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By: vonBoomslang
Last Updated: Jan 1, 2018
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Protector of Numbani (Ranged Warrior)

Though her design dates back to the dark days of the Omnic Crisis, Orisa was made to be a protector of the weak.
And... let's face it, the Nexus needs a lot of protection.

Quick Orisa Facts:
> She has decent health, though not high for a warrior - approx. 4400 at lvl 20.
> She has an innate 10 armor.
> She has an average mana pool.
> Her auto-attack has the usual 5.5 range and decent dps - less than a ranged assassin, slightly less than a melee tank.

Combat Trait

Fusion Driver
Short Version: Orisa has decreased movement speed and increased range while attacking. Activate trait to stop attacking.

Details: Orisa attacks using a low damage but rapid fire Fusion Driver. Once Orisa is locked onto a target, she may continue attacking it up to 120% of her normal range. She moves -50% slower while attacking - this decrease applies to her base speed, and stacks with all other slows and movement speed increases; it is also not removed by Unstoppable. She has a 0.75s delay when going from not attacking to attacking, but may change targets freely while they're in range. She will fight targets in melee range with slower but higher damage mechanical punches which come out to the same dps.

Primary Abilities

Short Version: Fire a graviton charge orb in target direction. Reactivate to pull in all enemies near to the orb and slow their movement.

Details: Skillshot with good range (~9) and modest speed; isn't stopped by enemies, buildings, terrain or barriers. Explosion (well, implosion, really) has ~3.5 radius; enemies with range are connected to the orb by energy tethers (visual only). Orb stops and detonates when reactivated or at end of range, there is a 0.6s delay before the pull happens. Afterwards, enemies are slowed by -30% for 2s.

Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 16s
Passive: Orisa has 10 Armor.

Short Version: Activate to increase Orisa's Armor to 40 and become Unstoppable for 3s.

Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown: 12s
Protective Barrier
Short Version: Create a barrier at target location, which stops ranged enemy attacks until destroyed.

Details: Semi-circular Barrier (pointed away from Orisa) with a radius of ~2.5, with its center out to ~4 range. The barrier has ~2200 HP at level 20; it can be targeted and attacked but has an extremely low targeting priority.

Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 12s
Duration: 20s or until destroyed

Barrier Mechanics: Yes, I realize HotS does not currently have barriers, but that may change at one point. Here are the proposed mechanics: A barrier stops all enemy ranged auto-attacks and most skillshots(*) that attempt to pass through it, taking damage in the process. Does not block enemy movement. Damage dealt to barriers counts as damage done to shields. Does not affect most area targeted abilities(**). Bouncing projectiles will bounce off (and damage) a barrier, but it costs one bounce and it cannot bounce to the target it was headed for when it struck the barrier.

(*) Notable exceptions: Orisa's Halt; Symmetra's Photon Ball; Sylvanas' Haunting Wave; Kael'thas' Pyroblast.
(**) Notable exceptions (detonate at barrier edge instead of on target, effect may pierce regardless): Chen's Keg Smash, Zarya's Graviton Charge and Expulsion Zone

Heroic Abilities

Supercharger: Overpower
Short Version: Deploy a device which increases the ability power and attack damage of all allies in sight. Basic attacks reduce this ability's cooldown, doubled vs. heroes.

Details: Deploying the Supercharger takes 1s; being interrupted results in the normal 10s interrupted heroic cooldown. Once placed, the Supercharger has ~700 HP and 35 Spell Armor.
Allied heroes within a range of ~9 that can draw line of sight to the Supercharger (ignoring bush/smoke but stopped by terrain, buildings, temporary walls, enemy heroes and enemy barriers) enjoys a 35% increase in attack damage and ability power.

Exactly how strongly this ability's cooldown is reduced is up to tweaking.

Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 100s
Duration: 15s or until destroyed
Supercharger: Disruptor
Short Version: Deploy a device which releases an escalating series of shockwaves, slowing and reducing the ability power and attack damage of all enemies struck. Damage blocked by Fortification or Protective Barrier reduces this ability's cooldown, doubled from heroes.

Details: Deploying the Supercharger takes 1s; being interrupted results in the normal 10s interrupted heroic cooldown. Orisa may freely choose a direction during the placing animation. Once placed, the Supercharger has ~700 HP and 35 Spell Armor.
1s after activation, the device releases a shockwave affecting a 100° by 6 arc in the chosen direction, reducing the ability power and attack damage of any enemies caught in the shockwave by -25% for 4s, as well as applying a -60% slow that decays over 2s.
Every 3.5s afterwards, the device releases another shockwave (five in total), each one 20° wider and 1 longer than the last, with a -5% stronger reduction and a 0.5s longer slow.

Exactly how strongly this ability's cooldown is reduced is up to tweaking.

Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 100s
Duration: 15s or until destroyed

Special Mount

4x4 Drive
Short Version: Activate to disable attacking and use of abilities and increase speed over time. Being damaged will reduce Orisa's speed and eventually disable 4x4 Drive.

Details: Cannot use mounts. Instant activation (no channel). After 1s delay, gain 10% movement speed every 2s up to 30%. Being damaged reduces the bonus by 10% and resets the timer; if no bonus left, deactivates ability. Attacking, using abilities other than Fortify, being stunned, rooted, or slowed below base 100% movement speed disables it instantly.

Cooldown: 5s.

Level 1 Talents

  • Target Locked (Fusion Driver) - Quest: Attack heroes outside your normal range to extend it further.
    > Fusion Driver can only lock onto a target within 5.5 but can afterwards keep attacking out to 6.6.
    > Every X attacks against a heroic target further than 5.5 away increases this starting 20% bonus maximum range by another 0.5%, up to 40%.
    > Reward: Increase range by 20% and maximum range by another 20% (In total, 6.6 normal range, 9.9 maximum).

  • Reckless Focus (Fusion Driver) - Increase damage against distant targets when close to an enemy hero.
    > For the players who like being up close and personal and punishing enemy dive by hurting their bacline.
    > 30% increased basic attack damage vs. targets further than 1.5 away while an enemy hero is 1.5 away or closer.

  • Green Energy (Halt!) - Quest: Collect Regeneration Globes to improve your regeneration.
    > Added bonus: Halt! now collects any globes it passes over.
    > Each globe increases regeneration by 1HP/s up to 30HP/s
    > Reward: If Halt! pulls in at least one enemy, it drops a regeneration globe as well.

  • Improved Barrier (Protective Barrier) - Barrier is larger and can be rotated.
    > Barrier has 25% more radius.
    > Also now uses vector targeting.

Level 4 Talents

  • Calibrate: Reliable (Fortification) - Quest: Increase Spell Armor, but reduce Physical Armor.
    > Instead of 40 Armor, Fortification now grants 30 Physical Armor and 50 Spell Armor
    > Use Fortification to reduce X Spell Damage to increase Spell Armor by up to another 10.

  • Calibrate: Exotic (Fortification) - Quest: Increase Physical Armor, but reduce Spell Armor.
    > Just take the above and reverse the terms.

  • Calibrate: Efficient (Fortification) - No longer costs mana.

Level 7 Talents

  • Stabilized Platform (Fusion Driver) - Reduce self slow, can be removed by Fortification.
    > Instead of a -50% lower base movement speed, now applies a -35% slow. Importantly, this means it's no longer immune to Unstoppable, like the one granted by Fortification.

  • Redundant Protection (Fortification) - Now grants Protected for 1s.
    > So, 1s of Protected, 2s of armor.

  • Make It Better (Protective Barrier) - Quest: Have your barriers be destroyed to make them stronger.
    > If your barrier is destroyed by enemy heroic damage (rather than expiring naturally), increase their HP by 5%, up to 50%.

  • Protector of the Weak (Protective Barrier) - Your barriers empower and Protect allied minions.
    > Allied minions deal 25% more damage (doubled vs. non-heroes) and are Protected when inside the half-circle of a barrier. Protected damage is redirected to the barrier.
    > To help her split push.

Level 13 Talents

  • Suppression Fire (Fusion Driver) - Attacks have a chance to also hit a target behind your current for 50% damage.
    > Targets a cone 30° wide and 3 long.
    > The chance is at least 33%.
    > More precisely, each shot randomly picks from the following list: Miss, Miss*, each viable target.
    > Miss* is ignored if any of the targets is a boss or a building - this is the "broad side of a barn" rule.

  • Graviton Accelerator (Halt!) - Inreases Halt! slow.
    > Now a -40% slow for 2.5s.

  • Graviton Decelerator (Halt!) - Reduce projectile speed but grows in size.
    > Orb travels ~50% slower but grows to ~2.5x the size. Range unchanged.

  • Kinetic Barrier (Protective Barrier) - Barrier slows enemies trying to cross it.
    > -40% slow for 1s, not reapplied unless the enemy leaves and reenters.

Level 16 Talents

  • Gravitic Capacitor (Halt!) - Now has 2 charges, but recharges slower.
    > 3s longer cooldown. 1s cooldown between detonation and next use.

  • Integrity Capacitor (Fortification) - Now has 2 charges, but recharges slower.
    > 2s longer cooldown. 1s cooldown between uses (from activation, so, can overlap for more seamless Protected or Unstoppable uptime)

  • Field Capacitor (Protective Barrier) - Now has 2 charges, but recharges slower.
    > 2s longer cooldown. 1s cooldown between uses (from activation).

  • Supercharger Capacitor (Supercharger) - Improves cooldown reduction.
    > Cooldown reduction (depending on Heroic chosen) is 25% more effective.

Level 20 talents

  • Supercharger: Ultimate (Supercharger) - Increases cooldown, but combines the effect and cooldown reduction of both.
    > 20s longer cooldown (120s total).
    > Does exactly what it says on the tin - boosts damage of allies while sending out damage-reducing shockwaves. No change to health or duration.

  • You Are Coming With Me (Halt) - Now deals damage.
    > Enemies in range of the orb take low-medium damage per second.
    > Enemies pulled in take medium damage.
    > Damage significantly (100-200%) higher versus minions and mercenaries.

  • I Will Keep You Safe (Fortification) - Also applies to nearby ally.
    > Prioritizes closest ally hero, short range of about 2.5.
    > Benefits from all talents and quest progress.

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Fash | December 5, 2017 2:57pm
wrong game
greggrulz | December 5, 2017 2:23pm
[*] i think she can be a especiallist
Leidiriv (14) | December 6, 2017 5:56pm
How so? Even in OW, Orisa has been pretty much the quintessential tank, with mitigation, a protective barrier, displacement, and an ult that encourages her team to remain near her to force the enemy team away. Nothing about that implies being a Specialist, whose roles cary from aiding their team in downing structures to playing a sort of information warfare to being really good at zoning people out. Orisa does none of this, and is all about protecting her team and forcing the enemy into compromising positions.
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