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ChubbsZ Li Li Guide (Leoric Release)

By: ChubbsZ
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Chubby Cups

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Gazlowe Gazlowe is not much of a threat since a lot of his stuns are easily avoided. Best thing to do is always stay mobile when facing a Gazlowe and avoid trading with him in lane when he is backed by his Turrets.
Nazeebo Nazeebo is not a threat towards Li Li. He holds no stuns in his kit but he can provide a lot of damage with his abilities. This still should not pose a problem with Li Li's high AoE healing.
Nova Nova really does not effect Li Li since her main damage is burst and Li Li's Healing Brew can top up the team mate who took damage.
Rehgar Rehgar does not provide anything in-terms of CC towards Li Li. Li Li can trade very well in lane vs Rehgar with a blind towards his Feral Leap.
Tassadar Tassadar poses no threats towards Li Li unless you decide to go the ultimate Water Dragon where he can Dimensional Shift the dragon.
Raynor Raynor does not provide a huge threat. But do not get near him; his basic ability Penetrating Round can interrupt your jug of 1,000 cups.
Malfurion Malfurion is no threat, unless Twilight Dream was picked up as an ultimate ability. Stay as FAR away from him as possible while still keeping heals on allies.
Illidan Illidan's threat level varies with his team comp. Your blinding winds and ability Fast Feet allow you to mitigate being punished by him like other supports could be. If Illidan decides to pick up his ultimate ability The Hunt his threat level becomes red as the ability allows him to have an almost global ultimate with a 1 second stun. Try to wait for this ability to be used before using Jug of 1,000 cups.
Murky Murky is not viewed as a serious pick during competitive tournaments. But if he is picked during Quick Matches or Ranked be careful trading with him since he can continue to come back and fight you in lane. Also his threat level becomes very high since he can dive into the back line with the ultimate ability Octo-Grab and interrupt your Jug of 1,000 Cups.
Sgt. Hammer SGT.Hammer does not provide a high amount of hard CC. But if positioned poorly, Hammer has 2 abilities to watch out for: Concussive Blast and (if she picks the ability) BullHead Mines (level 13).
The Lost Vikings Not much is to be said about Lost Vikings. You should be able to out heal their damage. On map objectives watch their positioning they can be very sneaky.
Abathur Abathur can become a problem if he is able to obtain a hero through Ultimate Evolution with a stun.
Chen Chen can be a powerful enemy in lane since you do not have enough damage to trade with him. If your enemy picks Wandering Keg it can displace you from your team.
Tyrande Tyrande has a hard to land ability that can disrupt Li Li called Lunar Flare. It is a skill shot with a small area that can stun Li Li's ultimate.
Zagara Zagara is a minor threat with 2 notable spells. Hunter Killer and the ultimate Devouring Maw. Stay a bit away from your allies and avoid stacking against Zagara since Maw is a AoE circle that can take your allies away from your Jugs or stop it if you are grasped by the Devouring Maw. Hunter Killer is a basic ability that is VERY powerful: it summons a Hyrdalisk. Try to blind Zagara and the Hydralisk if laning against her.
Brightwing Bright Wing has a ton of CC that can be applied to Li Li. So keep a large area between Bright Wing and yourself.
Thrall Li Li can counter Thrall very easily with her Blinding Winds stopping a majority of his auto attacks. But his threat level can also be VERY high with his ultimate Sundering. So try to keep your ultimate until after he uses his, or force him to ultimate only you.
Leoric Leoric does not pose a threat in terms of his kit except for the ultimate Entomb. He will block you or an ally in a small area where you can easily be interrupted or DMG'd to death.
Jaina Jaina does not pose a threat towards Li Li in terms of stun since she doesn't acquire one in her kit. But she is able to trade with Li Li in lane through spells. So try to hide behind minions when in lane vs Jaina to avoid frost bolts.
Tychus Tychus is a amazing hero. His threat level is high since his ability Overkill cannot be stopped by anything Li Li has. Another ability Frag Grenade can become a huge threat to interrupt your Ultimate. So try to save Jug of 1,000 Cups until he uses his ultimate ability Commander Odin to avoid being stunned.
Valla Valla is another powerful carry. She does not have many ways to interrupt your ultimate except with the level 10 ultimate ability Rain of Vengeance. It can be easy to dodge: just continue to move and stay further away from your allies to avoid a good Rain. Valla can still trade with you in lane since Valla can use abilities to trade instead of auto-attacks.
Kerrigan Kerrigan is a very dangerous hero against Li Li. She is able to gank very easily with the combination attack. She has 2 basic abilites that can disrupt your Jug of 1,000 Cups. When combo'd with her talent choice Rewind at level 13 she becomes a large threat. Always stay mobile when VS a Kerrigan, watch your position and do not get combo attacked.
Sonya Sonya, like some other tanks listed in this guide, is seldom played in competitive. Sonya is a very powerful foe against Li Li in lane, since Li Li cannot obtain a way to CC Sonya in lane when using Whirl Wind. Sonya has 2 hard to dodge abilities: Ancient Spear and Leap. To avoid Ancient Spear as effectively as possible hide behind a minion or ally.
Tyrael Tyrael becomes a large threat at Level 10 due to his ability Judgement; similar to Illidans ultimate with a large range single target stun. Try to hold your Jug of 1,000 Cups until you see his ultimate Judgement has been used on another ally.
Johanna Try to avoid standing near johanna as her W Condemn can pull you in and stop your Ultimate. Also has 2 ultimates that can help further interrupting your ult. She is not a easy foe to deal with so be on your toes.
Anub'arak With anub'arak being played more often be very careful of his web ultimate and his 2 abilities that can interrupt your ultimate very easily.
Diablo Diablo has 2 basic abilities that can stun or interrupt your ultimate Jug of 1,000 Cups along with a pretty scary ultimate when you are poorly positioned. When Apocalypse occurs do not stand in the fire!
Falstad Falstad is a powerful hero in the Nexus, his abilities allow him to trade with Li Li without having to auto attack much. With his recent change in closed beta (which can make Falstad even more of a threat) is Might Gust. This ability allows him to launch a VERY long and wide skill that can almost surely disrupt Jug of 1,000 Cups.
Stitches Stitches is a medium threat until 16. He becomes a high threat towards Li Li in terms in disrupting her Jug of 1,000 Cups at level 16. ALWAYS position yourself as FAR away as possible from him when the enemy team reaches level 16 if the enemy picked the talent choice Pulverize which can slow you by 90% allowing his team the opportunity to stun you.
Zeratul Zeratul is a power-house. He can deal a massive amount of damage. With the ultimate ability Void Prison, he can freeze your Jug of 1,000 Cups and allow the enemy team to surround you as a healer; which makes your positioning a lot worse then it should be.
E.T.C. ETC is being played a lot more recently and thus his threat level has increased. Avoid getting near ETC at all costs his Face Melt gives him the ability to interrupt your ultimate from a medium range. You also have no CC to stop his ultimate Mosh Pit.
Sylvanas Avoid standing near any allies when there is a enemy Sylvanas because her level 10 ability Wailing Arrows can silence you from casting all spells and interrupts your ultimate.
Kael'thas Kael poses a huge threat towards you and your teammates because you have no way to stop his damage except for the ability Shrink Ray at level 13. He gains a huge power spike at 10 due to his ultimates but the more dangerous one is Pyroblast in-terms of burst so keep a heavy eye on when he starts to cast it, attempt to start your ultimate when he begins casting it to make sure there is no delay between your heals.
The Butcher Butcher is a huge threat towards Li Li and her allies. His targetable rush into stun with a massive damage ultimate. Creates a very bad situation for Li Li. Be careful when The Butcher is on the enemy team and rejoice when he is on your team :)
Muradin Muradin can become a problem towards Li Li, his kit allows him to jump over your team with the health and defense to stay back there for some time.
Uther Uther The Painbringer is by far Li Li's nemesis when supports are picked. His basic ability Hammer of Justice is a easy way to stun you with just click stun. Divine Storm at level 10 can again be very threatening since its a powerful stun. At level 13 he shoots to the one of the highest threats in the game if the talent Sprint is picked. Also at level 20 with the ability upgrade Divine Hurricane his ultimate will disrupt you 9/10 times if used in the correct hands. So try to hold jugs 100% the time until you see his ultimate. Also be very careful of Uther once he dies, his ability Eternal Devotion allows him to become a ghost with all abilities accessible. If Hardened Focus is picked, he has two stuns available in a single Devotion.

Li Li

Build: Chubby Chub

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

About Me Top

My name is Kevin "ChubbsZ" Yepez. I've played countless hours of League of Legends, peaking at Challenger tier at one point and maintaining a steady spot in Diamond I. I continued to play League until I had access to Heroes of the Storm. I was very excited to try this game from when it was known as Blizzard All-Stars. My reason for creating this guide is to help the community and share my knowledge as a highly competitive support player reaching Master ranking 3900~ + rating in quick matches and hero league
Picture of rankings .

You can find me at:
Make sure you follow me on twitter and feel free to tweet me and questions you have about the build!! :)

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Pros and Cons Top


  • High amounts of healing
  • Steady laning phase
  • Panda
  • Extremely fun to play
  • Top tier if played correctly


  • Priority target for CC due to ultimate
  • No stuns or immobilization
  • Can run out of mana without correct mana management
  • Looked down as a support compared to others
  • Difficult to play
  • Unable to unstealth enemies

The Build Top

This hero and build is intended to be run as a powerful solo healing support. Try to pick Li Li with a few priority picks that can prioritize interrupting spells away from your Jug of 1,000 cups such as Valla E.T.C. Falstad Tyrael (Sanct).

Li Li is a good pick vs high auto-attacking heroes Thrall Valla Illidan Raynor The Butcher Sgt. Hammer Tassadar Tychus(When Odin)

I'll go over all the talent tiers and what talents work for whichever situation arises. Heroes of the Storm is rather reactive so it is wise to have a number of builds you can go to or talents you can quick switch to when needed.

That said, the main build shown above is my go-to build with Li Li and is what I most frequently run with in competitive play:
  • Green is Primary Choice.
  • Purple is Secondary Choice.
  • White is other possible choices (Suggest Reading Reason)


Conjurer's Pursuit

Is the primary choice to pick in this talent tree. Li Li begins to struggle during long drawn out fights due to the fact Healing Brew can become high mana cost through spamming it off cool down to keep allies healthy. Conjurer's Pursuit will help alleviate this.

Pro Toss

Is not a very solid pick but it can become good if the enemy team has a lot of stuns and are out to dive you non-stop, it allows you to get heals at further distance.

Timeless Creature

Can be a very solid pick up if you are planning on going a Serpent build, other then that stick to the guides Chubby Cups build.

Gale Force

Gale Force can be a potential pick if there is more then 2 or more supports on your team. Pick this for the damage increase.


Healing Ward

Healing Ward is a stationary ward that heals ALL allies for 1.95% of their maximum health which can be a huge changing factor in a team fight. For the build I currently am using, I did not opt to go for this talent because I enjoy the constant moving heals, but for certain maps such as Cursed Hollow Sky Temple I suggest picking this talent as it more about stationary fights. ( Amplified Healing increases the amount healed by Healing Ward)

Mending Serpent

Can be a very powerful tool in Li Li's kit. The build prioritizes another talent. I leave it up to preference.

Mass Vortex

Is the choice for this tier I feel it is really powerful with the combination of Surging Winds @LvL.13 it allows you to achieve 20% increased ability power instead of 10% without this chosen talent.

Lingering Blind

This talent is a powerful option when faced against Illidan Thrall Raynor Sgt. Hammer who depend on auto-attacks to provide the most damage. When this talent is chosen you can pick Shrink Ray or Hindering Winds @ LvL.13 as there will not be AS much of a need for the extra 10%, where as both of these talents help just as much to help your team from taking a lot of damage.
(I understand this talent is highlighted purple as well but it is too good to pass it along when giving the reasoning above)


Shake It Off

Can be a useful talent if going serpent build or Water Dragon. Due to the fact that it is a mini Relentless. If this ability was 100% it could be a useful talent choice for Jug of 1,000 Cups if enemy has heavy CC. But as of now I see no competitive reason this should be your talent choice as it does not make you immune to CC only reducing it.

Pitch Perfect

Is a good choice for Li Li if the level 1 talent Conjurer's Pursuit was not taken, it allows Li Li to spam cups off cooldown without being punished by the mana pool.

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff has it's name for a reason. It allows Li Li's cups to heal a larger amount. Once obtained at level 7 it allows Li Li to heal for 59 more healing, increasing 6 every level.

Lightning Serpent

Lightning Serpent would be great talent only if the bouncing attacks applied with Mending Serpent would be amazing but at the moment it does not work like that and not sure if there are plans on it.


Jug Of 1,000 Cups

This talent in the beta is a lot stronger, it has been increased by a large amount in terms of scaling. At level 10 it is 10 more healing per cup then it did in Alpha. Note that there is a lot of heroes in the Nexus that can stop you, ALWAYS watch your positioning to help avoid enemy heroes from interrupting your ultimate.

Water Dragon

This talent should only be picked if your team has multiple supports on one team. It helps in-terms of damage but the build has revolved around healing allies. If this is your talent choice avoid diving into the enemy team to get the correct target as you will receive a lot of damage forcing Healing Brew to target you instead of an ally.


Elusive Feet

This talent is a decent choice it is similar to the block talent for a majority of the heroes in the nexus. If there is a lot of auto-attackers then it could see a possibility but still keep on the guides option.

Hindering Winds

Hindering Winds can be some what useful in terms of minor CCing. It is a potential pick but Surging Winds Shrink Ray are a better all around choice. If your team has the opportunity to choose Executioner this ability goes WAY up in value. Try to communicate with your team if you are looking for this to make sure they target who ever the Blinding Wind hits.

Surging Winds

This talent choice is main one for this build with the combination of Mass Vortex it allows for 20% Ability Power increase which can make the difference between 304 non 20% and 20%+ 365 per Healing Brew.

Shrink Ray

Is by far the best 2nd choice for Li Li at level 13 if you decide to go another talent besides Mass Vortex size I highly suggest that this is the option you lean towards for good shrink on high priority targets such as Valla Falstad Jaina Kerrigan Illidan The Butcher. Keep in mind it is similar to exhaust from League of Legends.


Safety Sprint

This talent is a poor choice, if you are going to be under 50% hp to obtain the extra 10% speed then you are probably more likely to be healing yourself with a Healing Brew then a ally.

Two For One

Probably the best choice in the talent tree it allows you to double your healing in a team fight with the capability of healing 2 low hp allies instead of just one. 431 burst heal + 21 p/s for 6s to both allies can start topping off your allies very quickly.

Herbal Cleanse

This talent use to be a powerful tool in Li Li's arsenal since it worked similar to Cleanse before beta. It use to allow an immunity to CC for 1 second now it only removes CC instead of both removing and preventing for 1s. It applies a 20% speed bonus that can come in-handy with allies such as Arthas Tyrael Kerrigan The Butcher it helps them get towards the enemy quickly to disrupt the enemies. As well helps against these heroes reducing the CC they can apply.

Serpent Sidekick

This talent is similar to Rehgar's Lightning Bond. The only way this can become very useful is with the talent Mending Serpent. If there is a lack of damage this talent MIGHT be worth picking up, but only if there is a lack of damage.


Jug of 1,000,000 Cups

This talent is a very powerful upgrade for your Jug of 1,000 Cups because its allowing your ability to hit more then one ally and top your team off faster. This talent choice is by far her best 2nd option after Kung Fu Hustle.


Kung Fu Hustle

Well, Li Li is a hustler now. This talent allows Li Li to become a power house, if you position yourself to take some damage be careful of all CC since you are closer to the enemies when taking damage. This makes all your basic abilities Healing Brew Cloud Serpent Blinding Wind almost instant this is where Conjurer's Pursuit size stacks can become very useful to try to keep your mana pool as high as possible. ALSO regenerates your ultimate Jug of 1,000 Cups which is almost to good to give up.

Storm Shield

Storm Shield can never be terrible, it provides 20% health protective shield for 3 seconds. If used properly it can provide a large amount of damage mitigation.

Bolt of the Storm

Bolt of the Storm is never a terrible option, but in terms on healing the other talents are better. If you are getting picked on a lot during a single match this may be your option since Ice Block has been removed from her kit. For those who are familiar with League Of Legends its the summoner spell Flash and Blink Dagger from DOTA franchise.

Playstyle Top

Li Li is a difficult hero to play, but if executed properly can become a top tier support choice. Play as far away from the enemies as you can to have the opportunity to dodge any possible CC or unneeded damage.

Play passive aggressive with Li Li to avoid receiving damage and becoming low in health points since your Healing Brew heals the lowest ally near you.

As a Support hero in general you always want to heal your allies before yourself since the heals will be on a carry or tank role which provide more damage and disruption then a support hero.
When all else fails..

Always stay in range to heal allies.

TL;DR & Ending Top

  • Be careful of enemy heroes that can stun.
  • Always position yourself in heal range of allies.
  • Healing allies takes priority over healing yourself.
  • Always play Li Li how you feel most comfortable.
  • Be a good gamer, avoid being toxic!

    Thank you for reading this guide don't forget to give it a thumbs up if it helped!! If you have any feedback or more questions be sure to leave a comment in the section below or contact me via Twitch and Twitter. (See About Me section for information regarding contact info)

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