Nozdormu (WIP) by Labreris

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Nozdormu (WIP)

By: Labreris
Last Updated: May 16, 2018
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Nozdormu (WIP)

Timeless One

Nozdormu is a specialist in the sense that Medivh is a specialist. He uses his abilities to aid allies and set up kills. As a bronze dragon and a wielder of time itself, he deals in slows and stasises, while being immune himself.


Combat Trait

Nozdormu is immune to slows and cannot be stasised or time-stopped.

Primary Abilities

Bronze Breath
30 Mana | 4 Second cooldown
Deal 120 (+4.0% per level) damage in a cone and slow enemies hit by 10% for 2 seconds.

For each enemy hero hit, gain 5% movement speed for 5 seconds, stacking up to 8 times.
Stagnate Time
70 Mana | 15 Second cooldown
After 1 second, create a circle where time slows down. Enemy heroes have their attack speed and movement speed reduced, growing up to 50% over 3 seconds as they remain inside. Circle lasts 3 seconds.

After a circle has been created, this ability is replaced with Dragon’s Fury for the next 3 seconds.
Dragon’s Fury
30 Mana | 0 Second cooldown
After a 0.5 second delay, fly into the air transforming into a dragon and diving to the time circle, dealing 180 (+4.0% per level) damage and granting a 50% movement speed buff to allied heroes inside the circle, decaying over 3 seconds.
Time-stop Crystal
70 Mana | 20 Second cooldown
Raise a crystal out of the ground in a target location. any heroes inside the area as the crystal is raised are stasised for its duration.

Non-heroes hit take 120 (+4.0% per level) damage.

Additionally, the crystal also blocks movement as terrain.

Lasts 3 seconds, can be cancelled early.

Heroic Abilities

Revert Reality
70 Mana | 70 Second cooldown
Select a hero or yourself. The target hero is teleported back to where they were 3 seconds ago and they regain health lost in the period.
100 Mana | 100 Second cooldown
Send out a wave of energy in all directions, time-stopping everything it comes in contact with. The effect lasts 5 seconds. Targets that have already been stasised before the effect, are not affected. Eg. if a Jaina casts ice block before the wave reaching her, it wont affect her.



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