DakMonkeyz Murky - What a strange and fun hero to play (in-depth guide) by DakMonkeyz

DakMonkeyz Murky - What a strange and fun hero to play (in-depth guide)

By: DakMonkeyz
Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016
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Build: Fighting Slapper, the all-rounder build

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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky I only added threats to the first build, but all of these guys are threats to you no matter what build you go.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer is tough to play against, especially during laning phase. And he can nuke your egg down with either heroic ability.
Tyrande Tyrande can scout your egg with sentinel and a good tyrande will make you pay if you keep the egg in the same location for a long time. Also lvl20 she can use global heroic ability to kill your egg.
Tassadar Laning against tassadar and playing against tassadar can be frustrating, because he can spot your egg with his trait all the time. Also he's got quite a long range on psionic storm for killing your egg. Other than egg finding he isn't that much of a threat, actually one of tassadars counters is Murky.
Valla High attack speed with high damage, if you can catch valla you can nuke him down with your pufferfish combo.
  No Threat
Nova Nova is one annoying hero to play against as murky. He will destroy you and your egg with ease and he can burst you down before you can use safetybubble.
Zeratul Not as annoying as nova, but can be a pain in the ass as well. Can hunt your egg early game from behind your towers without much risk.
Tychus One of Murkys arch enemies. Tychus has the fastest attack speed in the game and can nuke your pufferfish down with lightning speed. On top of that he has secondary healthbar and huge damage.


Build: Slimy King of the Sea, 1v1 build

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Build: Soap-bubbles are pretty, Survival build

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Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Build: Fighting Flapper, Double puffer combo...

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Level 4
Level 7
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Level 20


Build: Get back under your bridge Murky,...

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Level 20

Who am I? Opening words. Top

I'm DakMonkeyz. Nice to meet you. I used to play HoN and I moved to playing Dota2 after that. I've been playing Heroes of the Storm for a while and I like it quite a lot. I'd like to quote my favorite e-sports commentator Sean Day[9] Plott: "I'm not the best, I'm not the worst, but I try really hard." You can check his videos and streams at www.day9.tv.

"If you're not a superstar pro-gamer why should we believe what you say??"
Well you shouldn't. Take everything I say, chew it a little and then decide what you want to swallow. Never just blindly take someones advice, use your own brain to judge what is worth taking and what should be ignored. A great advice for life in general.

I hope you enjoy my guide and I apologize for any grammar errors, I'm sure there are some.

EDIT: Thank you all for your support! 200k views, 50 upvotes and Featured in the weekly staff picks. All of this makes me extremely happy. :) <3

Note: Hi all! Alright! The first part of getting this guide updated is done, next on the list is replying comments, fixing errors that were pointed at the comments (thank you for pointing those out <3) and adding the 3 missing easter egg maps (Battlefield of eternity, Infernal Shrines and Tomb of the spider queen) Don't know when those are happening, prolly soon.. ish ;)


Introducing Murky, King of the Sea, Death Top

Murky is a weird hero to play. Murky is easy to kill, but Murky has to be killed 4 times in order for it to be as rewarding experience-wise as killing any other hero. Murky doesn't seem like a huge threat, but if he (or she? or it?) is underestimated, it can lead to the demise of his enemies. Murky is a fun hero to play and rather annoying to play against.


Mrgglglbrlg rmrmgllg mrggggm. Mrrglglgy, mgllglgl mgggrrmgll MRGGGLGLLM! Mrrggllgggllggll mrrglrlg mrrg mrrg mrrrg.

If that was unclear, maybe this will explain it better.

Pros & Cons

  • Good lane clearing, pushing and split-pushing capabilities.
  • Great team-fight presence
  • Good ganker with Octo-Grab
  • Great health regen
  • Can clear jungle camps without much trouble
  • Can almost always be in action due to 5 second respawn time with Spawn Egg
  • Good at solo-laning (except against some really fast auto-attackers [ Tychus & Valla ])
  • Can instantly clear undead camps in mines, small garden terror camps and small pirate camps with Pufferfish + Slime combo
  • Never runs out of mana, never needs to hearth back to fountain.
  • Murloc, King of the Sea, Death

  • Really squishy
  • His damage ability Pufferfish can be easily nuked by enemies before it blows up
  • Definitely a strange hero and harder to be useful than many other heroes.
  • Drops all coins/spider tokens on death, even when respawning from Spawn Egg.


Builds. Few words about the builds shown above. Top

Builds #1 and #2 are the ones I use most commonly at the moment. Build #1 is better for teamfights while Build #2 is better for 1v1. Any hybrid build between #1 and #2 works fine. Builds #3 and #4 are situational, which can be used, but for now doesn't seem to be at the same level with builds #1 and #2. Build #5 is fun, sometimes, but it shouldn't be used in serious games, consider it a troll-build.

I'd like to mention here that none of the builds shown are absolute. There is no one-way to build. The builds can be used as a base, but you need to adapt to every game and change talents when needed.

Build 1: Fighting Slapper, the all-rounder build

Build #1 is a very standard build, focuses using slime and smacking with your fishy. Block makes up for the loss of Safety Bubble talents. Living the Dream is awesome, but if you are having hard time hitting slime against some mobile ranged heroes, it can be changed for Bigger Slime. Bigger Slime is one of the most undervalued talents in the game, but it can be extremely helpful with this kind of Slime-spam build.

Build 2: Slimy King of the Sea, 1v1 build

Build #2 is very similar to build #1, difference being talents at tier 2 and tier 6. Swapping Bigger Slime/ Living the Dream and Slimy Pufferfish for Envenom and Blood for Blood increases your 1v1 burst and gives you little bit of extra healing while decreasing your constant damage. I like to go for Build #2 when I know I will be splitting from my team a lot and going for single kills, also quite good if there's a high priority target that I must burst from their backrow in teamfights.

Build 3: Soap-bubbles are pretty, Survival build

The good old Safety Bubble build. This used to be the go-to build for most Murky players before Rejuvenating Bubble got nerfed. Nowadays this has fallen a bit from the meta, but still has its uses. If you want to bump up your survivability while nerfing your damage this is a solid build for it. Block + Bubble Machine + Rejuvenating Bubble makes you surprisingly hard to kill. I still sometimes use this build in Blackhearts Bay to give my coins some extra protection. If your team is lacking a real tank, this build allows you to make up for it.. a little bit at least.

Build 4: Fighting Flapper, Double puffer combo build

As the title of the build says, this is a build for the double puffer combo. I like to go for this build when I know I'm not going to be able to stick around in teamfights for long. Idea of this build is to combo squishy heroes down with Slime -> Pufferfish -> Rewind -> Pufferfish -> Octo-Grab -> Slime and to get a huge burst in teamfights with your double Pufferfish.

Build 5: Get back under your bridge Murky, Split-push & wombocombo build

This build is highly situational, you can try this build out, if you have some good setup for wombo combos such as E.T.C.s Mosh Pit or Gazlowes Grav-O-Bomb 3000, but remember that wombo combos need to be timed well and requires some coordination from the team, so better do those with your friends instead of randoms.

This build can also be considered a trollish splitpush build. Strategy: push as much as possible, double puffers and ulti on cooldown to the enemy buildings. Can be funny in some quick matches, prepare to be hated by your team tho. ;)


Abilities Top

Spawn Egg (Trait) is what makes up for the extreme squishyness of Murky. This allows you to place an egg on the ground where u will respawn from 5 seconds after you die. The egg can be killed by enemy players and gives a huge chunk of experience if it's killed. Killing Murkys egg also reveals murky to the enemies for a while and triggers a 20 second cooldown to Spawn Egg. If murky is killed without having an egg on the ground he will respawn from fountain like any other hero would.

Slime is Murkys basic spammability. Deals some damage and an extra +150% damage to enemies who are already affected by slime. (example: Deals 100damage first time, deals 250damage second time) Also slows enemies by 20%.

Pufferfish is Murkys big nuke. Murky throws a fish which after 3 seconds blows for a lot of damage. Pufferfish can be nuked down by enemies and enemies can easily run away from the explosion radius. Great tool for zoning, pushing and using in a combo with any stuns. In the middle of teamfight this ability is often ignored. (In pub games obviously.) Extremely bad against Tychus, lane once against him and you'll see what I'm talking about heh..

Safety Bubble is Murkys escape and survivability spell and it's what makes playing murky tolerable. Safety bubble pops Murky up in air and makes him invulnerable for 2 seconds. After using safety bubble, Structures and Minions will not attack you for 5 seconds. (This has been removed. Structures and minios will disengage from you upon using safety bubble, but they will attack you again if there's nothing else to attack after safety bubble ends.)

March of the Murlocs is awesome.. awesome-looking at least.. After a little cast time, a legion of murlocs starts splashing from the ground and that is the coolest looking heroic ability in the game by far. It deals quite a lot of damage if enemies don't dodge it and slows enemies by 15%. The slow from murlocs stack with each other, if you hit the same enemy with loads of murlocs, they will be almost immobilized. The spawn points of the murlocs seem pretty random and unreliable, also it's fairly easy to dodge the march without some sort of setup. One thing to note is that the murlocs go through terrain, use this to your advantage. Take march, if your team has nice wombo-combo potential. Good team for march would have some big stuns or holds like E.T.Cs Mosh Pit or Gaslowes Grav-O-Bomb 3000 + Xplodium Charge. Uthers Divine Storm and Thralls Earthquake is pretty good for this as well. If you don't have some set up from your team I would go with Octo-Grab.

Octo-Grab is Murkys crowd control and ganking heroic ability. This is really good for ganking, locking important targets down and for solo kills. Can be comboed with pufferfish for nice damage. This ability is amazing, only tickles the enemy with damage during levels 1-19, but a long stun is still a long stun.


Talents Top

LeveL 1

Block is a very good talent in any situation. Block can be changed for Bribe, but it will gimp your survivability a lot. Especially good and with that I mean a must-have-talent against Nova.

I take Bribe occasionally. You will get loads of bribe stacks and stealing enemy mercenary camps as murky is high reward, little punishment even if you die. Obviously this helps you take giants camps, but a bit later this can be used to take easy knights as well. Reason why I often don't take Bribe is that Murkys very high base health regen allows for a quick and clear steamroll through giants and knights. Bribe is mostly useful at the early levels, when other talents of this tree are useful throughout the game.
Bubble Breeze Is just a very fine talent. It gives u a high chance of escaping ganks and ability to chase with Safety Bubble. Having Bubble Breeze also helps later in the game if you are going for Bubble Machine. Very solid talent to take even without any other Safety Bubble talents.

Other talents
Spoiler: Click to view

LeveL 4

Living the Dream indeed! I'm so happy that ability power is back. You can consider this as a standard cookie cutter choice for murky, Living the Dream is always a good choice. Also I like how Blizzard made this talent, encourages Murky-players to stop feeding too much ;)

Envenom is really useful on any hero. Envenom gives murky a little more burst potential and helps you get some kills throughout the game. Envenom is especially good for solo burst and one of the upsides of it is that you can access it early in the game. Go for envenom, if you want to go for a 1v1 burst build.
Bigger Slime doesn't seem like it's really worth it, but 30% increase to the radius of your slime can be extremely helpful throughout the game. When I'm going for build #1, I'm taking this talent in half of my games and Living the Dream in the other half. Still kinda torn between them, not sure which I like more. This talent helps you land Slime on multiple targets in teamfights.

Other talents
Spoiler: Click to view

LeveL 7

Slime Advantage increases your damage against heroes, minions and mercenaries. If structures were affected by Slime, this would be better, however this is not the case. This talent increases your damage output to match other heroes and at the moment this is the go-to talent of tier 3 most games.

Compressed Air increases the area of effect of Pufferfish by 50%. I like to take this over Slime Advantage when I know I won't be able to stick with the team in fights to get enough auto-attacks in. This talent is A GREAT tool for zoning during fights. A huge increase to the area of effect also means more targets hit in teamfights and guaranteed hit on full wave of minions. All around an ok talent to take. This can be considered as a training-wheels for hitting Pufferfish. Helps you land your double Pufferfish if you take Rewind level 20. (but its not mandatory, you can hit your doubles without this talent with a little practice in timing [shift-que might be awesome with those winkwink])

Other talents
Spoiler: Click to view

LeveL 10

I already talked a bit about the heroic abilities in the ability section. But I don't want to skip lvl10 on talents section so here goes some more.


Octo-Grab is awesome, much better than march in my opinion for most games. Note that octo-grab has much longer range than you'd expect. March might be better for wombo-combos and when you have a team with some roots/stuns.

Ganking & Comboing with grab: Slime -> ( Envenom ) -> Pufferfish -> ( Rewind -> Pufferfish ) -> Octo-Grab -> Slime ( Blood for Blood ).

March of the Murlocs is a cool heroic ability. Getting used to the timing of this ability takes a little time. There's cast time, and the time murloc army runs forward to take in count. The radius of the march is quite big tho so you will most likely get good use (not as good as from Octo-Grab) of this ultimate even in the first game as murky.

LeveL 13

Continuous Slime is a very fine talent. I've grown to like this talent over time. 1 second decrease on the cooldown of Slime doesn't seem like a big deal, but it can make a big difference on the outcome of your battles. I consider this talent to be the best choice of this tier. If you go for Slime Advantage and/or Bigger Slime in the earlier tiers, you should go for Continuous Slime as well.

Wrath of Cod increases Pufferfish damage by 35% against slimed targets. Increases your burst a lot. This is now a viable talent, if you are going for a Pufferfish-build. I like to go for Wrath of Cod, if I went for Living the Dream and Compressed Air at levels 4 and 7.
Bubble Machine is the survival talent of this tier. It is undervalued by many players, but it becomes a valid choice if you are going for Rejuvenating Bubble in the next tier. Bubble Machine allows you to be a lot more offensive without feeding like crazy.

Other talents
Spoiler: Click to view

LeveL 16

Slimy Pufferfish gives you more burst for kills. This also makes Pufferfish useful even when you have no chance of hitting the enemy with the explosion. Good use as a ranged slow and for dismounting enemies. This talent is never a bad choice. You do lose a little bit of survivability, if you take Slimy Pufferfish, but that's no biggie.

Rejuvenating Bubble is a nice survival talent and will always have a special place in my heart. Heals you for 50% of your max health every time you use Safety Bubble. This talent multiplies your surivability by a lot and gets even better if you took Bubble Machine.
Blood for Blood is a really good talent on any hero. It deals damage and heals you for twice that amount. Instant lifesteal can be very useful, especially since 10% x 2 of other heroes health is a HUGE chunk of Murkys health. If you want to get bigger ganking burst, you should take Blood for Blood. Also Blood for Blood combined with Envenom can really hurt your enemies.

Other talents
Spoiler: Click to view

LeveL 20

... And a Shark Too! is a solid choice if you went Octo-Grab route and want some extra damage. Increases the damage of your Octo-Grab by 30000% at level 20. Increases your burst a lot (3 hits for 300damage = 900damage). This used to be no-brainer, but after the patch you have to choose between this and Rewind. Basically take better grab, if you won't take Rewind.

Pythagos pointed out in the comments section that I had some misinformations here about this talents percents, those should be fixed now. Heroesfire Tooltip says the increase of this talent is 10000%, because that's how much it is at level 0. The percent raises by 1000 every level. So at level 20 ... And a Shark Too! increases the damage Octo-Grab by 30000% and at level 30 it increases the damage by 40000%.

Incase the percents parts seemed messy, here's a list of all levels, percents and damages for (yeah 0-19 kinda useless obviously, but mehmeh):
Spoiler: Click to view
Rewind resets the cooldowns of your basic abilities and has a 60 second cooldown. Rewind is one of the best talents in the game and that's why it was moved from level 13 talents to level 20. Lines up nicely with Envenom since both have the same cooldown. Take Rewind if you went for March of the Murlocs and/or if you went for Pufferfish build.

Bolt of the Storm has a strong synergy with.. well.. every spell in the game. Better positioning with either heroic ability. Better mobility all along. Good choice for every hero to be honest. Unfortunately for Murky, the sacrifice is too big and you can't really afford to take Bolt of the Storm.
Never-Ending Murlocs is an ok choice for those who don't want more buttons to click. This increases the range and murloc cling time of March of the Murlocs. March is good. Better march is better than good. Rewind is better than better march, because double Pufferfish (and Safety Bubble) for teamfights is too good to pass.

... And a Shark Too! Vs. Rewind

Which one to take?

Short Answer:
Take Rewind if one of the following is true:
Take ... And a Shark Too! if one of the following is true:
  • You can't handle another button to press
  • You went for Slime oriented build

Still can't decide which talent you should take? Take Rewind, just for practice reasons.

Long answer/random rambling about the talents:
Spoiler: Click to view

In conclusion: Both are awesome. Rewind is slightly better in my opinion, but either talent here is fine. I guess in the end it comes down to personal preference. My advice is to try out both for a few games and see what works best for you. I go with ... And a Shark Too! when playing Slime-builds and with Rewind when playing Pufferfish-builds


Gameplay - Well what should I do?? Top

Early game

Go place your Spawn Egg. Try to place the egg in a spot where it's close enough to your lane, but safe from your enemies. Be extremely careful with the positioning when playing against Nova or Zeratul.

Try to throw Pufferfish at their towers, learn to time it so that it will hit a tower, gate and minions running through the gate. You can estimate the timing by watching your own minions run from the minimap. Test this and see if your enemies are smart enough to stay at their gate and nuke your puffer down, if they start nuking puffer down at their towers, use puffer normally at the lane. When you throw Pufferfish you can run on top of it to make it harder for the enemy-players to target your fishy. If the enemies are pushing wild use Pufferfish and Slime to clear the minions, if the enemies are not pushing wild, use your Pufferfish and Slime to push wild.

If you are laned against some hard matchup, like Sgt. Hammer + tychus, play it safe or call for a lane switch.

Remember that you shouldn't mindlessly feed, especially in the early game. even when you respawn fast from your egg, you still give 25% experience to the enemy. The experience gained from killing Murky adds up fast. If you must die, die for a good reason, or at least for some reason. Finding a balance of when it's appropriate to die and when you shouldn't dive and die comes from experience.

When you get 2 stacks of bribe, go steal enemy giants. (If you sacrificed Block for Bribe) It is worth noting that you can solo giants at lvl 8~ish.

You can harass melee heroes out of the lane with Slime. Try to hit the enemy and minions at the same time to maximize the effectiveness of Slime.

Mid Game

Split-push, Split-push, Split-push. Gank and kill, if u see that some enemy over-extends. BUT don't get caught in the idea of doing nothing except split-pushing. If an objective spawns, go there. If your team needs you, be there for them. When a teamfight starts, command your legion and claim victory.

During mid game you can use your bribe stacks to solo knights. Knight can be soloed with ease at lvl16 without bribe, maybe even before that I have to test how early I can do it tbh, can't remember.

Late Game

Pretty much the same as Mid game, but working with your team and being there for teamfights becomes even more important. This is the time you can really combo people down. You need to be present when the teamfight starts. Place down your egg somewhere relatively safe, but still close to where the teamfight is happening. (Your egg should be placed before the actual fight starts, otherwise you waste time and make your team fight 4v5 while you're running around placing the egg.) Before the teamfight starts choose a high-priority target and after the fight starts go Pufferfish -combo them down.

Who is the high-priority target?
High priority target might be the enemy healer or some nasty dps like Kael'thas. When you are choosing the target, think what would ruin the enemy teams plans completely. Are they totally dependant on someone healing them and keeping them alive, or do they have nice self-sustain? Is the enemy teams damage output mostly coming from one particular damage dealer? Does someone of the enemy team have abilities that tend to wreck your teams plans? After choosing the target, think to yourself: "Is this target squishy enough? Can I and/or my team nuke him down during my combo or is he going to survive?" If you decide that the target is squishy enough, you have your high priority target selected and you can combo him in teamfights.


Murlocs, Eggs and You Top

Egg facts

Which came first, The murloc or the egg?

Spawn Egg is such a huge part of playing Murky that I've decided to dedicate a whole chapter for egg-knowledge, placement tips and how to do it right.

Some information about the egg:
  • Having an egg on the ground reduces your respawn time to 5 seconds.
  • When laying a new egg, your old egg disappears after your casting time of Spawn Egg finishes. If your cast is interrupted somehow, the old egg will remain wherever it was.
  • Killing the egg gives 75% experience of normal hero kill experience.
  • Killing murky gives 25% experience of normal hero kill experience. (This isn't affected by murky having an egg in the ground. Murky always gives 25% of normal experience, with egg and without egg.)
  • Egg gives little vision around it, this vision is "flying vision" and can see over bushes and walls.
  • Vision of the egg is about the same as vision of minions.
  • If your egg is destroyed, you are revealed to enemies for 10 seconds. (The tooltip says 20 seconds, but at the moment, reveal time is 10 seconds for whatever reason.)
  • Killing the egg triggers 20 seconds cooldown on Spawn Egg
  • note that this is still under construction! I will add more to this, when I can :)

How to play the easter egg game

Having a Murky in the game, gives the game an extra minigame, the easter egg hunt. Don't be alarmed, if one of the enemy teams members spends the whole game looking for your egg, he is most likely wasting more time on it than he should. Even if your egg gets killed and you get killed after that, you are still giving them only the same amount of experience as a normal hero killed would give.

That being said, don't give them that experience for free. :)

One of the first things you should practice as a Murky is alternating the place of the Spawn Egg. Wherever you go, have an egg nearby!

For example:
If an objective spawns at the top of the map and your egg is at the bottom of the map, you want to go place an egg closer to the top first and then go to the objective. If you don't do this and you die, you will waste loads and loads of time running all across the map back to the fight and your team has maybe lost the fight 4v5 during that time.

What this means is that you have to be faster to the objectives than any other hero, because other heroes can just mount up and run to the objective, you need time for placing the egg.

When you see enemy heroes swarm towards an area your egg is at, you should change the spot of the egg as soon as possible. Good map awareness is the key to good egg placing.

Hiding your egg in the fountain (please, don't):
There's not many reasons to place your egg in to your fountain. The only one I can think of is that the enemy is pushing your keep or core and you need to defend.

Even if there's a nasty zeratul always egg-hunting, you don't need to put your egg into your fountain. Be clever with your egg in these cases. Go place your egg to the mid-lane if you are at bottom-lane and zeratul is trying to find your egg or whatever. :)

If zeratul (or any other hero) likes to egg-hunt a lot, don't give up and place it to the fountain. Try to outplay them and have them waste as much time as possible hunting your egg.

Dealing with Egg-Hunters:
One of the things I love to do against nasty egg-hunters is to go straight back to the egg-hunter after you have respawned from your egg. This should give the egg-hunter a pretty good idea of what direction your egg is at. After that, go place a new egg in a totally different direction and watch the egg-hunter go look around for nothing. It's kinda like giving false directions to them.

Ambushing egg-hunters:
Now, if you know that zeratul or nova is trying to locate your egg, place your egg somewhere they will find it and take a buddy with you and wait for them to come and ambush them. Best case scenario your egg survives and the egg-hunter doesn't.

Ambushing the egg hunters and using your egg as a bait is fairly easy after level 10, even if you are alone. Place your egg into a place where whomever is trying to find it has to go to a tower/keep/both -range and as soon as they come: Slime -> Pufferfish -> Octo-Grab -> Slime (+ the tower/keep hits on top of that) = Dead egg-hunter.

In conlcusion:
Switch the place of your egg often depending of where you go. Be aware of what's happening around the map. Don't give up and lose the egg-game before it starts.

Treasure Maps

Here's some egg placements for you
Green = Good spot to lay an egg.
Yellow = Good/decent spot IF the mercenary camp has been taken / if there's no objectives near the area.
Red = a decent spot to lay an egg. Use these if you can't use some other color.
White = Special place, you can find explanation of these with each map.

When you are placing your egg and there's a watchtower nearby, be careful. Watchtowers can see to bushes around them, your egg is not safe inside the circle that is watchtowers vision.

Note that all of the maps are for later in the game. Early in the game you can most often hide your egg at the safety provided by your outer towers and forts.

Blackheart's Bay

Most action in Blackheart's Bay happens around Blackheart and the chests. Best hiding spots are in the northern part of the map. Blackheart's Bay is annoying map for Murky already with coins being dropped on death and not many places to hide your egg only adds problems to that.
  • Siege giant camps are ok spots to hide, when bottom lane is pushed to the middle of the lane or beyond that.
  • Aggressive Siege camps are ok if the lane is pushed to their keep and they are defending and not at blackheart.
  • My favourite spots on this map are around all three of the Bruiser Knight camps.

Cursed Hollow

Nice map for egg placement. Plenty of spots to hide your egg relatively near objectives.
  • Bushes next to siege giants are only good as aggressive spots when pushing keeps/core
  • Some of the red dots are pretty close to watchtowers, be careful not to place your egg in watch tower radius.
  • White dots are surprisingly good spots for aggressive and defensive play and they are outside of minions vision. When people hunt for your egg, they check bushes and common hiding spots, but most often not from the sides of the lanes. However, heroes that happen to run through the lane can easily spot your "hidden" egg.

Dragon Shire

As you might have noticed, I didn't mark any green spots on this map. That's because there's no good places to hide an egg.
  • There's 4 spots marked as red, hidden in the hedgerows. Those would be fine places to hide an egg, but unfortunately those are well known hiding places and checked often by enemies.
  • White spots are for the times that shrines are active. Those spots are also outside of creep vision, not that it matters in this case.
  • Best spots to hide an egg this map is bottom Bruiser Knights camps bushes and top shrine.

Garden of Terror

Plenty of room to hide an egg here. Staying aware of enemy movements and alternating spots where you hide the egg can make life easy for you.
  • Bushes at the sides of top and bottom lane are good spots to hide an egg, when the enemy isn't pushing those lanes.
  • Dots in the jungle are good spots, but when they are trying to find your egg, those are the places they look first.
  • Mercenary camps in this map do not provide that much safety for the egg and are relatively bad place to hide the egg compared to other maps.

Haunted Mines

This map might not look like it at first, but there's plenty of room for easter egg hunt, if you know the spots.
  • Be very careful with the vision of the watch towers in this map, it's easy to hide an egg to the bushes only to realize that the enemy watch tower can see it.
  • Mercenary camps do not provide too much help this map. If you decide to hide your egg at one of the giants camp, check the watch tower radius.
  • White dots in the mines are my favourite spots to hide an egg inside the mines. Mines is awesome for egg hiding, because most people don't go there when there's no skulls. Also if you have ever faced a tyrande hunting your egg in this map, mines is perfect for countering tyrandes scouting owl plays. Just remember to place the egg away from the mines before the mines open again. (Many players will go wait in the mines as soon as the countdown appears, so you will have to place a new egg fast and before the undead spawns.)
  • Note that if any players see you come out of the mines when there's no objectives, you should go place a new egg, because they will get suspicious.

Sky Temple

This map is Blizzards way of saying: "I'm sorry all you Murky players for the Dragon Shire and Blackheart's Bay maps. Here! Have a better map for your egg! :)"
  • One of the best spots to hide your egg is at the southern edge of the southern temple area. Even if your enemies go take the temple, there's a good chance they don't go south enough to have vision on the egg. Now to be clear, this doesn't mean that you should leave your egg there when your enemies control the temple, replace your egg asap.
  • With all of those little bushes and corners, enemies will have a hard time locating your egg.
  • Hide your egg and re-hide it often. Not much to say, good map.

ETA for the 3 last maps: sadface, no clue

Tomb of the Spider Queen

blablathismap is x for egg BLblA
  • notes
  • more notes

Battlefield of Eternity

blablathismap is x for egg BLblA
  • notes
  • more notes

Infernal Shrines

blablathismap is x for egg BLblA
  • notes
  • more notes


Last words Top

If you read the guide this far. Thank you! :)

Any constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to disagree and please tell me about it. If you liked the guide, I would love a thumbs up and / or some comments below!

To Do List, to be expected in the future:
Add Tips & Tricks -chapter
Add Map Specific shenanigans -chapter

If you liked my Murky guide, check out my other guide: DakMonkeyz Thrall

This ends my first Heroes of the Storm guide, for now. I hope you liked it!

See you in the Nexus!

(It seems that I have forgotten to add dates to the first 3 edits, those happened in December 2014 / early January 2015)
EDIT 1: Corrected some spelling errors etc.
EDIT 2: Added Fighting Slapper build (build3) since that's what i've been playing a lot lately. + added some threats.
EDIT 3: Re-organized the hero-builds at the top and added "Builds, few words about the 3 builds shown." -chapter
EDIT 4 (17.1.2015): Did some minor reworking with talents -chapter and fixed few grammar errors.
EDIT 5 (24.-25.1.2015): Added Murlocs, Eggs and You -chapter
EDIT 6 (13.7.2015): Basic updating, added / rearranged builds, fixed The 5 builds shown above -chapter to match current patch. Updated talents to match the current patch.


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