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Guide of the Week: Yrel [detailed guide] (by AelledenPhoenix)

by miyari on June 17, 2018

Our featured guide this week is AelledenPhoenix's "Yrel [detailed Guide]" for Yrel, Light of Hope!

We're so happy to see we're already getting awesome guides for Heroes of the Storm's newest Warrior Hero, Yrel, the Light of Hope! AelledenPhoenix's guide is a great contribution to the site, offering three different builds for Yrel, focusing on maximizing her incredibly versatile kit to bright out the best of her tank and bruiser capabilities, with a little support capability mixed in for good balance). AelledenPhoenix offers detailed descriptions of the playstyle for each build as well as advice on how to prioritize ability use and execute skillful combos. If you haven't yet played Yrel, her unique gameplay is definitely interesting and you should at least try her out in the store!

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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - June 12, 2018

by miyari on June 12, 2018

In our latest patch, Heroes are called to join forces with the Horde and Alliance in preparation for the battle to control the upcoming Alterac Pass Battleground. This patch also brings Yrel, a new Warrior Hero, into the Nexus, as well as the Echoes of Alterac event, a 50% XP bonus, and much more!

Please Note: Shortly after releasing our Echoes of Alterac patch (version 34.0), we also applied a new hotfix (34.1) to resolve issues affecting Ragnaros, Thrall, and the Home Screen. These have been added to the Bug Fixes section below.

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Guide of the Week: I Am The Storm! A Competitive Rehgar Guide (by demonrag)

by miyari on June 10, 2018

Our featured guide this week is demonrag's "I Am The Storm!: A Competitive Rehgar Guide" for Rehgar, Shaman of the Earthen Ring!

demonrag's guide features an impressive six different builds for Rehgar, each focused on excellent secondary roles provided by the versatile Support. You'll find an overall competitive support guide along with guides that focus on AOE healing, improve your roaming ganking ability, boost your 1v1 fighting capability and more! demonrag's goes into more thorough detail for Rehgar's healing guides, offering explanations for talent selections as well as general strategy. Learn all-new ways to bring out Rehgar's true might!

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