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Introducing Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 And The Amazon Cassia

by Dash on March 29, 2017

Hey everyone! Game Director Alan Dabiri walks us through Heroes of the Storm’s evolution since its launch back in 2015, as well as what’s coming the big game-defining update called Heroes of the Storm 2.0. But that's not all there's also a tease of the newest Hero entering the Nexus Cassia the Amazon from Diablo! You can check out her spotlight in the video below. GLHF!

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Patch Notes - March 28, 2017

by aeide on March 28, 2017

This week's balance patch is pretty straight forward with a buff to everyone's favorite Two Headed Ogre and the most lovable probe this side of the Nexus. To learn more check out the official release below.

We’re happy with the performance of Arthas, particularly as a capable solo-warrior that brings something unique to the team with Frozen Tempest. We’ve added a lot of power to this ability, so we’re reducing his Physical Armor from 15 down to 10 to better enable enemy heroes to get more value by poking him down. We’re also reducing the Root duration of Remorseless Winter to be more in line with similar effects.

- Physical Armor decreased from 15 to 10

Remorseless Winter
- Duration changed from 1.75 seconds to 1.25 seconds

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Guide of the Week: Haidoken's Arthas

by Hades4u on March 28, 2017

Hey everyone! This week our featured guide is Haidoken's "Haidoken's Arthas" for Arthas, The Lich King.

Below we've highlighted some chapters from Haidoken's fifth featured guide, make sure to check it out for yourself so that you don't miss out on any useful information on how to properly play The Lich King!

Tank Rating

The guide kicks off with a section dedicated to the judging of Arthas' tanking capabilities. Here we can see that his tank rating has been split into four different elements, engaging, peeling, mobile ward and damage sponge. Based on the information provided, we find out that he's a great front-liner that stops all the melee threats from reaching his team.

Talent Build - Self Sustain

Moving on, the guide features three different talent builds that you can followed based on personal preference and also on hero match-ups. The build we've...
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