Soldier: 76 by Wersus

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Soldier: 76

By: Wersus
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018
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Soldier: 76

Commander of Overwatch

Jack Morrison, currently the target of an international manhunt, now known as Soldier: 76 wages a personal war to expose the truth behind Overwatch's collapse.

Any Suggestion or Criticism is Welcome.


Health: 1500
Health Regeneration: 5 per Second
Attack Damage: 12
Attack Speed: 10 per Second

Combat Trait

Focused Fire

Soldier's Basic Attacks can be Focused on Targeted Enemy with [D]Key.


Every Consecutive Basic Attack on same enemy increases Basic Attack Damage on that enemy by 5% up to 100% for next 5 Seconds. This bonus is lost upon damaging different enemy with Basic Attack.

*Solider Focusing his Basic Attacks doesn't mean that he can Attack while Moving, it means that he will only Basic Attack specified enemy and nobody else, even when certain enemy leaves Soldier's range, he won't attack nearest enemy which eases his stutter stepping. This tool is useful for Soldier's Consecutive Basic Attack Damage.

Primary Abilities

Helix Rockets
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Send Rockets in a chosen direction that will deal 300 ( +4% per Level) Damage to the first Enemy Hit and Additional 200 ( +4% per Level) to all enemies near impacted enemy.
Biotic Field
Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Place Healing Field on your location that Heals all Allies in that location by 50 ( +4% per Level) Health a Second, however, Healing is Increased by 100% on Soldier. Biotic Field lasts for 5 Seconds.
Cooldown: 5 Second

Upon activation, become Unstoppable for 0.5 Seconds and gain +20% Movement Speed. Movement Speed is lost only if you start Basic Attacking enemies, Using Abilities or get Crowd Controlled. Cooldown is paused until Solider looses his Movement Speed.

Heroic Abilities

Tactical Visor
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Upon Activation, Gain +50% Increased Attack Speed and Range for 10 Seconds. During this time, Solider Automatically shoots all enemies in 180° angle in front of him that are in his Range. Soldier can move while shooting and his 180° angle can be redirected with [R].
Homing Missiles
Cooldown: 50 Seconds

Send One Homing Missile at every enemy Hero caught withing your Vision after 1 Second. Missiles chase their target for up to 5 Seconds and upon Impact they Explode and Deal 250 ( +4% per Level) to targeted Hero and to any close enemies.


Level 1

[Passive]Bring The Noise-
Quest: Basic Attack Enemy Heroes 500 times.
Reward: Increase consecutive Basic Attack Damage Stacking from 5% to 10%.

[Q]War Armed-
Quest: Hit Enemy Heroes with [Q]Helix Rockets.
Reward: After Hitting 15 Heroes, [Q]Helix Rockets now have 2 Charges.
Reward: After Hitting 30 Heroes, Increase [Q]Helix Rockets Range by 25%.

[W]Vitality Zone-
Quest: Gather Regeneration Orbs, each one Increases Healing of [W]Biotic Field by 5 Health.
Reward: After Gathering up to 20 Regeneration Orbs, Increase Size of [W]Biotic Field by 50%.

Level 4

[Passive]Shooting Thrill-
Each Consecutive Basic Attack now also Increases your Movement Speed by 1.5% up to Maximum of 30%. This effect lasts for 5 Seconds.

[W]Cellular Regeneration-
[E]Biotic Field will now also Increase Healing Received of all Allies standing in it by 25%.

Increase Movement Speed of [E]Sprint within First Second from 20% to 60%.

Level 7

[Passive]Emergency Emitter-
Basic Attacks now Heal nearby Allied Hero with lowest Life by 15 ( +4% per Level) Health.

[Q]Napalm Rockets-
[Q]Helix Rockets will now leave Blazing Field on the Impact Zone for 5 Seconds. Blazing Field Deals 100 ( +4% per Level) Damage Burn on location.

Basic Attacking enemies, Using Abilities or getting Crowd Controlled now won't fully nullify effects of [E]Sprint. It will now instead make them decay over 5 Seconds.

Level 10

[R]Tactical Visor-
Upon Activation, Gain +50% Increased Attack Speed and Range for 10 Seconds. During this time, Solider Automatically shoots all enemies in 180° angle in front of him that are in his Range. Soldier can move while shooting and his 180° angle can be redirected with [R]. Cooldown is 60 Seconds.

[R]Homing Missiles-
Send One Homing Missile at every enemy Hero caught withing your Vision after 1 Second. Missiles chase their target for up to 5 Seconds and upon Impact they Explode and Deal 250 ( +4% per Level) to targeted Hero and to any close enemies. Cooldown is 50 Seconds.

Level 13

[Passive]Body Armor-
Every 20 Seconds you gain 25% Armor. This Armor can be broken only if you take Damage both from Basic Attack and Ability in 5 Seconds from each other.

[W]Heal Up!-
Increase Healing of [E]Biotic Field by 100% if only one Ally Hero is standing in it, not including you. Does not work on Soldier.

[E]Old Soldiers Never Die-
Using [E]Sprint will now Cleanse you from any Slows or Roots.

Level 16

[Passive]Get 'em Down!-
Each Basic Attack now also Deals Damage equal to 0.1% Enemy Hero's Full Health.

[Active]Degrading Field-
Send Degrading Field on location that will Deal 50 ( +4% per Level) Damage to every enemy standing in it and that will Decrease their Healing Received by 50%. It lasts for 5 Seconds and its Cooldown is 30 Seconds.

[Q]High Impact-
[Q]Helix Rocket will now additionally Deal Damage to the First Enemy Hit equal to their 5% Full Health.

Level 20

[R]Tactical Necessity-
Increase Attack Speed and Range Bonus by an additional 50% and now, every Enemy Hero Takedown will Reset the Duration of [R]Tactical Visor.

[R]Modern Warfare-
Increase Speed and Damage of Missiles by 50%. Additionally, if Enemy Hero dies from [R]Homing Missiles, Instantly Finish its Cooldown.

[Passive]Soldier Enhancement Program-
Each Basic Attack now also Reduces Basic Ability Cooldown's by 0.1 Seconds.

[Passive]Explosive Bullets-
Basic Attacks now Ignore Armor and they also Deal Damage around the targeted enemy.

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greggrulz | December 6, 2017 1:57pm
i think he could have a ult that heals or something, and some other talents to make him a multiclass hero
Wersus | December 6, 2017 2:20pm
That could be an option, sure. But, I felt like he should be more of an Side-Support and Full on Assassin than Multicalss to be honest. There are several reasons for this, first being that it fits his fantasy ( Now that he is entity know as Soldier:76, Morrison became more of an lone wolf, hence he ins not suitable for full on support role) and second being that we could use more ,,Side-Support'' Heroes ( Heroes like Zarya, Abathur, Tyrande, Medivh all fit this role and Soldier would be perfect fit for them, not to mention that it would be first Supporty Assassin).
Slombeeper | October 14, 2017 2:24pm
I feel like his sprint should be Soldier's Z key.
Wersus | October 14, 2017 2:51pm
That could also be the case, but in another way I would love to see Soldier on some Hovercycle/Motorcycle mount ingame.
Challenge (8) | October 13, 2017 7:56pm
Whats the point of a togglable D key? The literal same effect is already accomplished by just A clicking who you want properly.

I mean you say it eases his stutter stepping but that makes no sense. How does it ease it? If anything it would probally be annoying as **** to redirect the D key everytime you wanted to attack something. The only time this would be remotely useful is in a super cluster**** teamfight with a bunch of summons and even then, all that does is promote poor gameplay instead of just being good and a clicking the right targets at the right time.

I mean the idea is ok it just seems like a pointless addition. The time on the trait to be active is too high at 5 secondsas it would be very easy to tab between targets for the benefit, which is anything but what the name would imply (focus fire)

Q is fine but its kinda boring as is. I know thats what he does in OW but is there anyway to make it a bit more interesting and unique while keeping the flavor? Unlimited range? Extra damage to structures? Just my opinion

Also if hes meant to be a single target hero, the numbers are backwards. Should be 200 damage to the main target hit and only 100 damage cleave.

W This is a key ability for the hero and should be embraced fully. when you draft heroes like Zarya, you are drafting them because you need extra sustain but you dont need a extra healer. Soldier should be the same

It should be MORE healing than a measly 250 (which is about 1/9th the hp of a normal tank, 1/5 or 1/6 of a normal assassin when used with allies. The trade off should be its over a longer period than 5 (lets say 10 seconds) and a longer cooldown.

It would actually be semi useful in a teamfight but still punishable because being ina small predictable area=easy aoe punishment. Would also be better for sieging.

Id honestly say it should be a 30 seconds cooldown, with more healing over a longer period of time

E- Why have a cooldown at all? Id assume for the unstoppable part you added but a 5 second CD unstoppable with a 25% sprint seems broken as heck. Idk I feel like the unstoppable and the CD are uneeded. Last 25% movement speed is a lot, so much that is basically means he doesnt need a mount since mount speed is 30% bonus.

Lucio gives a 15% movement speed with his aura. Id say 20% seems more in line as a self ability only

R1- The 50% bonus AA speed should be a 20 upgrade. It also uses the same wierd D key function so idk really about this one.

R2-Seems fine but why missles instead of just a special type of helix rockets? seems more thematic
Wersus | October 13, 2017 9:19pm
First of all, thank you for taking your time to read my concept and give feedback!

As for [D] Focusing trait, the reason behind it being toggleable is next:
Soldier is very fast Basic Attacking Hero (Say somewhere around 5 Basic Attacks / Second), so naturally, Stutter stepping ain't the easiest thing to do with such Fast Attacking hero. By [D] Focusing chosen Target (Hero), you basically gain more strategic take on Soldier's Positioning rather than just stutter stepping for that Basic Attack. In other words, its Impossible to normally stutter step with Soldier because of his High Attack Speed.

You wouldn't need to toggle on anything you want to attack, you can normally right click stuff, but in the case when you want to chase some running hero, or say, outmanuver them by cutting their escape, it would be much easier to have them focused because that way, you only care for your positioning according to them.

Tabbing between enemies is impossible because: Every Consecutive Basic Attack on Same ... basically means that if you attack anything else, well, you loose your stacks, another reason for toggleable [D]. Because Stutter stepping can make you attack something you wouldn't want to.

Q- its true its boring but keep in mind making its range infinite or increasing its damage to buildings would make problems because we have many Heroes that have their Damage on certain abilities reduced on Buildings, why? Because that makes those abilities more useful for just building destroying rather than Hero damage, which I think shouldn't be case with his Q. Range would be long but not infinite, that would be too strong both for wave clear, Tower's of Doom interrupts...

Sorry for my bad wording on [Q] the Damage on impacted enemy is (200 + 100) not just 100. So impacted enemy takes 50% more damage than close enemies.

W- I personally don't think it should be fully embraced because it would make him more of an full support than hybrid Assassin - Off-Support which I was aiming for here. Soldier is considered off-support sometimes in OW too, but never full support. Do not underestimate the strenghth of his W, with full support build he can be really good off support that can have alot of utility with him. Not to mention that if there is more focus for his W, it would make so much problems for QM, considering you get Abathur/Tyrande/Tassadar/Zarya/Medivh. If his W was that much stronger, he would be too good for those heroes I listed here. In short, he shouldn't be support always, but rather build for it if necessary or if he simply wants to build for it. There are two end parts to this hero, he can be Off Support or Sustain Damage Assassin, maybe even in between, matters on build.

E- I agree it should Probably be less Movement Speed and maybe reduce Unstoppable to 0.5 Seconds. I think its better as a ability with cooldown, if it didn't have cooldown, Unstoppable would be too strong but if we remove unstoppable, it just gets too boring and becomes ,,sorta mount but not''. But don't get me wrong, that could work too.

R1 Again same reason as for D. 50% Bonus AA instantly would be too strong I think, especially if we take in consideration all the AA talents, but this would need testing in game, but its interesting alteration, it could work.

R2- Missiles are sorta supoused to be special Helix Rockets but I tough maybe it would bring some diversity to his soldier arsenal, because military uses those types of missiles that follow you.

All in all, thank you for suggestions and I hope I gave some insight to why is D,Q,W are the way they are. Sorry for my bad wording on Q where I forgot to mention that impacted enemy takes 200 + 100 damage. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. :D
pringlepingel (2) | September 21, 2017 11:42am
Ugh make him unique by giving him a second ult please.

Tracer is the only overwatch hero with only one ult and that's what makes her unique

You got my hopes up with his interesting trait you gave him, but only one ult is super weak
Wersus | October 13, 2017 6:57pm
Hey, I did a major Rework to his playstyle ideology, finished up Talents and got him new Heroic. Thank you for suggestion, any additional one is welcome as well! :D
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