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By: Nortin
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2017
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Lord of Blackrock

Current version: 1.2

Nefarian is an unconventional melee assassin who uses his enemies' power against them. His trait allows him to adapt to different classes of enemies, and he uses a set of unusual basic abilities to inflict lots of damage in teamfights. He specializes in dealing damage to distracted enemies, reducing their healing and calling Bone Constructs to ambush them. His heroic abilities allow him to either enter his True Form and inflict maximum damage in a teamfight or use his enemies' spells against them.

-Nefarian's default form is his human form, Lord Victor Nefarius. Similar to Chromie, he mostly uses this form in battle.
-Nefarian has a similar health pool and basic attack to Ragnaros, and fills a similar role.

I've avoided giving specific damage, health, and mana cost numbers because I'm not that familiar with balance. Any feedback is appreciated.

Also, thanks for the comments and votes! I'm glad to see people are enjoying this concept.

Combat Trait

Chromatic Essence
-60 second cooldown

Nefarian uses chromatic dragon essence to adapt to his target. Grants a passive effect based on a target enemy hero's class. Chromatic Essence's buff lasts for 30 seconds.

-Warrior: Shadowflame deals bonus damage equal to 3% of its target's maximum health.
-Assassin: Veil of Shadow also slows its target by 30% for its duration.
-Support: Increase the healing reduction of Veil of Shadow to 50%.
-Specialist: Shadowflame deals 100% more damage to minions and mercenaries.

Primary Abilities

-4 second cooldown

Nefarian unleashes shadowflame in a cone in front of him, dealing medium damage to all enemies caught within.
Veil of Shadow
-10 second cooldown

Nefarian surrounds a target enemy hero with shadow energy, dealing medium damage over time and reducing healing received by 25% for 4 seconds.
Bone Constructs
-16 second cooldown

Nefarian summons two Bone Constructs to attack a target enemy hero for up to 10 seconds. Bone Constructs have a low amount of health and deal a medium amount of damage each attack. Bone Constructs deal double damage if they attack their target from behind.

The health and damage of Bone Constructs are increased by any effects that increase ability damage.

Secondary Abilities

Chromatic Shift
-20 second cooldown

(Active Talent - Tier 7)
Nefarian resets the cooldown on Chromatic Essence and removes its current effect.
Take Flight
-80 second cooldown

(Active Talent - Tier 7)
After a 1 second channel, Nefarian turns into his True Form and flies to a target visible location. He remains in True Form for 5 seconds after landing.

Heroic Abilities

True Form
-100 second cooldown

Nefarian enters his True Form for 10 seconds, becoming a large dragon. While in his True Form, Nefarian gains 20 Armor and has all effects of Chromatic Essence active. Additionally, Shadowflame receives 200% increased range, and Nefarian's basic attacks deal 100% more damage at 60% speed. Activating True Form resets Nefarian's basic ability cooldowns.
Wild Magic
-Variable cooldown

Nefarian copies the last spell cast by a target enemy hero, allowing him to cast it in his heroic ability spot for the next 10 seconds. If he uses the spell, Wild Magic's cooldown is set to be equal to the cooldown of the spell used and the spell is removed. If the 10 second duration runs out, no cooldown is incurred and the spell is removed. Can only copy basic abilities.


Tier 1
Cursed Flame - Shadowflame marks all targets, causing the damage of the next Shadowflame they take within 6 seconds to deal 30% more damage.
Soul Furnace - Quest: Shadowflame gains .5% bonus damage for every minion it kills, up to 50%.
Dragon Scales - Every 8 seconds, Nefarian gains 50 Armor against the next hero basic attack or ability. 2 maximum charges.
Consuming Shadow - Quest: Collect 20 regen globes. Gain .5 health regeneration for each one. Reward: All healing blocked by Veil of Shadow is given to Nefarian instead.

Tier 2
Know Your Enemy - Quest: Nefarian's abilities and basic attacks deal 4% more damage for each unique enemy hero he uses Chromatic Essence on. Resets on death.
Burning Anger - Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Shadowflame by 1 second.
Extinguish Life - If an enemy dies while affected by Veil of Shadow, Nefarian heals equal to 20% of his maximum life and Veil of Shadow's cooldown is reset.
Lingering Darkness - After Veil of Shadow wears off, its target receives 10% reduced healing for up to 16 seconds afterward. Casting Veil of Shadow on a hero affected by Lingering Darkness removes it.

Tier 3
Chromatic Blood - Reduce the cooldown of Chromatic Essence to 45 seconds.
Breathing Exercises - Increase the range of Shadowflame by 50%.
Boneyard - Bone Constructs summons 4 Bone Constructs instead of 2, but the cooldown is increased to 20 seconds.
Burning Constructs - Bone Constructs also deal medium damage over time to all nearby enemies.

Tier 4
True Form - see above
Wild Magic - see above

Tier 5
Chromatic Strike - Casting Chromatic Essence causes Nefarian's next basic attack within 10 seconds to deal 200% bonus damage.
Shadow Strike - Casting Shadowflame causes Nefarian's next basic attack within 5 seconds to teleport him a short distance to his target.
Drakonid Constructs - Bone Constructs have 100% increased maximum health and 50% increased basic attack damage, but no longer deal bonus damage from behind.
Splinter - If a Bone Construct dies before its duration runs out, it deals damage equal to 50% of its maximum health to all nearby enemies.

Tier 6
Red Blood - Nefarian's life regeneration is increased by 100%. During Chromatic Essence, this is increased to 200%.
Blue Blood - Nefarian's basic attacks deal 10% less damage, but he gains 10% ability damage. During Chromatic Essence, this is increased to 20% ability damage.
Bronze Blood - Nefarian gains 10% bonus movement speed. During Chromatic Essence, his basic abilities also regenerate 20% faster.
Emerald Blood - Nefarian gains 10 Spell Armor. This is increased to 20 during Chromatic Essence.

Tier 7
Reanimation - 3 seconds after Nefarian dies, he reappears in his reanimated True Form at the location he died for 10 seconds.
Chromatic Magic - Wild Magic can now copy heroic abilities.
Lok'amir il Romathis - Increase Nefarian's basic attack damage by 20%. Nefarian's basic attacks also deal bonus damage equal to 4% of his target's current health.
Chromatic Shift - Adds Chromatic Shift to the ability bar.
Take Flight - Adds Take Flight to the ability bar.

Notes on Mechanics

-The type of buff Chromatic Essence is giving Nefarian will be displayed above his health bar as the icon for that class.
-When used against a multi-class hero, Chromatic Essence says "What am I supposed to do with this? Screw this, I quit" and goes on strike for 60 seconds.
-But seriously, I'm not sure what Chromatic Essence should do against multi-class heroes. I'd say it selects one of the classes at random, but any suggestions are welcome.
-Chromatic Essence grants Nefarian the Warrior effect when used on Cho'Gall
-The animation for Shadowflame is similar to Chromie's ability animations, in that a shadowy dragon head appears behind Nefarian and breathes fire. This changes to just breathing fire while in True Form.
-Know Your Enemy only counts once for The Lost Vikings, and counts twice for Cho'Gall
-The healing absorption of Consuming Shadow also applies to Lingering Darkness.
-Drakonid Constructs also updates the appearance of Bone Constructs to look like skeletal Drakonids from World of Warcraft.
-Reanimation is the level 20 talent for True Form, and Take Flight is a separate talent that can be taken whether or not True Form was taken.

Ability Explanations

This section contains my explanation and reasoning behind abilities and talents, so if that sounds boring, definitely skip it. I just like writing things maybe a little too much.

Chromatic Essence (Trait) - Matches Nefarian thematically in that it uses the essence of the chromatic dragons, which he created, and it counters the class of its target, which is something Nefarian was notable for in his raid boss fight. Not much else to say, other than the numbers on it may be too high.
Shadowflame (Q) - Nefarian's primary damage source.
Veil of Shadow (W) - A damage over time and healing reduction. The healing reduction on a basic ability may be too strong/unusual, but its important thematically. If that effect is too good, the damage can be decreased or cooldown increased.
Bone Constructs (E) - Summons on an assassin may be strange, but they're an important part of all Nefarian fights. They're intended to be weak on their own, and mostly useful for when Nefarian is currently engaged with its target, as that's when the Bone Constructs will deal the most damage.
True Form (R1) - Because Nefarian needs to be a dragon in battle sometimes. Intended to make him a very powerful bruiser for a short time. Can be good for zoning enemies, or punishing an all-in.
Wild Magic (R2) - More thematic turning enemy's power against them. Would also be HotS's first spell stealing ability. Kind of like Rubick in DotA, but toned down.


Tier 1
Cursed Flame - Increases Nefarian's sustained damage. That's about it.
Soul Furnace - Gives Shadowflame synergy with Nefarian's specialist Chromatic Essence. Takes a long time to build up, but should be worthwhile.
Dragon Scales - Upgraded version of Block, but takes longer to recharge stacks.
Consuming Shadow - Generic globe quest. The idea of absorbing healing instead of blocking it is interesting, though, so that's there.

Tier 2
Know Your Enemy - Nice damage talent. Not very challenging to build up, but takes time. Kind of sad against Abathur, though.
Burning Anger - More sustained damage again. 1 second may be a bit too high, but Nefarian's basic attacks should be slow enough to make this fair.
Extinguish Life - A conditional ability that helps Nefarian in fights. Allows him to move from one target to the next faster in fights, but can also be potentially useless if nobody dies under the effect of Veil of Shadow.
Lingering Darkness - A long duration healing reduction. May be too small to be useful, but against a heal heavy team, this can be useful.

Tier 3
Chromatic Blood - Grants more uptime on Nefarian's trait. Nice with Chromatic Strike.
Breathing Exercises - Silly name aside, serves as a basic range upgrade.
Boneyard - More spooky skeleton constructs. Self explanatory.
Burning Constructs - Increase the damage of Bone Constructs, also giving them decent area of effect.

Tier 4
True Form - See above.
Wild Magic - See above.

Tier 5
Chromatic Strike - Offers a very large attack once a minute. May need to be improved.
Shadow Strike - Helps Nefarian chase and stay on his target. Can also work around abilities like Nazeebo's Zombie Wall.
Drakonid Constructs - Makes Bone Constructs more reliable, but reduces their potential damage.
Splinter - Makes Bone Constructs a little more consistent, dealing damage even if they're focused down. Enemies can't really counter this by not killing the Bone Constructs because they deal more damage with basic attacks than Shatter, so it's a nice consistent talent.

Tier 6
Red Blood - A set of talents based on various dragonflights from World of Warcraft, since they were all mixed to create chromatic dragons. This one gives Nefarian life regeneration, thematically matching the Red Dragonflight (the one about life). Helps Nefarian recover between fights better.
Blue Blood - Makes Nefarian more mage-y. Could be very good on Shadowflame focused builds, but the basic attack reduction isn't very nice.
Bronze Blood - Makes Nefarian faster in fights with more speed and more abilities. Pretty simple.
Emerald Blood - Helps Nefarian counter mages better, since countering magic is kind of his thing.

Tier 7
Reanimation - Based on the Blackwing Descent raid from World of Warcraft, where Nefarian was reanimated. Can be useful to contribute more to a fight, even if Nefarian was focused down.
Chromatic Magic - More passive buffs, so that's good. I'm not sure whether it should stack with Nefarian's trait too, but for the moment I'll say yes.
Lok'amir il Romathis - Translates to "Hand of Nefarian", which is the name of Nefarian's mace. Helps Nefarian deal more damage.
Chromatic Shift - Allows Nefarian to quickly adapt in the middle of a fight. For example, he could use the anti-healer Chromatic Essence until the enemy Support dies, then quickly switch to the anti-warrior one. Has especially good synergy with Chromatic Strike.
Take Flight - More mobility for Nefarian. Largely intended to get him to fights he would've otherwise missed.


-Added the version to the top of the description
-Updated some descriptions
-Added the Know Your Enemy talent
-Added the Splinter talent
-Added the Chromatic Shift active talent
-Reworked Red Blood (lifesteal during Chromatic Essence -> bonus life regeneration, increased during Chromatic Essence)
-Reworked Blue Blood (bonus ability damage during Chromatic Essence -> lower basic attack damage, bonus ability damage; bonus increased during Chromatic Essence)
-Reworked Bronze Blood (also adds passive 10% movement speed)
-Reworked Emerald Blood (10 Spell Armor baseline, up to 20 during Chromatic Essence)

-Reduced the bonus damage of Cursed Flame to 30%
-Replaced Long Burn with Soul Furnace (basic damage over time -> power up on minion kills)
-Replaced Block with Dragon Scales (longer recharge, also blocks spells)
-Buffed the life regeneration from Consuming Shadow
-Shadow Strike changed to cause Nefarian's next basic attack to teleport him to his target, instead of slowing them
-Replaced Fossil Constructs with Drakonid Constructs (bonus health -> bonus health and damage but no backstab effect)
-Chromatic Blood changed to reduce Chromatic Essence cooldown instead of increasing duration
-Increased the cooldown on Take Flight (to 80 sec)
-Wild Magic base changed to only copy basic abilities, and level 20 talent changed to allow Nefarian to copy heroic abilities

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NFatcheese | February 28, 2017 5:38pm
Very nice. Unique and powerful kit, global mobility, and fulfill the dream of being a dragon. Adapting to match his enemy's class is a really cool idea.
Dragon Lord | February 24, 2017 9:23pm
Well the concept in general is really fun and the talents are fantastic, I especially like his Q , W and E abilities the most and he really seems fun to play considering how much of a powerful laner he can be with his trait.