Guide of the Week: Abathur Rework, for Abathur (by Morcalivan)

by miyari on March 11, 2019

Our featured guide this week is Morcalivan's "Abathur Rework - New Life After 100 Levels" for Abathur, Evolution Master!

In case you haven't given everyone's favorite slug a whirl in a while, now's a better time than ever! Morcalivan's guide focuses on getting the most out of the powerful new updates to Abathur. You'll find an epic seven different builds in Morcalivan's guide, so there's something for every playstyle! We're personally big fans of the "Melee Monstrosity, Spine Push," which focuses on recent buffs to the overall power of his Evolve Monstrosity ability and creates a melee, lane-pushing beast. He's even great in teamfights! Be sure to click the link below to view the full guide and check out all seven talent builds!

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HeroesFire Site Update: Guest Voting Now Live!

by miyari on March 2, 2019
Earlier this year, several core members of our network communities expressed that they feel that the scores presented in the guide listings aren't very clear. We've heard this feedback loud and clear! However, while researching ways to combat this problem, we quickly realized that one factor which lies at the heart of this issue is that there are not enough votes being cast in the first place. Today, we're introducing guest voting, which we believe will lead to more votes being cast, which in turn makes it easier to provide clearer and more accurate guide rankings.

What is Guest Voting?

Guest votes are votes cast by HeroesFire users who are not registered or logged in. Anyone who uses HeroesFire will now be able to cast their vote on any guide. Guest votes are tracked separately from member votes, and each guide will have two different scores stored internally: one based on only member votes and the other made up of member votes and guest votes combined. Only the highest of these two scores will be shown on your guide and in the listings, so the inclusion of guest votes will never lower your guide score.

We already have vote manipulation protections in place, as well as requiring a valid CAPTCHA for every guest vote.

Why Are We Adding Guest Voting?

We've found that fewer and fewer users are logging in to cast votes as time goes on. It's...
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