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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2017
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Darkspear Warchief

A strategist shadow hunter and leader who punishes mistakes and empower allies.
Sustained Meleee Assassin

Combat Trait

Trollic Regeneration
Vol'jin alone mastered the trollic natural healing but when the loas aids him, it reaches a whole new level.
For each missing 1% health point, Vol'jin natural healing power is increased by 2, up to 198.

Primary Abilities

One with the shadow
Must be in bushes/fogs to activate. Can walk close to walls and inside bushes/fogs
Vol'jin fuses with the shadows, allowing him to become invisible, untargetable and pass through unities. If inside bushes/fog Vol'jin can attack from shadows without breaking the stealth. Press E again to activate Piercing Shadows

Piercing Shadows: all bush/fog area releases thousand of shadow daggers, causing damage all over this area.
Soul Hunter
Vol'jin skill shots a powerful long ranged arrow, piercing first hero in line. This arrow leaves a line of shadow behind, connecting to Vol'jin. Only Vol'jin and his allies can see this line. While moving close to it, Vol'jin mov. speed is increased and next first attack causes extra damage, breaking the line.
Darkness Unleashed
Vol'jin unleashes a volley of 3 shadowflame spheres from his hands, hitting enemis in a cone in front of him. Shadowflame causes instant damage and reduces healing effects by 25% for 3 seconds. Reduced healing stacks. It spreads prioritizing non affected heroes.

Heroic Abilities

Aim for the heart
Level 10
Target enemy hero so Vol'jin aims for 1 second and shots a very powerful shadow arrow, piercing enemies heart. If enemy is killed, it's soul is trapped by the arrow, increasing deathtimer by 20s.
(340+5% per level. 100s CD)

Level 20 upgrade
The shadow arrow pierces anything between target and Vol'jin, causing damage. If pierced heroes are killed, they also receive death timer penalty.
Serpent Wards
Level 10
Vol'jin summons a large circle of fire serpent wards around him, blocking most of the passage. Serpents will spit venomous fire on enemies, prioritizing heroes and heroes inside the circle.

Level 20 upgrade
Increases the number of serpents, blocking more of the passage. Also increases the serpents damage.
Level 20
Vol'jin wields the Darkspear, the legacy weapon of his clan.

Passive: When Vol'jin attacks, nearby allies receives 20% damage aura.

Modifies Soul Hunter: Now instead of shoting arrow, Vol'jin throws his warglaves, creating a shadow path instead of ribbon. While over this path, Vol'jin can also benefit from One With The Shadows.


Level 1
The Power of the Horde Whenever Vol'jin casts Darkness Unleashed he unleashed a hidden power within his nearby allies. The Power of the Horde unleashes the Berskering Wrath, increasing atk. speed by 20% for 4s.
Darkspear Will Whenever Vol'jin casts Darkness Unleashed he unleashed a hidden power within his nearby allies. The Darkspear Will unleashes the Determination, increasing armor by 15 for 4s.
Stay away from da Voodoo Whenever Vol'jin casts Darkness Unleashed he unleashed a hidden power within his nearby allies. Stay Away from Da Voodoo unleashes the Madness, increasing abilities power by 10% for 4s.

Level 4
Fear of The Dark Piercing Shadows now slows
Shadow Shield One with the shadow grants shield
Not Enough Darkness unleashed increases number of spheres by 2
Glaive Empowered Increases basic attack damage by 15%

Level 7
Heal Trait can be activated to heal for a fixed amount
Kin Eye Soul Hunter range and duration are increased
Leg'Ola Soul Hunter shots an extra arrow in V
Weaken Mind Each consecutive damage by Darkness Unleashed is increased for the duration of the ability.

Level 13
No one will hear you Piercing Shadows silences for 1s
Darkness with the One One with the Darkness increases mov. speed by 15% and persists after leaving bush for 3s
Bladed Momentum Basic attacks reduces basic abilities CD
Shrink Head activate to reduce an enemy hero's magic damage by 50% and increase basic abilities cooldown by 50% for 4 seconds.

Level 16
Shadow Hunters are not blind Remaining on One with the Darkness for 1s allows Vol'jin to have vision on nearby bushes. Staying imobile slowly increases sight radios, reaching more distant bushes. Piercing Shadows affects every bush in sight.
Expert Hunter Soul Hunter mov. speed and bonus damage are increased. Killing a target instantly refreshes CD.
Warchief Level 1 talent is empowered by 50% and duration increased by 50%.

Design and Feelin

Vol'jin is a very complex guy, almost a paradox. He is both caotic good and the most fearsome troll. Both leader and Shadow Hunter. He is always tapping on both sides of the "Force" and that makes him so unique!
This design is an attempt to bring both aspects of Vol'jin - the hunter who dwells shadows, so intimate to them, making him a powerfull assassin; and the strategist leader, inspiring his allies, leading the battles.
When in combat he is a melee assassin with high HP regeneration, growing in power when it seems impossible to win. That power must feel similar to Artanis but a lot weaker since he can be blown down.
He must feel a little sealthy but not in the same way zeratul or valeera. He is not a bursty "show up, kill, retreat." he must feel more like a hunter trap - placed on strategical local, awaiting the enemies' mistake. He is more like a sustained DPS and the lack of mobility is compensated by his ability to hide in shadows. This will demand a lot of positioning and game notions.
Also, I wanted him to feel like a voodooist and also leader, so Darkness Unleashed is my approach to fill this role. It's not very powerful but will certainly be decisive when Team fighting.
At last, his ultimates can taste like that fearsome guy that will never let you escape or that strategic guy that will isolate you in a nest of snakes.


Playing Vol'jin should feel like you must be strategic. You must know when to catch the hunt and when to buff your team. You can't be everywhere at same time nor specializate in everything and that choices are what makes him more interesting. What will you excel at? Being the Warchief? Being the spiritual assassin Shadow Hunter? You must feel like inside Vol'jin's head, not inside his body.

Vol'jin can't be detected easily as another stealth heroes, so you must share his sights. He is a strategist and as a tank you must use the opportunits and sights he opens. As Assassin or healer, take advantage of his Darkness Unleashed since it means it's the right time to engage with all you got.

You must fear Vol'jin if you are taking risks. He will not hunt you like Valeera, so you are safer with him on enemy team. But if you make a mistake, if you go to far, he can easily punish you. Vol'jin is a strategist so he is always waiting for the best opportunity. In general, you must known you are been hunt all the time and if you make a slight mistake you are prey.

Alternative Skin

troll concepts



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Fash | November 14, 2017 8:20am
3 heroics is 1 too many
HexerVoodoom (2) | November 15, 2017 1:22pm
he got 2 heroics and a storm talent like almost every hero in game :)
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