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By: Alexzo
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2023
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Queen of the Naga

A slithering spellcaster, who uses signature spells to keep enemies at bay.

Mainly Azshara will be able to move while casting slowing abilities, granting a simple set of skills a unique kiting technique.

Combat Trait

Mana Shield
Abilities are castable while moving at 50% movement speed.

Spending mana accumulates it for 5 seconds. Activate to grant that as a shield for 3 seconds and increase movement speed to 75%. Castable while casting.

Primary Abilities

Forked Lightning
After 0.75 second, deal x damage to enemies in a cone.
Frost Nova
Deals damage to nearby enemies and roots them for 0,75 seconds.
Ray of Frost
Channel onto a target enemy to deal 255 damage over 2,5 seconds and slow its movement speed by 25%.

Heroic Abilities

Rising Tides
Channel for 3 seconds while creating a whirl of waters circling outwards, dealing damage over time and slowly forcing enemies with the stream.
Summon a watery pit for 1,5 seconds followed by the emerge of a Kraken, damaging enemies and stunning them for 0,75 seconds.


Level 1:

Deep Freeze: Quest: Spend 50 seconds channeling Ray of Frost. Reward: Finishing Ray of Frost roots for 0,5 second.

Crack: Quest: Hit 20 enemies with Forked Lightning. Reward: Increase width by 15%. Quest: Hit 40 enemies. Reward:

Thirst for Magic: Quest: Gathering globes increases Mana Regeneration. Quest: Gather 20 globes increases Mana Shield duration by 1 second.

Level 4:

Frost Fever: Frost Nova slows enemies by 20% for 1,5 seconds.

Glacial Ray: Ray of Frost reduces enemy movement speed by an additional by 10%.

Lightning Speed: Hitting at least 2 Heroes with Forked Lightning increases movement speed by 20% for 1 second.

Level 7:

Frozen Bonds: Ray of Frost chains to 2 additional enemies, reducing damage to each by 33% and 66%. Prefering Heroes.

Shivering: Frost Nova reduces enemy attack speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Static Replenishment: Hitting an enemy with Forked Lightning replenishes mana.

Level 10:

Rising Tides


Level 13:

Freezing Stasis: Hitting enemies with Forked Lightning while rooted by Frost Nova resets the root duration.

State of Mind: Mana Shield grants unstoppable for 1 second.

Replenish: Restore health every 0,5 seconds for each enemy Hero slowed by Azshara.

Level 16:

Cold to the Bone: Ray of Frost cools down 75% faster and reduces enemy armor by 10% while casting.

Aftershock: Forked Lightning strikes a second time after 0,5 seconds, dealing 50% less damage.

Momentum: Hitting an enemy Hero with Frost Nova increases movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

Level 20:

Currents: Rising Tides slows enemies movement speed to 90% for the duration.

From the Depths: Krakens watery pit silences enemies inside and follows the enemy closest towards the center.

Adaptive: Mana Shield increases movement speed while casting to 100%.

Brilliance Aura: Casting Mana Shield grants 50% the shield to nearby allies.


Azshara will have various playstyles, all centered on her being agile and slowing/rooting enemies.

Let me know what you think.

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