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Heroic Deals: April 24 - 30, 2018

by miyari on April 24, 2018

Our latest round of Heroic Deals offers 50% off select Heroes, and brings a fresh set of skins and mounts into the featured item rotation. Check out the Hero sales and featured items listed below, and then head in-game to add them to your collection before this offer expires on April 9.

Half-Price Heroes

The Heroes listed below are on sale for 50% off their usual Gem prices for a limited time.
Hero Sale Price
Auriel 750 375 Gems
Chen 625 312 Gems

Featured Skins and Mounts

The skins and mounts that we’ve added to the featured item rotation are available for gem purchase for a limited time. Don’t worry if you...
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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – April 24, 2018

by miyari on April 24, 2018

Deckard Cain has joined the Nexus with our latest Heroes of the Storm patch! Read on to learn more about the new Support Hero, as well as a number of new balance changes, skins, mounts, and more.

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Home Screen Rework
  • Heroes of the Storm’s Home Screen has received significant improvements.
    • A secondary navigation bar has been added near the top of the Home Screen, beneath the existing Play, Collection, Loot, and Watch buttons.
      • Click each tab on the...
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Guide of the Week: Blaze the Firebat (by Sugimori)

by miyari on April 20, 2018

Our featured guide this week is Sugimori's "Blaze the Firebat (Bruiser Build and Tank)" for Blaze, Veteran Firebat!

Sugimori's guide focuses on two separate builds for Blaze -- a true Tank build for optimum survivability, as well as a strong, damage-dealing Bruiser build, which is especially helpful when playing in a double Warrior comp. Anyone who has played against Blaze knows he's capable of some surprising damage output, and Sugimori's guide focuses on bringing the most of it with each build. Definitely a "don't miss" guide!

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