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Aya Blackpaw

By: KingOfTheAshes
Last Updated: Dec 17, 2016
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Aya Blackpaw

Leader of the Jade Lotus

Aya Blackpaw is the true leader behind the shadowy gang known as the Jade Lotus, one of the three gangs that rule Gadgetzan's mean streets. Aya siphons power from Kun the Forgotten King to create an army of Jade Golems to fight by her side.

In the Nexus, Aya is a "ranged" (her bladed whip allows her melee attacks to strike from a distance away) specialist that creates a personal vanguard of Jade Golems that take hits for her and dish out damage.

NOTE: I'm not well-versed enough in HOTS to create numbers that would be fair and balanced, as I do not fully understand the math behind abilities in this game. This concept is mostly an outline of the abilities and how they'd function.

I also don't have a full talent tree planned out. I'm writing down Talent ideas as they come.

Combat Trait

Jade Idols
Dealing damage with a spell generates a Jade Idol that circles Aya. Up to 3 Jade Idols can be stored.

When this trait is activated, all available Jade Idols are turned into a single Jade Golem, which is summoned at a target location. The Health and Basic Attack damage of the Golem depends on how many Jade Idols are used to summon it.

If Aya dies with any available Jade Idols, this trait activates on the spot where she died, summoning a Jade Golem.

Cooldown: 0.25 seconds

Additional Details: The way the Jade Golems work is a little complex, so I'll provide more information here.

* Golems last for 90 seconds.

* Golems move slight faster than Aya, and will sprint to stay beside her when she mounts.

* When summoned, a Golem will attack whatever enemy is closest to it unless given an attack order. Golems will prioritize any enemy Aya Basic Attacks. If no enemy is nearby, the Golem will travel down the nearest lane until it finds an enemy.

* When 1 Jade Idol is used, the Golem summoned will be smaller than Aya. When 2 Jade Idols are used, the Golem summoned will be the same size as Aya. When 3 Jade Idols are used, the Golem summoned will be larger than Aya. When 4 Jade Idols are used, the Golem summoned will be much larger than Aya.

Primary Abilities

Shuriken Slice
Throw three ninja stars, one in a straight line and two that curve outwards before converging on a target location and continuing in their trajectories, dealing damage to all enemies they pass through.

If an enemy Hero gets damaged by all three shuriken, then this ability generates two Jade Idols instead of one.

Cooldown: 6 seconds
Cost: 40 Mana

Additional Details: The trajectories of each shuriken looks like this.
Crackling Lightning
Call down a bolt of lightning that deals damage in a target area after a brief delay.

Any enemy Heroes that are damaged become Charged. When a Jade Golem attacks a Charged enemy, some of the electricity arcs to them and they become Supercharged, gaining a Basic Attack damage and speed buff for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 8 seconds
Cost: 50 Mana

Additional Details: Pretty self-explanatory.
Summon Spirit
Summon a small Jade Spirit that tackles a target enemy, dealing damage. The Jade Spirit follows after the target for another 8 seconds, revealing them.

When the Jade Spirit damages the enemy, all nearby Jade Golems will leap to and damage the target. The Jade Golems will then focus their attacks on the target as the Jade Spirit follows them.

Cooldown 12 seconds
Cost: 40

Additional Details: The Jade Spirit cannot be damaged.

Heroic Abilities

White Eyes
Aya's second-in-command appears on the battlefield and fights beside Aya. He melee attacks the same targets Aya does, but focuses on any enemy Hero that deals damage to her.

White Eyes has his own health bar, which is the same as Aya's, but he additionally has his own version of Block.

Whenever a spell is cast, White Eyes has his own abilities that he casts at the same time and location:

Q: Throws an electrified kunai blade to the same spot the shurikens converge, then explodes in a shocking burst.

W: Calls down a second bolt of lightning 1 second after the first bolt strikes, dealing damage in a wider area and slowing all enemies caught.

E: Leaps to the targeted enemy, attacking them for as long as the Jade Spirit persists.

White Eyes has his own Chi bar that slowly depletes while he is on the battlefield over the course of 120 seconds. Each spell he casts removes 20% of his Chi, and reduces his remaining time as a result. When his Chi is completely depleted, he leaves the battlefield to regain his Chi and this ability goes on Cooldown.

Cooldown: 90 seconds
Cost: 100 Mana

The Storm Guardian: Whites Eyes's maximum health increases by 25%, and while he is on the battlefield, Aya is shrouded by storm clouds that redirect the damage she takes to White Eyes. Additionally, his Basic Attacks deal bonus damage in an area around the target.
Forgotten Power
Equip a pair of Jade Claws, sacrificing Basic Attack range for bonus Basic Attack damage and speed.

Additionally, Aya equips the spectral armor of Kun, allowing her to gain 25% Resistant for 1 second whenever she Basic Attacks.

While she is utilizing Forgotten Power, every third Basic Attack grants one Jade Idol.

This buff lasts for 30 seconds, and the cooldown starts once the buff wears off.

Cooldown: 60 seconds
Cost: 50 Mana

Kun's Blessing: Every other Basic Attack generates a Jade Idol, and cooldowns are reduced by 20% while this ability is active.


* Jade Blossom: Activate to plant a stalk at a target location that blooms and heals you and all Golems in an area.

* The Jade Idol Shuffle: Talent for Jade Idols. Raise the maximum amount of stored Jade Idols from 3 to 4.

* Counterfeit Coins: Aya's personal version of Bribe.

* Golem SMASH!: Talent for Jade Spirit. When a Jade Golem leaps to a Hero, the enemy is stunned for 1 second. This effect does not stack and cannot happen more than once per cast of Jade Spirit.

* Maximum Overload: Talent for Crackling Lightning. Golems become Supercharged whenever this spell is cast.

* Pandaran Precision: Talent for Shuriken Slice. If an enemy Hero is damaged by all three shuriken, they are heavily slowed for one second.

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uparrow (11) | January 3, 2017 11:18am
As the voice of everyone who does not play Hearthstone: Who is this???
KingOfTheAshes | January 5, 2017 4:56pm
Aya Blackpaw originated in Hearthstone as a card introduced in the "Mean Streets of Gadgetzan" expansion, which focused on three criminal factions. Aya is the leader of the Jade Lotus, one of the three factions, and in-game her gang's main mechanic is summoning Jade Golems.
uparrow (11) | January 5, 2017 5:12pm
Ah, thank you. I stopped playing Hearthstone shortly after Whispers of the Old Gods launched.
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