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Aya Shameimaru

By: Lahharl
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018
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Aya Shameimaru

The fastest tengu reporter

Aya shameimaru belongs to the tengu race. As such, due to how strong she is in their hierarchy, is often assigned as a guard of their main encampment. While she will fulfill her duties, she preffers to spend her time looking for scoops all over Gensokyo; after all she is the owner of the Bunbunmaru newspaper.

Her huge speed has won her the reputation of the fastest tengu and for a reason; both that and her control over wind are not to be underestimated.

Combat Trait

Winds of celerity
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Whenever you hit an enemy hero with a skill and only once per skill you will fill up a winds of celerity container. These containers have 2 primery uses that you can change with your D key. Either they grant you passively 5% movement speed or 10% extra damage on your abilities and basic attack. Containers last for 5 seconds.

Whenever you hit an enemy with a basic ability the timer on all containers that are filled will reset. Basic attacks extend this timer for 1 second.

Aya has 2 containers baseline and obtains an extra container every level multiplier of 5 if she fulfills one of the next conditions, in case of not having them fulfilled, the container will be granted after you complete it. Each condition can only be completed once.

1+ Hit enemy heroes that are not considered tanks or bruisers with your Maple Leaf Fan 30 times.
2+ Enemies must bounce off of your Wind of the Tengu Path at least 100 times.
3+ Tengu's Macroburst must hit 75 enemies. Hitting 4 or 5 enemies in this manner grant 10 hits.
4+ You must keep your Winds of celerity containers active for 1200 seconds. Every container active does count for the quest completion.
5+ Deal 25.000 damage with your abilities (including heroics).

Quest reward for all: Both effects are active at the same time.
Mechanics explanation
This is not a trait but explanation about the character.

Aya is a hard character that rewards skillful play. Her Q skillshot is hard to get used to but it can be very good to avoid the frontline of the enemies if used properly instead of having a pierce baseline. Her W can zone enemies and disrupt enemy formations as well as her E which is a good initiation tool for teams to use, but she needs the proper followup to not get blown up in an instant.

Her trait as well as her mount ability allows her to naturally reposition quickly and deal high damage when her abilities hit the spot. Her quests reward consistency; some of them might seem easier than others but compositions and a lot of other factors might influence this, hence the variety, so the player that's better at certain things can focus on improving his weaknesses.

Level 1 talents are more focused around helping the player with whatever is harder on him. Later talent tiers starting from level 7 you might have to change your path deppending on how you are doing with your quests. Overall, having the highest amount of requirements completed will give you access to more choices but you will always have a choice that can be used. If not, you can always wait it up in exchange for not getting a talent's effect right away.

Primary Abilities

Whirl sign: Maple leaf fan
Mana cost: 30
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Throw a quick wind bullet to the left or right side making an arc. Activate again to make the bullet stop and make a 90 degree direction change to the side where the mouse is. The way it works is, the projectile follows an oval arc until you hit the button again.

Deals 240(+4%) damage and pushes the enemy. Deals an extra 80(+4%) damage on contact with a wall. Can only hit enemy heroes.

It's pathing would be like zuljin but more oval like instead of a circle until you hit the ability again, then it would go straight to the chosen side.
Wind sign: Wind of the Tengu path
Mana cost: 45
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Aya uses her fan to generate a small gust of wind. This ability does not deal damage but acts as a bouncing wall. The ability appears in your position and then for half a second quickly moves in front of you, with a range of 4.
Thrust sign: Tengu's macroburst
Mana cost: 70
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Aya jumps in the air and makes a circle appear at a set distance of 6 in front of her in which she lands 0.75 after the ability is cast. Any enemy in the range will get knockbacked and take 160(+4%) damage. Enemies caught in it are slowed by 15% for 2 seconds.

The radius of this area is about alexstrasza abundance without the dragonqueen radius increase.

Secondary Abilities

Shoot the bullet!
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to eliminate any ranged abilities from both allies and enemies except heroics for 3 seconds.
Winds of protection
Creates a protective bubble around you that nullifies any AAs done on you and consume all your winds of celerity. Lasts 4 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Squal: Sarutahiko's guidance
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Mana cost: 60

Activate to share all of your winds of celerity containers effects with an ally, granting him 70% of your damage buff (doesn't work on heroics) and speed (your own containers still give you full damage and speed). Whenever you change the effect of the containers, so will the ones on the ally. Lasts 7 seconds. The benefit for fully completing the quest can apply to your ally.
Tornado: Indication to the divine
Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds

After a 1 second chanel Aya makes a huge tornado around herself that makes every enemy go flying. After 3 seconds of channel, the tornado is cancelled, enemies go down back to the ground, taking 280(+4%) damage and are stunned for 1 second. After the initial channel of 1 second Aya is unstoppable while this ability lasts and Aya herself can't stop the ability. Enemies can't be hit when they go flying until they land in the ground.

Special Mount

Tornado propulsioin
Cooldown: 50 seconds

Aya doesn't have a mount, she needs to write for her newspaper at all times when she is out of a fight!

Consumes all of your current winds of celerity containers.

Aya propels herself in a direction with a range of 6. If it finds an enemy hero in her way, she will stop but also push the hero in the direction she was headed to.


Level 1

(Q) Wind micro control

- Whirl Sign: Maple Leaf Fan won't be redirected to the right/left side deppending on your mouse position after the secondary activation of the ability but instead will go to the exact position your mouse is at.

(W) Delayed Wind Signs

- Wind Sign: Wind of the Tengu Path now leaves a line of wind were it passes that lasts for 1 second. While it doesn't do anything, an enemy touching it also grants completion for your quest.

(E) Highest of the tide

- Thrust sign: Tengu's Macroburst gets an inner circle just at the end of the original one. Enemy heroes hit in that area grant twice as many stacks but only if you don't hit 4 or more heroes (instead triggering 10 stacks by default).

Level 4

(Passive) Wind cutter

- Your basic attacks now add an extra 0.5 seconds to your winds of celerity when you have extra speed activated on wings of celerity.

(Q) Splitting winds

- Your Q now throws 2 projectiles instead of 1 that deal 50% of the original damage. If you only hit 1 target you only get 1 stack for your quest, if you hit 2 different targets you get 2. Winds of celerity get 2 charges regardless of who you hit if both projectiles hit.

(E) Crows in the mist

- Leave a group of crows in the area where you landed. Crows will attack anyone that gets close to them, dealing 22(+4%) damage per second and slowing down targets by 15% for 1 second. They last for 5 seconds.

Level 7

(W) Earth debris

- Wind Sign: Wind of the Tengu Path now deals 110(+4%) damage and has 50% extra range. This talent is only active when you have 3 Winds of Celerity containers active.

(Z) Rotatory kick

- Tornado Propulsion now deals 65(+4%) damage and can stun an enemy if knocked against a wall for 0.5 seconds. This talent is only active when you have 3 Winds of Celerity containers active.

(E) Seal of speed

- Your speed buff from Winds of Celerity is active for X+1 seconds after you use Thrust Sign: Tengu's Macroburst even while using the damage part of your passive. The speed buff is maxed regardless of your currently active Winds of Celerity containers. X is the amount of enemy heroes hit by the ability.

Level 13

(Passive) Bird of prey instincts

- AAing the same hero 4 times in a row grants a Winds of Celerity container. If you have 4 or more containers active, the 4th attack also deals 30% extra damage and slows the enemy by 25% for 2.5 seconds. You heal 25% of the damage dealt with basic attacks.

(Active) Shoot the bullet!

Cooldown: 60 seconds

- Aya takes out her camera and starts taking photos. For the next 3 seconds every single ranged AA and AoE or projectile abilities will be lost for both allies and enemies. Melee attacks as well as melee range abilities will still happen normally. Lasts 3 seconds.

(W) Weakening stream

- If Aya has 3 or more containers active, Wind sign: Wind of the Tengu Path also lowers by 20% the damage of any enemy heroes that it hits for 4 seconds.

Level 16

(Q) Colossal wind

- When Aya has 5 or more containers active, hitting an enemy hero with Maple Leaf Fan reduces all of her cooldowns by 3 seconds. Any other hit from this ability on the same cast only reduces an extra second.

(W) The path is blocked

- Any projectiles that come into contact with Wind of the Tengu Path dissapear (unless heroic abilities). Killing an enemy resets the cooldown of this ability. Hitting an enemy the next 3 seconds after being hit by this ability take 105(+4%) extra damage. This effect can only be procked by Aya.

(E) Swift Mind

- When Aya has 4 or more containers active, if an ally is inside the area when it hits, they recieve a 30% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Level 20

(R1) Sage's path

- AAing enemy heroes makes Sarutahiko's guidance extends the duration of this heroic by 0.5 seconds. If the chosen ally contributes to an enemy hero kill while Sarutahiko's guidance is active, both of you recover 25% of your maximum HP.

(R2) Wind of the Tenma

- Indication to the divine now also benefits from Winds of celerity. Killing an enemy hero reduces its cooldown by 20 seconds.

(Active) Winds of protection

Cooldown: 60 seconds

- Activate to become inmune to AAs for the next 4 seconds. Consumes all of your Winds of Celerity.

(Passive) Peerless wind god

- When Aya has 6 or more containers active, you get 50% HP steal from all of your attacks. Killing or contributing to kill an enemy that took damage at least 5 seconds ago makes a burst of wind explode around them that deals 280(+4%) damage (also only procs if 6 or more containers are active).


HP: 1650
AA damage: 112
AA per second: 1

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