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About MOBAFire Network

MOBAFire Network is a collection of fan driven web sites for video games. We provide cutting edge tools for fans of popular video games to create and share their knowledge and passion for their favorite games.

MOBAFire Network Global Accounts

MOBAFire Network utilizes a global account system for our family of fan sites. By registering on this site your account is automatically reserved across our entire network. The first time you log in to any MOBAFire Network site your account will automatically create a profile on that site for you. You only have a profile on sites you log into, but your profile name remains reserved on all network sites that utilize our MOBAFire Network Global Account system.

Some information in your profile is globally used throughout our network of sites such as your user name and password, other information is site specific such as your IGN. Global information is set automatically for you once you login for the first time on a site, other information will require you set it for each individual site.

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