes.
Reward: Increase Reserve by 80, and while at full mana add 25 mana to reserve a second.
Passive: Gain a mana reserve that will fill your mana bar after you deplete your mana bar.
Collecting regeneration globe fill the reserve with 30 mana.
Reserve can hold 80 mana (once quest is complete the reserve will hold 160 mana).

Staff of Magus-
Activate to increase mana regen by 50% for 7 seconds. Then halve base regen for 7 seconds.
This becomes you 1 ability. 30 second cooldown.

Activate to channel for 3 seconds. While channeling you do not regen mana (and can not move). After channeling instantly gain 170 mana. This becomes your 1 ability. 12 second cooldown.

Longer study-
Increase the casting range of all basic abilities by 10%. Scorpions gain a casting range of 2.5.

Tier 2

Damage Specialization-
Increase basic ability damage by 10%.

Scorpion Specialization-
If only one scorpion is summoned gain control over it, and it gains 15% more damage. (i.e like jaina's water elemental)

Cloud Specialization-
If only one poison cloud is summoned, you can direct it, and increase its radius by 10%.

Fire Specialization-
Gain one addition wave of fire, to Rain of Fire, that only does base damage (80 damage). The Conjurer does not need to channel for the additional wave.

Tier 3

Crush Weaklings-
Quest: Deal damage to minions and mercenaries.
Reward: Increase damage to non-Heroic targets by 30%.

Prove your power-
Quest: Takedown each enemy hero. The Conjurer's first Takedown against each enemy Hero increases his basic ability damage to heroes by 2%.
Reward: Increase the conjurer's spell power by 5%.

Mage Armor-
Activate to gain 15 armor for 6 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
Passive: While at 0 mana or 100% mana gain 15 armor

Enchanted Staff-
Increase attack range of the Conjurer by 2 and his attack speed by 14%.

Tier 4

Summon Water Elemental See above
Summon Daemon See above

Tier 5

Controlled Anger-
Passively gain 1% spell power for each 5% of total HP missing

Increase Reserve-
Regeneration Globles now add 60 mana to reserve, and increase maximum reserve amount by 20.
Passive: Fill the reserve with 2 mana a second.

Ice Block-
Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 4 seconds. 50 Second cooldown.

A clear mind
Reduce Concentrate's channeling by .5, and its cooldown by 3 second. Increase the mana gain to 200.

Tier 6

Spell Drain-
Enemies that the Conjurer attacks have there spell power reduced by 20% for 1.7 seconds.
When the Conjurer attacks gain 10 mana.

Enhanced Scorpions-
Enemies the scorpions attack have there physical armor lowered by 20 for 3 seconds.

Deep Sinking Poison-
Enemies in the Poison Cloud have the spell armor reduced by 20 for 3 seconds. The reduction of armor does not stack. But each time they are damaged by Poison Cloud it refreshes the duration.

Fire Drain-
Enemies hit by Rain of Fire are slowed by 20% for 4 seconds. The slow does not stack. But each time they are damaged by Rain of Fire it refreshes the duration.

Tier 7

Smart Elemental-
The Water Elemental lasts for 5 seconds longer, has 10% increased attack power, and attacks enemies that are with in 5 range of the Conjurer. As well as attacking with the Conjurer. The Elemental will attack on its own every 2 seconds if a target is in range. The elemental does not prioritize heroes. It will attack the closest enemy.

Bigger Daemon-
The Daemon can now be controlled. The Daemon has 100 more HP, lasts for 5 more seconds, and deals 5% more damage. When the Daemon is killed the Conjurer's mana regeneration is doubled for 7 seconds.

Elemental Channel-
Elemental Blast now only halves Mana Regeneration, instead of stops it (Globes, fountains, and Malfurion's trait are not halved in there mana regeneration. And now work during traits cooldown).

What do you call a high level Mage? What ever he wants-
Increase the casting range of all abilities by 35% (giving the Scorpions a cast range of 2.5 or increasing it to 3.7 if Longer Study was chosen). And Increase the duration of all spells by 50% (adding 2 more waves to Rain of Fire). Rain of Fire no longer needs to be Channeled. Increase the attack range of the Conjurer by 1, and his attack speed by 50%.

Activate to teleport a good distance (similar to the old Bolt of the Storm). 100 mana 12 second cooldown.

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Thinhead | November 24, 2017 11:46am
Cool talent choices!
Intero (1) | November 10, 2017 1:29pm
This is cool! I would love to see him in the game.
Elganesin (1) | November 13, 2017 7:44am
Thanks. I would too.
Korthrax (5) | October 18, 2017 11:28pm
Cool idea, i like the concept of spending all your mana at once, very interesting. Any chance of you doing talents as well? Kit is great, could be enhanced by talents.
Elganesin (1) | October 23, 2017 11:53am
Yes, I have been thinking of what his talents should be for some time.
Thanks for the comment.
Elganesin (1) | October 6, 2017 2:10pm
Back to the old days of Warcraft 1 Orcs and Humans!
Elganesin (1) | October 6, 2017 2:17pm
I love Warcraft 1. I have thought for a long time we should have a hero from Warcraft 1 (Medivh is sort of War 1 but he is more War 3).
I think this hero captures what it was like to play the Conjurer/Warlock from Warcraft 1, as well as brings a new element to the game.
No cooldowns, using all of his mana for one spell, and having the spells being more powerful with more mana.
I think this is a cool idea.
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