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By: Koetetsu
Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017
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Shadow Hunter

Rokhan is a shadow hunter of the Darkspear Tribe. He previously assisted Rexxar to halt Admiral Proudmoore's campaign. Regarded by Thrall as one of his best scouts, Rokhan uses voodoo magic and the blessings of the Loa to spot and suppress any threats to the Horde.

HP: 1325 (+4%/level)
Mana: 500 (+4%/level)
Attack Damage: 94 (+4%/level)
Attack Range: 5.5
Attack Speed: 0.9

Concept Overview:
Rounding out Rexxar's Gang, Rokhan is the essential healing and debuff support with added scouting abilities. Rokhan can heal, support an attack and scout for dangers but must tread carefully as he cannot last long in a well coordinated attack or an unscouted ambush. 

Combat Trait

Loa's Blessings
Call's upon the Loa to bestow their blessings and augment Rokhan's abilities. Rokhan may choose his patron Loa at level 1.

Legba - abilities grant increased movement speed and evasion to allies.
- Healing surge allows your allies to dodge a basic attack the first time they are healed, preventing all damage. (does not stack)
- Hex blinds the target for 2 seconds after it ends.
- Serpent Ward increases nearby allied heroes' movement speed by 15% for its duration.

Lukou - abilities heal you or your allies.
- Healing Surge instantly heals allies for 5% of their maximum health the first time they are healed.
- Hex heals you for 10% of the target's maximum health when it ends.
- Serpent Wards increase the health regeneration of nearby allies by 20 per second. (does not stack)

Bwonsamedi - abilities are more effective on minions and mercenaries.
- Healing Surge heals allied minions and mercenaries by 100% more.
- Hex instantly deals 75% of a target mercenary's maximum health in damage. Can now also be used on bosses to deal 20% of their maximum health in damage but does not apply Hex's effect.
- Serpent Wards deal 50% more damage to minions and mercenaries and their attacks can now hit up to 2 additional non-heroic targets dealing 50% less damage.

Shango -  using abilities deals additional damage to enemies.
- Enemies inside healing surge are struck by lightning every second dealing 60 (+4%/level) damage.
- Hex's target is smitten by lightning dealing 3.5% of its maximum health in damage.
- Serpent Wards deal 20% more damage and gain 1.5 increased attack range.

Ogoun - abilities slow enemies.
- Enemies inside healing surge's area are slowed by 25% until they leave the area.
- Hex slows the target's movement speed by 60% decaying over its duration.
- Serpent Wards' attacks slow enemies by 10% for 2 seconds stacking up to 40%.

Dambala - abilities cloak allies and reveal enemies.
- Healing Surge cloaks allied heroes in its area of effect and lasts for 1 second after leaving it. Allies will be instantly revealed if they attack or take damage.
- Hex reveals a large area around the target and reveals cloaked enemies for 3 seconds when it ends
- Serpent wards are invisible until they attack. While invisible, sight range is increased by 50% and can see through obstacles.

Primary Abilities

Healing Surge
Ability Key: Q
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Calls down healing rain on a target area healing all allies in it for 140 (+4%/level) per second for 10 seconds.
Ability Key: W
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 14 seconds

After a 1 second delay, turns an enemy Hero into a frog, silencing it and preventing it from attacking for 2 seconds.
Serpent Ward
Ability Key: E
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Summons an immobile serpentine ward to attack the Shadow Hunter's enemies. The ward is immune to abilities, cannot be targeted by non-heroic units and structures and deals 55 (+4%/level) damage at 5.5 range. Lasts 40 seconds. Can be destroyed by 2 basic attacks from heroes or summoned units.

Secondary Abilities

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Instantly kills an enemy minion and gains 10% of your mana back.
Spirit Walk
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Become Ethereal for 5 seconds allowing you to move through units. Gains immunity to basic attacks but takes 50% more damage from abilities and cannot attack.
Ward Prison
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Summons 8 serpent wards to surround a medium area. The enemy must destroy some of the wards to escape. All wards benefit from any serpent ward talents you have taken.
Voodoo Shield
Cooldown: 90 seconds

Grants a shield to a target ally equal to 30% of their maximum health. If the shield is broken by an enemy they are immediately hexed (benefits from loa blessing and talents).

Heroic Abilities

Big Bad Voodoo
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds
(Channeled Ability)

Grants invulnerability to allies in a large area around Rokhan for 6 seconds. Rokhan is not affected by the ability.

Upgrade: Voodoo Restoration

Heals allies for 3% of their max health per second and increases duration to 8 seconds. Gains the blessings of Legba, Lukou or Dambala when they are your patron Loa.

- increases the movement and attack speed of allies by 25% while in the area and wears off after 2 seconds after leaving the area.

- increases the initial heal to 8% of their max health.

- Rokhan becomes cloaked for the first 3 seconds of channeling. If he finishes channeling to the full duration he is cloaked again for 5 seconds.
Ancestral Wrath
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 80 seconds
(Channeled Ability)

After 1 second, Rokhan blasts a large area with lightning, zapping enemies for 240 (+4%/level) damage per second for 6 seconds. Enemies hit get a static charge which after 4 seconds will hit nearby enemies with lightning dealing 120 (+4%/level) damage and instantly activates when they are killed.

Upgrade - Purging Strikes

Each lightning strike slows enemies by 80% for 0.5 seconds and removes all positive effects on them (including heroic abilities). Gains the blessings of Bwonsamedi, Shango and Ogoun when they are your patron Loa.

- Instantly kills enemy minions and deals 50% more damage to enemy mercenaries.

- Calls down lightning bolts on enemies hit by the ability. Each bolt deals 50 (+4%/level) damage.

- Instead of slowing, now stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds.



Blessing of Legba - Abilities grant increased mobility

Blessing of Lukou - Increases your healing potential

Blessing of Bwonsamedi - Abilities are more effective on minions and mercenaries

Blessing of Shango - Strikes an enemy with lightning whenever you use a basic ability.

Blessing of Ogoun - Abilities reduce enemy mobility

Blessing of Dambala - Abilities cloak allies and reveal enemies.


Assassin's Blade - Basic attacks poison enemies dealing 17(+4%level) damage per second for 5 seconds. Multiple hits do not stack but refresh the duration of the poison.

Grooved Shaft (E) - increases the cast range of serpent ward by 30%

Spiritual Insight (Q) - gain 10 mana for each hero affected by healing surge. Only applies once per hero per cast of healing surge.


Smite - activate to instantly kill an enemy minion and recover 10% of your mana

Crippling Curse (W) - also slows enemies near the target by 20% for 2 seconds.

Healing Torrent (Q) - Reduces the duration and doubles the healing of Healing Surge.


Big Bad Voodoo (See Heroic Abilities)

Ancestral Wrath (See Heroic Abilities)


Sentry Wards (E) - Increases Serpent Ward's sight range by 75% when not attacking or taking damage for 3 seconds.

Shadow Stab (W) - You may activate Hex again to dash toward your hexed target and deal 200% of your basic attack damage to them.

Spirit Walk - Activate to become ethereal for 5 seconds. Becoming immune to physical attacks and gaining 25% more movement speed but you take 50% more damage from abilities and cannot attack.


Voodoo Shield - Places a 30% max health shield on an ally or yourself for 5 seconds.
The enemy who breaks the shield before it expires is Hexed.

Ward Quiver (E) - Serpent Ward gains 2 additonal charges.

Deep Healing (Q) - Allies below 30% HP receive 25% more healing from Healing Surge.

Dark Spear (W) - Hex now throws a cursed spear at the target. The spear now hexes the target on contact and deals 2.5% of their maximum health in damage per second and increases duration by 1 second.


Rest of the Dead - Whenever you take fatal damage, you are instead left with 1 Health and cannot take further damage or healing for 5 seconds. 150 second cooldown.

Ward Prison - Activate to surround a medium area with Serpent Wards trapping anything inside. Enemies may still attack the wards to escape. 60 second cooldown.

Voodoo Restoration (See Heroic Abilities)

Purging Strikes (See Heroic Abilities)

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Wersus | November 11, 2017 8:16am
I like how you kept his WC3 feel while still making him differentiate from Vol'jin. Most people make Rokhan and Vol'jin pretty similar but this concept gives some hope that they could both be in game at some point in the future.
Koetetsu (4) | November 13, 2017 4:28am
Thanks a lot. I actually I knew nothing about what he does in WoW so I just stuck with his WC3 kit. When I ran out of ideas I researched him in WoW to fill in the missing parts.
cpt.haxray (1) | November 10, 2017 9:24pm
Wow. This is honestly a pretty awesome concept. The talents are well thought out, as are the trait. The ultimates are fun, the interactions with the loas also affecting the level 20 talents is neat, and the basic abilities are well balanced and cool.

That being said, it might be a good idea to cut down on a few of the loas. I know that those are all of the loas from lore, but 6 seems like a bit too much, especially when a few are pretty bad(like Dambala and Shango). Either cut down on a few of them, or perhaps split them between talent tiers(but that would require a talent rework and his current talents are cool as is). If you decide to just cut down on a few of them, Dambala and Shango are pretty bad. the 4 remaining ones are much more evenly matched(Shango could be turned into a talent somewhere on his talent tree though, perhaps). The additional damage can't complete with the other effects, neither can simply adding a cloak to Q and a reveal to his other 2 abilities.

Otherwise, excellent work.
Koetetsu (4) | November 13, 2017 4:35am
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I do agree about some of the loas being undertuned but I don't agree on cutting them out. Choosing a loa affects your playstyle for the rest of the game just how Kharazim's trait talents work only this time it affects the secondary effect of your abilities. I feel the undertuned loas just needed some buffs and some minor reworks on others to make all of them appeasing when a particular situation arises.
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