Anub'arak Rework by SMILE

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Anub'arak Rework

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2021
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Anub'arak Rework

My Suggestions

Anub'arak is one of the oldest heroes in the game. His kit is strong, but he lacks depth.
The idea of this rework is to make Anub'arak more interesting and make his talents more balanced between each other.

Changed from Tank to Bruiser

Health reduced from 2150 to 2100
Attack Damage increased from 81 to 88

Combat Trait

Scarab Host (Trait)

Every 6 seconds, using an Ability or Basic Attack summons a Beetle with 320 health which lasts for 8 seconds and attacks nearby enemies for 24 Physical damage.
Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Scarab Host by 1 second.

Venom of Nerub (Trait)

Physical damage of Anub'arak and his Beetles poisons enemies, dealing an additional 50% damage over 4 seconds. Consecutive Physical Damage against the same target refresh the duration of the strongest venom applied.

Allies can't refresh the duration of venom. Strongest venom applied means your strongest source of Physical Damage.
Harden Carapace (D)

No longer costs Mana
Cooldown increased from 7 to 10 seconds
Shield amount reduced from 340 to 280
Now deals 60 damage to nearby enemies when used, doubled against Heroes.
Radius: 3.5

Primary Abilities

Impale (Q)

Cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds
Damage reduced from 90 to 80
Now deals Physical damage.

Locust Swarm (W)

Mana: 45
Cooldown: 12
Send a Vampire Locust to 5 closest enemies, prioritizing Heroes.
Each Locust deals 70 damage and returns to heal you for 35 health.
Radius: 6
Missile Speed: 16

Burrow Charge (E)

Cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds
Damage increased from 91 to 100

Heroic Abilities

Cryptic Swing (R1)

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 14
Strike in an arc in front of you, dealing 90 Physical damage to enemies hit.
Radius: 4
Arc: 180 degrees

Cocoon (R2)

Mana reduced from 70 to 50
Duration reduced from 7 to 5 seconds
Health reduced from 28 to 20
Now also deals 400 damage over 4 seconds upon exiting.


Subterranean Shield (Moved from Level 7)(New Functionality)
Burrow Charge grants a 260 point Shield, increased by 25% for each Hero hit. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Nerubian Armor (New Functionality)
?Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Hardened Carapace's Spell Armor by 2 and its shield amount by 10.
Stacks up to 10 Regeneration Globes.

Beetle, Juiced (Moved from Level 16)(New Functionality)
?Quest: Killing a Minion permanently increases the health of Beetles by 1. Takedowns increase their health by 10.

Regeneration Master


Shed Exoskeleton (New Functionality)
Increase the damage of Hardened Carapace by 20%, but increase its cooldown by 2 seconds.
While Hardened Carapace is on cooldown, gain 10% Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Underking (New Functionality)
Increase the range of Burrow Charge by 20%. Hitting a Hero with Burrow Charge activates Scarab Host.

Legion of Beetles (Moved from Level 1)(New Functionality)
Increase the cooldown reduction of Scarab Host from Basic Attacks to 1.5 seconds.
Every 6th activation of Scarab Host summons an additional Beetle.


Leeching Locusts (New)
Increase the Movement Speed of Locusts by 25%. Locusts restore 100% more health if they hit a Hero.

Leeching Scarabs (New Functionality)
Physical damage of Beetles heals Anub'arak for 75% of the damage dealt.

Leeching Venom (New)
Venom of Nerub heals Anub'arak for 30% of the damage dealt.


Bed of Barbs (Moved from Level 4)
Now deals Physical damage.

Chitinous Plating (Moved from Level 7)(New Functionality)
Increase the duration of Hardened Carapace by 1 second. If Hardened Carapace breaks, reduce its cooldown by 4 seconds.

Acid Drenched Mandibles (New Functionality)
Venom of Nerub deals 50% more damage to targets affected by Slow, Root, or Stun.


Hive Master (Moved from Level 20)(New Functionality)
Increase the radius of Locust Swarm by 25%. Locust Swarm sends a Vampire Locust to 3 more enemies.

Urticating Spines (Moved from Level 13)(New Functionality)
Hardened Carapace deals Physical damage and Slows enemies hit by 30% for 2 seconds.

Burning Beetles
Moved from Level 13.



Cryptic Combo (New)
Cryptic Swing Slows enemies hit by 30% for 3 seconds and gains an additional charge. Cooldown between charges: 2 seconds.

Cryptweave (New Functionality)
Increase the duration and health of Cocoon by 100%.

Moved from Level 16.

The Traitor King (New Functionality)
Hardened Carapace gains an additional charge. Cooldown between uses - 4 seconds.


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