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Heroes Brawl Of The Week, December 2, 2016: Ghost Protocol

by Dash on December 1, 2016

It's time to suit up and take aim Heroes! The newest Heroes Brawl mode this week is Ghost Protocol. It's an all-Nova snipe-battle on Towers of Doom. Players may want to practice their aim before heading into battle, because every shot counts. Blizzard not only made Snipe instantly kills enemy Heroes, but it also reduces the enemy team’s Core health by 1. To learn more check out the official release below.


  • Every player is locked in as Nova, Default skin vs. Spectres
  • Landing a Snipe on an enemy Hero will instantly kill them
  • All deaths remove one health from the opposing team’s Core
  • All players have full access to Talents and Heroic Abilities
  • Be the first team to bring the enemy’s Core health to zero to secure victory!


  • Complete three matches of Ghost Protocol to earn 1,000 Gold and the following portrait:

Find out more about the new Heroes Brawl game mode on our...
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Celebrate The Gold Club World Championship With 50% More XP!

by Dash on November 30, 2016

Top Heroes of the Storm teams from across the globe have been battling it out in China at the Gold Club World Championship event and the finals are fast approaching! In celebration of these hard fought battles in the Nexus, we’re granting all players 50% bonus XP for the weekend of the finals.

Log in to Heroes during the following time frames to take part in this event:

50% Bonus XP Event

December 2, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions) – December 5, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions)

Don’t forget, with the new XP bonuses available in-game, you can earn even more XP by playing with a party of friends!

It’s a great time to get a favorite hero leveled up, watch an exciting global Heroes of the Storm esports tournament, and work on the Nexus Challenge with your friends!
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Weekly Sale: November 29 - December 6, 2016

by Dash on November 30, 2016

A new week has begun in the Nexus, which means it’s time for a brand new Weekly Sale! Check out the items we’ve placed on sale for this week, and then head to the Heroes in-game Shop to pick up anything that catches your eye:

Weekly Sale: Nov 29 - Dec 6, 2016

Dehaka -- $4.99 USD
Mecha Dehaka Skin -- $4.99 USD
Spectre Illidan Skin -- $4.99 USD

Now Available: Druid Of The Flame Malfurion

Head to the in-game Shop to check out the Druid of the Flame skin! We've also added a limited-time Druid of the Flame Bundle to the Shop, which is available from now until December 14, 2016.


Each Weekly Sale features discounted real-money prices for several individual items over a seven-day period, typically beginning and ending on Tuesdays. When a new Weekly Sale begins, the items from our previous sale will return to their normal prices, and new items will be discounted.

Be sure to head to the...
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