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Quote | PM | +Rep by TimeKeeper225 » April 18, 2017 10:06pm | Report
me and my buddy are looking to make a team willing to grow and improve together learn our playstyles and improve. i used to play dota and then this game caught my attention and i liked it. Looking for gold or higher players with 1000+ games under their belts.


.Skilled in a specific role with another role available as back up.

.Able to use communication devices like curse or discord etc....

.1000+ games

.Gold division or higher

.team player and not a flamer, relaxed calm under pressure ale to adpat and undertand the game.

.good working gaming pc or capable pc

.available to adjust their schedule to game on a daily basis and practice with the team.

.willing to play competitive

Contact me: [email protected] or text me at 8327607282

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