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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2020
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Nexus Born

Aeons ago an ambitious Realm Lord tried to create the perfect warrior, summoning multiple heroes and artifacts from the multiverse and from different timelines into a single being. To do so the Realm Lord used his most powerful Relic as vessel. Unfortunatly, the summoning was too powerful and caused enormous destabilization to the Realm, forcing the Realm Lord to infuse all his Nexus Crest's Power into the chimerae, thus stabilizating it. However the damage was done and the Realm collapsed. The only survivor was the newborn Amalgama, lost in the nothingness between Realms until the recent events in the Nexus that tore a path it's fabric and allowed Amalgama to be finally free.

Amalgama is naivy and unstable, sometimes being driven by a will of helping people, sometimes driven by uncontrolable hatred. He have not yet mastered all his powers and despite being born in the nexus, is having his first impressions about this reality.

As a Master-to-be of the Nexus, Amalgama playstyle allows him to have advantages on the maps, being strong in holding objectives and controlling lanes.

Playing as Amalgama must feel like you are versatile since it has many sources of power. Using his extra ability he can engage or disengage, but the CD is long enough so he must choose well when to use it. The keystone allows him to protect the objective or the backline from divers but can also be used to give him and the tank a little sustain. The Damage from the Keystone gives him great power of zoning and must be used wisely.
His Soulstone ability combos with his trait highly increasing his power and choosing where to spend it is key to play Amalgama well. For exemple, if Amalgama consumes 5 Soul Shards and gathers 5 Chaos, his Heart of Azeorth beam can become a powerful threat or the Keystone can protect the team a lot longer.

Playing alongside Amalgama must feel like you have an off-tank that can protect zones and the backline so squishies can be safer than usual and can position better. Amalgama have some sustain and ways to keep himself alive a little so it probably won't be the focus in battles, allowing the healer to have different priorities.

Playing Against Amalgama requires to be aware of his Keystone zoning and it's wise to poke the enemy team to cause it to explode while your team is out of it's reach. Playing with your team spread removes from Amalgama most of his power since it is mostly aoe and specially Soulstone buff requires him to hit many heroes. Also it helps if your team have a good lane control to counter his.

Combat Trait

Chaos Control
By damaging heroes with basic attacks Amalgama gathers 1 stack of Chaos up to 5. Upon casting an ability, all stacks are consumed, increasing it's power.

Thematic Source: Nexus
Auto attack
Can auto attack while moving. Melee range.
Casts a continuous nexus beam from both hands into the enemy causing low damage.
However ever third conscutive damage against the target explodes the energy stored by the attacks - hits for 150% damage and deals 50% damage around it. Enemies affected by the explosion also generates Chaos.

Thematic Source: Overwatch

Primary Abilities

Places a keystone that absorbs 600 (+4%) damage received by allies on area converting 50% of it into Stored Damage.
Once it is destroyed blasts a nova around it releasing the Stored Damage, damaging enemies units

CD 14s

Heals 0.21% per second.
Can store up to 900 Stored Damage
If cast again it explodes, do not releasing the Stored Damage.
Can be targeted directly by enemies.
Stored Damage causes no damage to structures.

This ability is very useful for laning, specially during objectives, where it will both protect the allied minions and damage the enemie's. Also, during team fights it can be placed to protect squishies behind the team or more ahead, to help the tank during a burst.

Thematic Source: Starcraft
Drain nearby enemies life, causing 36 damage per second over 4 seconds. For each time an enemy hero is damaged, generates a Soul Shard up to 5. Killing minions with this ability also generates shards.
Once the draining is over, Amalgama receives 50 hp, 4% mov. speed and atk. speed bonus per Soul Shard for 4 seconds

CD 8s

This AOE ability can help with wave clear and can be a powerful boost for Amalgama during team fights if he can reach many enemy heroes.

Thematic Source: Diablo
Heart of Azeroth
After 0.5 seconds shots a powerful and wide blast of energy to the position Amalgama is facing for 200 damage.

CD 6s

The beam is wide enough to hit many enemies at once. This ability is the main damage source for Amalgama.

Thematic Source: Warcraft

Secondary Abilities

After 0.75 Secons dashes a short distance forward knocking back nearby enemies and causing 90 damage.

CD 12s

This is the ability that allows Amalgama to engage and disengage. Also the only disruptive ability.

Thematic Source: Overwatch

Heroic Abilities

Raven Lord Curse
Causes Raven Lord's Curse for 10 seconds

CD 90s
Ka's Obelisk
Summons an Obelisk of Ka on targeted place.
The obelisk will fire 5 shots on enemies who enters the area. Once all shots are done, shots 5 beams at once and implode. Each beam causes 75 damage. Lasts for 40 seconds.

CD 90s
Nightshade Flower
Amalgama turns himself into a (old) Garden Terror for 30 seconds.

CD 90s
Spider Queen
Summons a Web Weaver to walk into a lane. It behaves like a normal webweaver, not focusing heroes but instead focused in waveclear and destroying buildings.

CD 90s
Blackhart's Cannons
After a few seconds shoots 6 powerful cannon balls at targeted area dealing 200 damage each

CD 90s
Amalgama becomes an Arcane Punisher for 20 seconds.

CD 90s
STORM TALENT - Master of the Nexus
Level 20 Storm Talent
Killing an enemy hero carges the Nexus Crest with 1 charge. Can store 5.
Consumes 3 charges to convert every enemy minion and enemy captured mercenary to his team.

Global range
Level 20 Storm Talent
Heroic Ability now has 2 charges.

Special Mount

Abilities Mock Up


Level 1
Auto Attack - every Second attacking an enemy increases range by 1 up to 4 for 3 seconds. Attacking an enemy refreshes duration.
Heart of Azeroth - increases widht and range by 20%
Keystone - Healing allied heroes in the area heals the keystone by 10% equal to the healing done
Soulstone - Gathering a regen globe generates a Soul Shard that is kept until Soulstone is used and consumes the shards. Also increased range for gathering globes by 20%

Level 4

Keystone - every second it is up, receives 1 armor up to 20
Heart of Azeroth - hitting 2 or more enemies reduces the CD to 3 seconds
Doomfist - hitting enemies melee range stuns for 1s
Soulstone - quest - absorbs heroes soul shards 20 times. Reward: increases the buff duration by 10%. Quest 2: absorbs 40 times, increases duration by anther 10%

Level 7
Heart of Azeroth - The beam now lasts for another second, causing 50% of it's damage during this time for enemies standing on it's reach.
Auto attack - increases the explosion range by 30% and it's damage to 175% to main target and 75% to nearby targets
Soulstone - For each Soul Shard consumed reduces CD by 0.5s

Level 13
Keystone - after receiving maximum damage, charges for 2 seconds before exploding, increasing range and damage by 20%
Heart of Azeroth - every 40 seconds casting this ability cleanses the user if under any negative effect. Can be cast while stunned/similar.
Doomfist - hitting enemies at the ending tip of the range reduces cooldown by 6s
Soulstone - for each enemy hero in the area of effect, increases the area by 10%

Level 16
Auto attack - initial beam connects to nearby enemies. Enemies connected also receives the explosion effect and the distance can benefit from level 1 talent.
Keystone - Casting while there is an active keystone teletransport it instead of imploding. This process consumes all Stored Damage, healing the Keystone for 50% of it.
Heart of Azeorth - (The Focusing Iris) draws allied energy - for each nearby ally invreases it's power by 5%
Soulstone - heroes gives an extra special Soul Shards depending on role per stack - healers: Mov. Speed Shard; Tanks: Healing Shards; Assassins: Atk Speed Shards



a few voice lines

his voicelines represent his duality of personality, sometimes being kind and innocent and sometimes being furious and mad.
However, the most important thing about his voicelines is that they must be an overlay of many different voices synchronized and instead of being recorded by voice actors, Amalgama must have the voice of many Devs overlayed!

Getting Ready
-I am.. Amalgama!

Killing an oponent
-Why are we fighting?
-My hatred is unending!

Being killed
-I can not be killed for I am the Nexus!
-You are strong. When it's over, you too will be part of me.

Getting healed
-This feels... good.

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MyDarKsTeR | March 20, 2020 9:19am
Wonderful work ! I love your concept !
HexerVoodoom (2) | March 22, 2020 5:26pm
I'm happy you like it! thanks for your time to read it and comment :D
badnoturno | March 15, 2020 11:31am
Very nice! I hope this hero get in NEXUS!!!!!
HexerVoodoom (2) | March 16, 2020 5:07am
Thanks!! Happy you liked it!
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