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By: rgg138
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2017
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The Mother Wisp

Ranged Support

She does not use mana

Combat Trait

Tether of Aessina (D)
Passive: Increasing healing from Tether of Aessina (Q) by 4% for every 1% of maximum health missing.

Tethers Aessina to an allied Hero, healing the ally 50 (+4%) a second. Any enemy Hero that crosses the tether is slowed by 10%. The tether breaks when the allied unit moves too far away, or Aessina change the Tethered target.
1s cd

*at 20% health, heal 210 (+4%) a second
*at 50% health, heal 150 (+4%) a second
*at 80% health, heal 90 (+4%) a second

Primary Abilities

renew (Q)
cooldown: 5s

Avtivate to sacrifices 150 (+4%) of your life to heal allies in a targeted area the same amount. Also grant them 5 armor for 3s
Cannot self heal, but can receive the armor
Detonate (W)
cooldown: 16s
20% of hp

Sacrifice 20% of your max HP and, after 1.5s, deals it as damage to all nearby enemies.
Overcharge (E)
cooldown: 15s

Aessina is healed by 20% of damage a targeted ally deals. Last 5s

Heroic Abilities

Wisp storm (r1)
cooldown: 80s

Summon 5 wisps to spiral around Aessina and then return. If a wisp colides with an enemy hero, it explodes, dealing 300 (+4%) damage
Wisp vision (r2)
cooldown: 10s

Summon an untargetable Wisp to reveal an area of the map for 5s. 3 Charges

Special Mount

wisp walk (Z)
cooldown: 15s

Passively increase movement speed by 10%.
Activate to pass through terrain ONCE.


Health: 1800 (+4%)
20% of her hp is 360 (+4%)
HP regen: 4,286 (+4%)

Attack Damage: 70 (+4%)
Attack Speed: 1.5
DPS: 105


lvl 1

1. D- Regeneration Globes increase the healing provided by Tether of Aessina by 20% for 4s

2. D- Quest: For each regeneration globe take, increase healing provided by 1, up to 20 (this additional healing isnt buffed by trait). Reward: upon gathering 20 globes, the tethered target moves 5% faster

3. D- Quest: Spend 8 min healing an ally Hero. Reward: Now it will also regen 8 mana a second for the tethered target

lvl 4

1. Q- Regeneration Globe decrease the life cost of the next Renew by 100%.

2. Q- Increase area by 25% and range by 40%

3. E- Grants you and the thetered target 15 armor for the duration. But it doesn`t decrease heal

lvl 7

1. W- Quest: For each enemy hero hit, decrease its cost by 0.5% of your life, up to 5% (but doesnt decrease damage). Reward: Upon hitting 10 enemies, Reduces its CD by 4s

2. E- Also increase yours and the ally attack speed by 15%

3. Q- Now also deals damage to enemy inside the targeted area

lvl 13

1. Q- Also heals 3% of the allies maximum health

2. W- Also knock Back enemies hit, decreasing their movement speed by 50% for 0,5s

3. E- Increase your and the target's movement speed by 25% for the duration

lvl 16

1. W- Increase area by 50%.

2. W- Deals a bonus damage of 5% of the enemies maximum health

3. D- Now heals a bonus of 0.75% of the target maximum health a second

lvl 20

1. R1- Now summon 10 Wisps and, if one of them hits a Hero, reduces CD by 15s

2. R2- Refresh CD for each enemy killed

3. D- Enemies heroes that crosses the theter are slowed by 25%. Ally heroes that crosses the theter receive a 25% movement speed bonus for 1s

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