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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
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Grand Preserver

Grand Preserver and War Council Advisor of Hierarch Artanis

"One of the three grand preservers who helped create the Arkships, a contingency in case protoss society suffered a catastrophe they could not overcome. Waiting for the time for when her mastery with the Khala would be of use, she and her sisters agreed to be buried in each arkships with a cadre of warriors.

In the middle of her waiting slumber, she was brought into the Nexus to guide its Heroes in their darkest times."

Hero Summary:

- A "Copy Specialist" who specializes in copying allied heroes' basic abilities and supporting allies with strong utility spells. Can talent to also copy active talents, trait and enemy abilities.

Damage: 2+ / 10

Survivability: 5+- / 10

Utility: 10 / 10

Complexity: 9 / 10

    High Risk - High Reward Support
    Highly Versatile, capable of being a Mage, Support, Healer and Lock Down
    Supplements Telegraphed Abilities
    Global Mobility for Allies (Especially useful for solo laners and xp soakers without global mobility)
    Lots of Utility Behind Talents
    High Risk - High Reward Support
    No mount, + movement speed nor dashes unless talented
    Heavily Reliant on Team Composition
    Talent Reliant, Late Game Hero

- Excels against Lunara, Cassia, Arthas and Johanna.
- Works well with Jaina, Cho'Gall, Kerrigan and Alextrasza.
- Struggles against Zeratul, Greymane, Medivh and Anub'arak

Combat Trait

One within the Khala (D)

Cooldown: 8 seconds
Duration: 20 seconds
Range: Global

Activate to mark a target hero, gaining the ability to copy one of their basic abilities.

By default, this ability copies their Q ability. Reactivating this ability on the same target swaps the copied ability to their next basic ability.

/////The Basic Ability copied by your trait occupy your (E) Ability Slot./////

If the copied ability is used, this trait goes on cooldown.

- Can copy abilities that does not cost mana.
- Cannot copy abilities that utilize unique resources.
- Can target the portraits on top of your screen.

"The Khala was created in our Darkest moment. Only its light was able to bind our people to give us unity. We are born into it. And when we die, our spirits become one with it. It is worth fighting for.
Search Memories (1)

Activate this ability to swap between the Basic Abilities of the hero marked by your trait.

Q > W > E

Primary Abilities

Grand Sacrifice (Q)

Cooldown: 12 seconds after channel is broken.
Mana: 10 per second.
Range: 5
Max Channel Range: 10

Channel on the target allied hero to create a Link between it and Rohanna, granting it invulnerability. However, in exchange, all damage and crowd control the target ally takes is instead redirected and dealt to Rohana.
The Channel is broken when Rohanna is affected by hard CC or the affected ally moves too far away.

"Yet it is my fate to bear it. A fate forseen by the same minds that constructed this vessel. I trust in their wisdom Hierarch. I will serve my purpose, much as you must serve yours."
Legendary Weapon (W)

Cooldown: 14 seconds
Mana Cost: 65
Range: 6

Warp an Arbiter to the target location. The Arbiter creates a cloaking field in a 5 radius around it that conceals AoE indicators of Allied Basic Abilities from the enemies. Lasts 12 seconds.

Lvl 0 stats:
Health: 500(+4%) [25% more than Probius' Pylons]

- The Arbiter is a Flying Unit, thus can see over "short" obstacles such as walls(structure and short terrain) and bushes. however, enemies can also see it over the same "short" obstacles it can see over as long as it is within their vision radius.
- While the arbiter can see over bushes, it cannot see through them, unable to see anything concealed within, even when the Arbiter is directly above the bush.
- It also cannot be concealed by bushes due to its flight.

"The legendary arbiter vessels have been reconstructed due to our great need. They can be deployed at your discretion."
Projected Wisdom (E)

/////The Basic Ability copied by your trait occupy this ability slot./////

When activated, create an illusion of the owner of your copied ability that will cast the ability infront of Rohana.

- Copied abilities share the same mana cost and cooldown with the chosen ability.
- The range of the copied ability begins from the Illusion, not from Rohana. Therefore, the ability has increased range depending on the illusion's hitbox.
- The Illusion cannot attack or move(walk).
- Copied abilities that are centered around the hero will be centered around the Illusion, not Rohana.
- When Mobility abilities are copied, it is the illusion that performs it/travels, not Rohana.
- Summoned Units has the same duration as the original Summon.
- The Illusion has the same health as the copied hero but takes 100% more damage from all damage sources.
- The Illusion only lasts for the duration of the ability's casting animation/channel.
- The Illusion appears at 1 range infront of Rohana. The Illusion's hitbox will be on contact with Rohana's upon cast.
- Rohana cannot act while the Illusion is performing/channeling its spell.

"My sisters and I are unique. Trained from birth to master every intracy of the Khala. I have experienced its true depth, plunged the infinite spectrum of emotion and memory. It is because of this gift, we were selected to enter stasis so that we may guide you in our dire hour."

Heroic Abilities

Preserved Legend (R1)

Cooldown: 70 seconds

Whenever an allied hero dies near Rohana, she automatically copies their heroic ability, granting her the ability to use it for 8 seconds after its death.

/////The deceased allied hero's Heroic Ability occupy this ability slot./////

When activated, create an illusion of the owner of your copied heroic ability that will cast the ability infront of Rohana.

Casting the heroic ability puts her ability to copy the heroic ability of a nearby dead allied hero on cooldown.

- For how the copied Heroic Ability and Illusion functions, see the notes under Projected Wisdom(E).
- If an allied hero dies while Rohana is holding a Heroic Ability, the one she is currently holding is replaced with the Heroic Ability of the allied hero that died most recently.

(Passive): When all allied heroes are alive, the cooldown of One within the Khala(D) is reduced to 4. Every allied hero death increases this cooldown by 1 up to a maximum of 4.

"As a Preserver, I have always experienced history as a living, breathing, now. As those who experienced it in the moment did."
Gaze of Abyss (R2)

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to reveal the location of all enemy heroes in the battlefield and reduce their armor by 15, causing them to take 15% more damage for 5 seconds. However, at the same time, allied heroes also suffer from the same effects for the duration.

(Passive): One within the Khala(D) can now target enemy heroes.

(Requires Vision.)

(Passive): Grand Sacrifice(Q) gains 25% more cast range.

"Through the Khala, our every thought and emotions are made as one. I feel his thought and emotion swirling like a vortex throughout. Just he can see into me I can see into him. We can use this to our advantage Hierarch, I know it.

Special Mount

Dimensional Recall (Z)

Cooldown: 65 seconds
Range: Global

Activate to create a warping Animation on the target Allied Hero.

After 6 seconds, the hero is warped to Rohana's location in the battlefield. Any heroic damage the target hero takes breaks the warp, putting it on a 10 second cooldown.

For the first 4 seconds of the warp, the target Allied Hero gains an active ability that allows them to cancel the warp, putting Dimensional Recall(Z) on a 10 second cooldown. After the first 4 seconds, the warp can no longer be broken and a warping animation appears on Rohana for 2 seconds until the target allied hero is warped to Rohana's current location.

- Heroes are dismounted upon successfully warping in.


HP: 2,000 (+4%) [ > Tychus][ = Ragnaros]
HP REGEN: 4.17 (+4%)


ATTACK DAMAGE: 120 (+4%)
DAMAGE PER SECOND: 120 [Gazlowe = 118.8][ETC = 123.8]

CLASS: Specialist
PUBLISHED: October 04, 2017


Level 1

- (Quest): Gather regeneration globes to increase the Health Regeneration of all Allied Heroes by .4 up to 12 per second.
- (Reward): After gathering 15 globes, activate to recover 10% of all Allied Heroes' mana over 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
- (Reward): After gathering 30 globes, all Allied Heroes will always benefit from regeneration globes collected by any Allied Hero from anywhere in the battlefield.

- For every Allied Starcraft Player, all Allied heroes deal 2% more damage to minions and structures.
- For every Allied Warcraft Player, all Allied Heroes' Healing Fountain cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.
- For every Allied Diablo Player, all Allied Heroes deal 2.5% more damage to monsters and mercenaries.
- For every Allied Overwatch Player, all Allied Heroes recover an additional 0.5% of their maximum health and mana from regeneration globes.
- For every Allied Classic Player, all Allied Heroes gain 2.5% more mounted movement speed.

- Reduce the mana cost of Grand Sacrifice(Q) by 5.
- (Quest): Absorb 15,000 damage through Grand Sacrifice(Q).
- (Reward): Reduce the cooldown of Grand Sacrifice(Q) by 25%.

- When an allied hero is warped to Rohana, it gains Evasion for 4 seconds.
- Additionally, Takedowns will now reduce the cooldown of Dimensional Recall(Z) by 15 seconds.

Level 4

- While the Arbiter is alive, it can be ordered to move to a target direction once, gaining invisibility for the duration of its travel.

- Travel Distance: 5
- Movement Speed: 75

- (Passive): Allied Heroes within the Arbiter's Cloaking Field will no longer appear on the enemies' minimap.

- Allied Heroes within 6.5 range around Rohana gain 20% movement speed when moving towards her. This amount is reduced depending on the angle they are facing from Rohana.

- If 0° means facing Rohana and grants 20% movement speed, 90° is facing perpendicular to her location and grants 0% bonus movement speed.

- If Rohana has not recently dealt or received damage in the past 3 seconds, she moves 25% faster and can see 15% further and over obstacles.

GLAIVE CANNON (Basic Attacks)
- Rohana's Basic Attacks will now instantly kill non-catapult minions.

Level 7

- 20% of the damage Rohana takes from Grand Sacrifice(Q) is redirected and split across all Allied Heroes in a 3 radius area around her.

- The first stun or silence Rohana recveives from Grand Sacrifice(Q) is also dealt back to its source.

- Increase the cloaking radius of the Arbiter by 30%.
- Enemy heroes can no longer hear sounds that originate from within the Arbiter's Cloaking Field.
- Enemy heroes within the Arbiter's Cloaking Field can no longer hear in-game sounds.

- Activate to place an illusion of the owner of the basic ability you've copied with your trait at the target location for 12 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
- Using this ability puts One within the Khala(D) on cooldown.
- While the illusion is Alive, Projected Wisdom(E) will now cast copied basic abilities from the illusion.
- After 2 seconds, this ability can be reactivated to destroy the illusion.

- Cast Range: 5
- Rohana still has to stop when the illusion casts spells.

Level 13

- Rohana is now able to cast abilities copied through her trait with this ability slot.
- When Rohana uses abilities through this slot, she will now teleport to the last location of the illusion at the end of its spell casting animation.

- Target an Allied Hero to indefinitely copy their trait, allowing Rohana and her Illusions to benefit from it. Lost on death.
- The copied trait will occupy this ability slot.

- Range: Global

- Fire a wave of phase disruptor energies from the Arbiter that will strike a target 2 radius area after a 2.5 second delay within its cloaking field AoE, putting units, heroes and structures to stasis for 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Level 16

- When Rohana suffers from a stun or silence from Grand Sacrifice(Q), the link remains connected for the next 2 seconds.

- Projected Wisdom(E) will now benefit from its owner's talents.

- Rohana will now remember the last basic ability she copied with One within the Khala(D) in a secondary hotkey(1-0) until its duration ends.

- Rohana cannot remember more than 1 basic ability.

Level 20

- Gain the level 20 upgrade of the copied heroic ability.
- (Passive): One within the Khala(D) cooldown will no longer be increased by allied hero deaths.

- Will now additionally cause both teams to share vision for its duration.
- (Passive): Every 12 seconds, Ping Danger[!] the location of one of the enemy heroes concealed within the fog of war.
- (Passive): Every 12 seconds, Ping Danger[!] the location of one of your allied heroes concealed within the fog of war.
- The Pings are visible to both allies and enemies.

- The Pings targets the ground, not the heroes and thus does not follow the hero when it moves away from it.
- The Pings can also target stealthed heroes.

- All healing and damage Rohana will take for the duration of One within the Khala(D) is delayed until the link is broken or ended.

- The Arbiter now also conceals the AoE indicators of Heroic abilities.

- Activate this ability on an Allied Hero's Active talent on the talent screen to copy the targeted talent. The copied talent occupies this ability slot until used.
- When the active talent is used, Rohana's ability to copy an allied hero's active talent goes on cooldown equal to the copied active talent's cooldown.

- Range: Global, Talent Screen

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Challenge (7) | October 11, 2017 3:22am
Glad to see you're still refining and tuning it.

The Q still largely seems out of place, and it would be nice to have some sort of way rohana can deal damage on her own without the reliance of teammates.

Just wondering, how could heroics such as Maltheal's Tormented Souls work with your R1? would it create a "memory" of Maltheal that walks around channeling tormented souls for the entire duration of the ult? Would that also apply to murky's March of the Murlocs?

What about summons? Lets say if you are Azmodan and copy Demonic Invasion, do the summons remain forever until killed?
AoiMizune | October 11, 2017 5:06pm
Tormented Souls:
- Heroics centered around the hero is centered around the Illusion. The Illusion will not move and will channel inplace.
March of the Murloc would act as it would.
- The summons run around after cast.
- In case of the Lvl 20 upgrade, Rohana and the Illusion will channel the heroic indefinitely until stopped or broken, either by the death of the illusion or one of them being CCed.
Summoned Heroics
- The Heroics copied is a complete copy paste, which means, the summons will last for exactly the same duration the originals would.

The problem with giving her damage however is how she can swap around many of her allies abilities. She can get damage, healing and utility whichever she needs, which she can swap around on a 12 second or less cooldown. This makes her potentially extremely cooldown efficient in the cases of long cooldown abilities and basically have anything she want at any given time. As long as her team has an AoE Mage, she will clear a lane fast without the lack of possessing a healing ability, making her potentially an efficient solo laner and 2nd healer who can deal Mage Level burst and Tank level CC/Peeling. This flexibility is weakened by creating a down time in between whichever she can do and whatever she has baseline are niches that are: Q(Potentially Very Strong but Risky and Channeled), W(Comp Dependent unless buffed with talents) and Z(Potentially very strong utility but at a cost of Rohana's own Mobility).

That was my thought process when I was laying down what will offset the power of the extreme flexible utility her Trait/E provides.
Slombeeper | October 5, 2017 9:36am
I really love the idea! Would be awesome in game.
Challenge (7) | October 5, 2017 1:37am
You cant have any hero in the game copy an ability without copying the model because animations are tied to the model. So unless they decided to turn around and make animations 250 brand new animations just for Rohanna, thats not going to happen.

Then theres the synergy aspect. Heroes like probius or maltheal 100% rely on other ability synergies to function which also means its pretty impractical from a gameplay PoV.

The other part is that having to be tied to an ally 100% of the time to do anything would not be fun, at all. Auriel is the closest version of this concept but even she can still be effective on her own and make plays (E into walls, Q is good wave clear/siege, etc).
AoiMizune | October 5, 2017 3:39am
The Hallucinations are exactly a copy of the model of the copied hero. I guess I will have to call it an Illusion/Copy instead of Hallucination.
The Hallucination/Illusion casts the ability not Rohana.

Her Ability to copy abilities has Global Range so she doesn't have the need to be tied to allies.

You have a point on the synergy aspect but I think it is fine for her as she has weaker abilities herself.

- Her trait is tied to her E. This basically means her Trait is 1/2 of her 3rd ability and not an ability itself.
- Her Q is her only good skill but requires a Channel and has a short cast range.
- Her W is very niche, mostlikely talent reliant.
- Her E is potentially strong, but again, consumes 2 ability slots.
- Her Heroic Copy cannot move so even if she copies Malthael's Heroic, it will only create an illusion that will sit inplace and takes 100% more damage. Additionally, it requires the owner of the heroic to be dead, meaning synergy is not a factor.
- Her 2nd Heroic has a weaker activated effect but provides more passive buffs.
Challenge (7) | October 5, 2017 12:33pm
Ohhhhh OK I understand now. That makes a lot more sense. If thats the case I suppose that could be interesting but still be funky with certain abilities like ChoGalls runebomb or mobility spells. Like if you copy falstads barrel roll, does nothing happen at all since its just an illusion moving? Or does Rohanna gain any benefit at all?

Aside from that, her R2 Is very weak in its current form, and adding a bunch of passive buffs is a band-aid to the issue (Like the old Divine Storm passives/Twilight Dream.) In your case it adds extreme passives to mitigate the issue which isnt very healthly opposed to just making the ult stronger.

Her Q also seems very out of place. Rohanna doesnt really have a baseline way to mitigate or regenerate the health loss and thats also a pretty support focused ability.

Aside from those 2 I like the trait/E and R1 Now that you've explained it better

For her Z I think 8 Seconds is a bit long, especially since you're just swapping places would could be pretty strong for adjusting lane rotations early game but the channel needs to be shorter in the late game if you want to say help an out of position ally. I think 2 seconds is fair since it is still canceled out by heroic damage
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