Arcturus Mengsk by DatiniGeck

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Arcturus Mengsk

By: DatiniGeck
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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Arcturus Mengsk

Emperor of the Terran Dominion

Mengsk is a dominant hero, able to capitalize on the fragility of others to secure his own safety and continue his reign.

This is my first hero concept, so please feel free to let me know ways to improve it!

Goal for the concept: Create a highly-mobile offlaner who secures XP easily, but struggles in direct confrontation.

- Summons pressure and protection
- Grants Shields and Armor
- Wave Clear
- Can negate Skillshots

- AoE
- Very fragile
- Wind-Up Abilities
- Requires resources

1140 Health
500 Mana
Health Regen: 2.71
Attack Speed: 1.45
Attack Range: 5.5
Attack Damage: 63
Collision Radius: .6875
Inner Radius: .6875

Personal debuff, weakness, or cooldown.
Reserved for Mana.
Indicates additive effect or resource.
Indicates Status Effect.
Reserved for ability stats and/or functions.
Calls back to an ability.

Combat Trait

Emperor's Shadows (D)
Gain stacks whenever Mengsk is in a 15m radius of a killed Minion, Mercenary, or Hero.
Spend 15 stacks to summon 2 Emperor's Shadows that attack based on Mengsk's targeting, otherwise prioritizing the closest Hero. They deal an additional 50% damage to Minions and Mercenaries, and will put themselves between Mengsk and revealed enemy Heroes, attempting to stay in a ring formation within 7m of Mengsk.

While Emperor's Shadows are alive in a 7m radius, Mengsk gains 10 Physical and Spell Armor per Emperor's Shadows. Allied Heroes in a 7m radius gain 5 Spell Armor per 2 Emperor's Shadows.
6 Emperor's Shadows may exist at any given time.

Maximum 60 stacks.

Base Health: 525
Base Damage: 38
Base Attack: 1
Attack Range: 6
Unit Radius: 0.6875
Sight Radius: 8.0
Kill XP: 60

CD: 3 Seconds

Primary Abilities

Chain of Command (Q)
Mengsk rushes at an allied unit or structure, sticking an explosive on them.
Units move at 15% additional speed before they explode. The explosion deals 120 to 60 damage depending on distance from the targeted unit and Slows enemies in the vicinity. (1/3rd Phoenix range, 15%)
The unit takes 50% of this damage. Non-Heroic units affected run toward the nearest enemy.

Type: Spell Damage / / / Movement: Launch
Scaling: 4%
Targeting: Enemy Heroes, Allied Unit Target
Properties: Area of Effect, Splash
Cast Time: .20 + .15
Range: 5
Radius: 4

Mana: 25
CD: 5 Seconds
Sky Fury (W)
Summon a slow-moving drone that moves in a single direction, providing an AoE.
Allied heroes and summons gain a 180 Shield for 3 seconds, refreshing every 1.67 seconds. Sky Fury ends after 5 seconds (3 waves).
Destroying Sky Fury automatically ends its duration.

Health: 600
Tickrate: 1.67 / second
Shielding per Tick: 180
Type: Summon, Shielding
Scaling: 4%
Affects: Allied Heroes
Properties: AoE, Vector Targeting
Cast Time: .35
AoE: Rectangle

Mana: 25
CD: 9 Seconds
Earthsplitter Ordinance (E)
After a short windup, deal 95 damage to all units in an area.
Slows Attack Speed of all non-structure enemies by 20% for 3 seconds. Deals 50% additional damage to Minions.

Type: CC, Spell Damage
Scaling: 4%
Targeting: Point Target
Cast Time: .8 + 1
Range: 16
AoE: Circle
Radius: 3.5

Mana: 60
CD: 12 Seconds

Heroic Abilities

Propaganda Stations
Place down speakers on towers. Up to 3 can exist at a given time.

When allied units are within 15m, grant +10% movement speed and +15% Attack Speed. This persists for 8 seconds outside of the radius or until the speaker is destroyed.
Speakers may be targeted separate from towers. Destroying an active tower with a speaker destroys it.

Health: 400
Type: Summon
Cast Time: .5 Seconds
Affects: Allied Towers, Enemy Towers, Destroyed Towers, Allied Units (buff only)

Mana: 60
CD: 25 Seconds
Forced Conscription
After 1 second, drop a Supply Bunker that continually spawns minions every 4 Seconds, up to 12 Seconds. the amount per wave dependent on all Heroes in a 10m Radius, spawning at least 2 and a max of 8.
Minions spawned this way cannot deal Structure damage and do not drop XP. They deal 50% their usual damage but can be affected by all Minion-related abilities.

Health: 950
Type: Summon
Cast Time: .75 Seconds
Properties: Vector Targeting (for minion spawn path)
Unit Radius: 2.25
Sight Radius: 2

Mana: 90
CD: 60 Seconds

Level One - Trait Buffs

Cruel Layout - Nearby Minions gain 10% movement speed and attack speed while Mengsk or an Emperor's Shadow is in a 10m radius, but receive 15 burning damage. This damage is nullified when 2 Emperor's Shadows are active.

Rally to Me! - If 4 Emperor's Shadows are active, Sky Fury grants 20% Attack Speed to them.

Emperor's Vision - Mengsk's Vision radius is increased by 1m for each active Emperor's Shadow.

Level Four - Synergizing Abilities

Memorialized Sacrifice - When Chain of Command is used in Sky Fury's radius, Sky Fury's cooldown is reduced by 2 Seconds.

Crackling Pressure - If an Allied Hero is in Earthsplitter Ordinance's range, Mengsk and his Emperor's Shadows gain an extra 18 physical attack damage for 3 seconds.

Earthen Fury - When Earthsplitter Ordinance is within Sky Fury's range, Sky Fury gains its own shield and grants an additional 35 shields.

Level Seven - Support

Knowing the Cost - If an ally dies due to the explosion caused by Chain of Command, drop an additional explosion in the area which deals 60 additional damage after .5 seconds. PASSIVE: The targeted Minion or Mercenary is guaranteed to die. This target can no longer be affected by allied Hero abilities and damage to other units remains unaffected.

Front Line Support - If an ally is in Earthsplitter Ordinance's radius, increase Mengsk's ability ranges by 4m.

Unwavering Faith - Activate to grant an Ally Unstoppable for 1 Second. If an enemy hero is within 4m of this Hero, Emperor's Shadows gain unlimited range and target them for the next 3 seconds. 50 second CD.

Level Ten

Propaganda Stations - Chooses Propaganda Stations as the Heroic.

Forced Conscription - Chooses Forced Conscription as the Heroic.

Level Thirteen - Support

Destruction Compound - If any of Mengsk's summons are selected with Chain of Command, increase their movement speed by 30%. Chain of Command's falloff is reduced to 75% at the furthest radius.

Quaking Payload - Increases Earthsplitter Ordinance's radius to 4.5. Reduces wind-up to .5.

Aerial Reconnaissance - If an enemy is in Sky Fury's radius, they lose 5 Physical Armor.

Level Sixteen - Emperor's Shadow Buffs 2

Law and Order - Mengsk summons one additional Emperor's Shadow, but the average shields per Ghost for Mengsk are reduced to 5.

Advanced Movements - Activate to order Emperor's Shadows to a nearby area in a 10m radius. When Mengsk leaves this radius or reactivates, all Emperor's Shadows return.
Targeting: Point Target
Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Incendiary Rounds - Minions killed by Emperor's Shadows explode, dealing an additional 60 damage to nearby non-structure enemies. Enemies killed by the explosion count as being killed by Emperor's Shadows.

Level Twenty

Nexus Takeover - Propaganda Stations now provides its effects permanently to affected Minions.

Propagandized Fervor - Using Chain of Command on a minion summoned by Forced Conscription refreshes Chain of Command's cooldown.

Imperial Mandate - When using your abilities in the range of another one of your abilities, gain 5 Stacks.

Corrosive Strike - Earthstriker Ordinance lingers in the area for 3 seconds, continually applying its effects every .5 seconds. Increase its range by .5.

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