Rexxar - Multiple Builds - [In Depth Guide] by MajorProbes

Rexxar - Multiple Builds - [In Depth Guide]

By: MajorProbes
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015
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Build: Assassin Build - It's all about the...

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Build: Specialist - Rumble in the Jungle!

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Build: Tank - Bear Shield!

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Rexxar and his trusty bear Misha are the first of their kind to enter the Nexus! (Ranged Warrior).
In this guide i will be focusing on two of my main Rexxar builds. An Assassin Build (damage) and a Jungling Build which should help you fit in to most maps and teams. However there are many viable builds out there and i encourage you to try them all and find something right for you.

This guide will be continually updated with information as i get it and video's later down the line.
Please leave feedback if you love or hate the build!

Big thank you to and velled for awarding Guide of the Week. I am chuffed! Love this community!


Rexxar's abilities are mainly focused around Misha, she is your main source of damage and mitigation! With that said you only have one ability outside of basic attacks that aren't Misha related and so Rexxar is considered a "Hard" Hero to play.

(Q) Spirit Swoop
Deal moderate damage to enemies in a line, slowing them by 30% for 2 seconds. If you spec into the talent Bird of Prey, Spirit Swoop can clear entire minion waves with the right positioning. Early game this will just be used for the slow effect.
(W) Misha, Charge!
This is your bread and butter stun ablity which makes Misha charge in a line, dealing moderate damage and stunning enemies for 1.25 seconds. This should be used as often as possible on enemy heroes. If you spec your talents into Aspect of the Beast, you can use Misha, Charge! every 4-5 seconds.
(E) Mend Pet
Heals Misha for a large amount of health over 5 seconds. This ability is dependent on Rexxar's mana pool so make sure you have enough to heal poor Misha!
(D) Misha, Follow!
Misha, Follow! and Misha, Attack! are Rexxar's Hero Trait and in basic terms orders Misha to attack or follow using the D key. In World of Warcraft terms this is the same as putting a minion on aggressive or passive.

(R) Bestial Wrath
Bestial Wrath is one of Rexxar's Heroic Abilities, it increases Misha's basic attack damage by 150% for 12 seconds. This is a massive amount of damage and you can just sit back and watch your foes crumble.
(R) Unleash the Boars
Unleash the Boars is another of Rexxar's Heroic Abilities, it releases a herd of boars that track down and target enemy heroes for a moderate amount of damage and slow's them by 40% for 5 seconds.

(1)Misha, Focus! - With the latest changes to Rexxar a new ability was added that allows you to better position Misha with an extended Leash range. If “ Misha, Focus!” is used on an enemy, Misha will move to attack the target until the target dies, a new order is issued, Misha leashes, or Misha dies. If “Misha, Focus!” is used on the ground, Misha will move to that area and hold position until a new order is issued, Misha leashes, or Misha dies.


Before we get into the nitty gritty of the talent choices, you need to ask one question before continuing. What role does my team need me to fill ? Assassin? Specialist? Tank?. Rexxar can do all three competently, but not all of them brilliantly. Here's my breakdown on how well he performs in each role:
Rexxar can make a great Assassin as long as the right talents are picked and the players positioning is spot on. A Rexxar slightly out of position will quickly be targeted by the enemy team and removed from the equation. The tactic with Assassin build's is to sit back and let Misha dish out the damage. Timing of your stuns is the difference between life and death in most situations! Which is why we always take Aspect of the Beast in any Assassin build.


Rexxar is arguably the best jungler in the game and many players in the community are calling out for Rexxar to be reclassified into a Specialist. With the right talent choices, Rexxar can easily solo any boss at level 7, clear an entire minion wave with one Spirit Swoop and still put our reasonable hero damage. For me this was what Rexxar was designed for and does best.

A massive miss conception in most matches you will play is that Rexxar is a tank. Being a warrior does not make a Hero a tank. Rexxar can play the tank role if your asked, but it takes alot of practice, patience and the right talent choices to make him competent at the role.

Hunter-Gatherer - This is your go to talent for both Assassin and Specialist builds. Collect health globes and permanently increase your health regeneration by 1 per second. This talent really pays off late game.
Block - If you decided to go with a tanking build, then Block is a must have talent. It periodically reduces the damage taken by enemy heroes basic attacks by 50%. It can also stack up twice!
Survivalist Training - Restores 100% more mana from regeneration globes. Rexxar can have some mana issues sometimes, but i never choose this talent because the need for mana never outweighed the need for healt regeneration or damage reduction!
Flare - This is an interesting talent and if you have a Nova or Zeratul in the enemy team you may want to consider taking it. Flare reveals an entire selected area for 5 seconds. AKA the anti-stealth talent.

Hungry Bear - Misha's basic attacks heal her for 3.9% of her base health. If your going for a tanking build, this is probably the best talent you can take at this level. If you have gone for an Assassin build and are finding keeping Misha alive, you may wish to consider it. Since the latest patch which included an increase in the Leash range of Misha. This is now also the preferred talent for assassin builds.
Crippling Talons - Increases Spirit Swoop's slow to 40% and it's duration to 3 seconds. Majority of the time I use this talent on an assassin build. During team fight's the slow is especially effective against melee enemies.
Taking Flight - Increases the range of Spirit Swoop by 20% and if it hits a hero the mana cost is refunded. Whilst in certain circumstances this can be useful, it's just not as good as the other talent picks and is not recommended to be used in any of the builds you see here.
Easy Prey - This is your bread and butter specialist build talent. It increases Misha's damage to Minions, Mercenaries and even bosses by 150%. It also has the added benefit of reducing all damage Misha take's from these sources by 50%.

Blood of the Rhino - Increases Mend Pet's duration by 5 seconds. This is your default tanking pick. Adding 5 seconds to the heal time of Mend Pet far outweighs the other options for a tanking build except Aspect of the Beast. If your not having an issue with keeping Misha in the fight, you may want to consider Aspect of the Beast.
Throwing Axes - Increases Rexxar's basic attack range by 25%. In my opinion this is a wasted talent, the 25% attack range you gain for Rexxar can be useful, but in my opinion it's not enough to warrant taking it over the other talents at this tier.
Aspect of the Beast - Misha's basic attacks lower the cool-down of Misha, Charge! by 2 seconds. This is a must pick for an Assassin build. It allows you to use Misha's stun ability every 4-5 seconds.
Bird of Prey - Increases Spirit Swoop's damage by 300% to non-heroic enemies. This is your default pick for specialist builds. With this talent you can clear entire minion waves, and cause considerable damage to merc's and bosses.

Bestial Wrath - Increases Misha's basic attack damage by 150% for 12 seconds and if you choose the level 20 talent Spirit Bond to go with it, you can get the duration extended by 50%! This is my go to talent for both Assassin and Specialist builds. It is especially useful for when you are soloing a boss and need to get it done fast!
Unleash the Boars - Releases a herd of boars that track down all enemy heroes in a direction dealing moderate amount of damage, revealing and slowing enemies by 40% for 5 seconds. This is your Ultimate talent pick for a tanking build. Where you want to slow and limit the damage being put out to your team.

Wildfire Bear - Cause's Misha to passively damage all nearby enemies for 14.5 + 2.5 per level every second. The longer the game goes on, the more powerful this talent becomes. A Must pick for Assassin and Specialist builds.
Thrill of the Hunt - Rexxar's basic attacks increase both his and Misha's movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds. For me this is the worst talent pick possible at this stage of the game. The small gain for 2 seconds isn't enough to pick this over any of the others.
Bear Necessities - if Misha, Charge! doesn't hit an enemy hero, it can be cast again for 3 seconds. This is an interesting pick and i can see it having some uses in a specialist build however it's never been as useful as Wildfire Bear in my testing.
Barkskin - Misha take's 50% less damage for 5 seconds after using Misha, Charge!. This is your go to pick for tanking builds. It is especially effective if you took Aspect of the Beast at level 7.

Primal Intimidation - Enemies that basic attack Rexxar or Misha have their attack speeds reduced by 40%. This is a useful talent for tanking builds, however i usually still go feign death as it has much more use. My advice would be make a judgement call based on how many of your enemies are speced into auto attack builds.
Critical Care - Increase's the healing of Mend Pet by 50%, but only while Misha is below 50% health. Again this talent has some usefulness in tanking builds, but for me still not as useful as feign death. Once more this decision needs to be based on how the game has gone thus far.
Aspect of the Hawk - When Spirit Swoop hits an enemy hero, Rexxar gains 100% attack speed for 3 seconds. This one is only ever useful in an Assassin build and can add quite a bit of damage to Rexxar as Spirit Swoop can be cast every 7 seconds, there's only a 3 second period of non 100% damage. Personally due to the amount of damage already being put out by Rexxar at this stage of the game, i still pick Feign Death for an assassin build.
Feign Death - Rexxar fakes his death, becoming invulnerable and untargetable for 5 seconds. During that time you control Misha instead. This is a must pick for every build and provides some much needs damage mitigation to Rexxar.

Spirit Bond - Increase's the duration of Bestial Wrath by 50% and Misha's basic attacks heal rexxar for 50% of the damage dealt. A good talent choice for any of the build's i've put on here. However you gain more damage from Frenzy of Kalimdor for an assassin build and better damage mitigation from Hardened Skin for tanking builds. My advice would be to only take this talent on Specialist builds.
Kill Command - Unleash the Boars deals 50% more damage and now roots enemy's for 1.5 seconds. This talent shouldn't even be considered even if you took Unleash the Boars at level 10.
Frenzy of Kalimdor - Rexxar's basic attacks deal 10% more damage and Misha's basic attacks slows enemy's by 20% for 1.25 seconds. Your go to talent for Assassin builds. Add's lots of extra damage and the slow is a rather nice plus point!
Hardened Skin - Rexxar and Misha both take 70% less damage for 4 seconds. The go to talent for tanking builds. Should be used as often as possible.


Rexxar is the first ranged warrior to enter the nexus and controlling him and Misha can be a jarring experience. So before you read to much into early, mid and late game tactics, I highly suggest you play with the controls of Rexxar and Misha in practice mode.

Your playstyle with Rexxar is very dependent on the role you decided to take at the start of each game. In order to cover all bases here, I've split each section in the 3 roles detailed in this guilde.

Remember to pick the role your team needs the most, not the one you like best!

As stated in the talent breakdown, Rexxar can make a great Assassin, but majority of the tools that make him great aren't available until level 7 and onwards. The key to early game is to soak XP, get globes and bully your lane. Do not over extend, Misha is a Tower cannon magnet and will get blown up in seconds early game. A Rexxar who over extend's, normally end's up dead. If you get lucky and only get Misha killed, you will still suffer as you have no damage or mobility without her.

From an offensive point of view, wait for the enemy team to over extend, hit them with Misha, Charge! to stun and follow it up with Spirit Swoop which slows them, so they don't get away!

As a Specialist your job is to do as much minion, mercenary, boss and structure damage as you can. Early game you should focus on structures and minion wave's only. Whilst Easy Prey is great for damage output and mitigation, it isn't a great use of time to start farming camps until you hit Level 7 and get Bird of Prey.

Try to lane up with another Hero and farm that XP and the regen globes until you hit Level 7. Remember as with Assassin builds, do not over extend and only commit to fighting with enemy heroes if you have to.
This is probably the hardest roles to play as Rexxar, especially early game. Block and Hungry Bear should however provide Misha enough mitigation and regen to survive most encounters if you play the situations correctly.

You want to move into a lane with team mates in, do not solo lane this build. The idea behind tanking with Rexxar is to use Misha for bodyblocking and stun's against enemy heroes and to provide peals for your team mates so they have the time to finish enemy's off.

At this point of the game you should hopefully already have your level 7 talent Aspect of the Beast and be closing in on Bestial Wrath. Both talents really make you a viable Assassin and you can really start to make the opposition pay. Aspect of the Beast will allow you to keep your enemies in a stunned state and Bestial Wrath will increase your damage to finish them off.

The key at this stage of the game as an Assassin is to support your team. It's better for 5 people to make the wrong decision than 1 person to make the right decision. So stick with your team and pick off opposition players, while ensuring your position is in a place where you can escape if Rexxar gets dived.

Towards the end of the Mid game, you should be picking up Wildfire Bear. This increases Misha's damage alot. To make best use of it, make sure Misha is always positioned in the middle of team fights. Passive damage ftw!

By this point of the game you should now have picked up your Level 7 talent Bird of Prey, so it's time to move into the Jungle! Start rotating camps, while the rest of your team keep up the lane pressure. With both Easy Prey and Bird of Prey now at your disposal you will make quick work of all the camps and provide extra lane pressure to support your team.

Whilst it's possible to solo a boss with the level 7 talent, my advice is not to until you get Bestial Wrath at level 10. Without your ultimate it will take to long to defeat the boss and you will risk getting ganked and having the boss pinched from right under your nose! Once you have besital wrath at level 10, you will make quick work of all the bosses and it's not so risky!

Whilst jungling is fun and helps your team, it should come second to helping your team on objectives and team fights. So always be aware of what the rest of your team are doing! All goes well you should be at level 13 talent picks before you know it. Going fot Wildfire Bear just tops up the amount of damage you can do to all sources. Going through camps will be even easier!

You should have received your level 7 talent Aspect of the Beast by now, whilst it doesn't increase survivability at this point of the game, come level 13 when you get Barkskin it will really pay off.

Once you hit level 10 and get Unleash the Boars and combine that with Misha, Charge! that is buffed with Aspect of the Beast. you will keep the enemy's in almost constant CC and thus protecting your team mates. At the moment, this is the only way i can see of making Rexxar a viable tank.

Once you hit Level 13 and pick up Barkskin you will give Misha that much needed damage mitigation and so you should be looking to use Misha, Charge! as often as possible.

As with early game, lead your teams charge and provide body blocks and peels where necessary using Misha not Rexxar who melt's pretty quickly.

Hopefully you can see a win on the cards at this point and by picking up Feign Death and Frenzy of Kalimdor you can really step up your game now and be a lethal Assassin. Rexxar is one of the best chasers in the game and now that you have Feign Death don't be afraid if you find yourself out of position. Simply Feign Death and control Misha to take down any surrounding enemies, or at the very least push them back.

Keep up the teamwork, support your team with objective's and don't be surprised to see yourself at the top of the Hero damage meters. As with all of the cc and damage you already had, Frenzy of Kalimdor adds additional damage and slows to enemy heroes!

If your team are pushing on core, make sure to mark out any heroes like Kael'thas that you will need to CC and kill quickly so they don't do to much harm to your teams push.

Late game your job as the specialist doesn't change all that much. You should keep rotating camps when your team aren't in need of you and look to take any bosses as your team is about to go for the final push.

As the Specialist you will be expected to do considerable amount of damage to the enemy's core, while the rest of the team clean up any enemy's that attempt to protect their core. For this reason, i've found it best to take both Feign Death and Spirit Bond as the late game talent picks.

Spirit Bond will increase the duration of Bestial Wrath by 50% and also heal Rexxar which is extremely important when trying to push core, as you will be focused! If you do get into a spot of bother, pop Feign Death and finish off the core with Misha.

End game is a difficult time for a tanking Rexxar. Everyone is getting more and more damage as the game progress's, but Rexxar doesn't have obvious tools to deal with it at level 17. So my advice here is to make a decision on how the games gone on so far. If your not having a problem with either Rexxar's or Misha's health then go for Primal Intimidation, the extra slow is very useful. If your finding that Rexxar is having health issues then go for Feign Death, this is your get out of jail free card. Finally if you were only having problem's with Misha's health, then Critical Care should be your pick.

Luckily when you hit level 20, it's a much more obvious decision as a tank - Hardened Skin. This gives you much needed mitigation and should be used as and when you need it. I find it especially useful on the final core push when i'm trying to cause as much chaos as i can.

Your overall job doesn't change much, continue along the same path, protecting your team and you will do just fine.


So here we will break down what builds and tactics to use on which maps and why!! Please remember this is just my opinion and there will be many more equally viable tactics out there, it's up to you to find the right one for you and your team.

For me the best build for Rexxar on this map is specialist. Rotating camps for coins and sneak boss attacks are what win games here and Rexxar is great at that with this build.

Early Game: As per my general advice above, farm lanes for XP and contest chests with your team until you reach Level 7.

Mid-Game: Now when your not involved in team fights and have hit at least level 7 start rotating camps to support the ongoing lane push and to earn extra coins outside of the chests. Map awareness is key and you shouldn't start a camp when an enemy is nearby.

Late-Game: Continue as you were in Mid-game, but now when the opportunity arises go solo that boss, being careful not to be spotted. Continuing this rotation whilst not team fighting will win you the game!


You have no way to move faster so no matter how much you slow and stun him he's going to stay on you.

More coming soon

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