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By: Wersus
Last Updated: Dec 6, 2017
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Son of Carine

The son of the great aging Cairne Bloodhoof, Baine fought alongside his father with pride and respect.
Baine Bloodhoof is Warrior with solid Healing both for him and his allies.

Artist: Matthew McKeown

Any Suggestion or Criticism is Welcome. Talents are Coming Soon.

Combat Trait

Ancestral Bond

Bond yourself with chosen Ally Hero and both Share 50% of the Damage Taken and Health Restored. Bond lasts for as long as they are in your range and it can be deactivated by Self-Casting [D] or using it on another Ally.

*Explanation for SHARE as a Game Function: If Baine takes 100 Damage and If he was bonded with an nearby Allied Hero, instead of him just taking 100 Damage, both him and Ally would take 50 Damage. Keep in mind that same function works for Healing.

Primary Abilities

Seismic Strike
Cooldown: 4 Seconds

Strike nearby Enemy with your Hammer and Deal 320 ( +4% per Level) Damage to them and send powerful Shockwave expanding from that enemy that will Deal 160 ( +4% per Level) Damage to all enemies on its way.
Spirit Cleanse
Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Become Unstoppable for 2 Seconds and Restore 600 ( +4% per Level) Health to yourself over 3 Seconds. If you are Bonded with an Ally, you both Heal 300 Health over 1.5 Seconds and both become Unstoppable for 1 Second.
Battle Horn
Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Blow in your Horn and Increase Movement and Attack Speed of all nearby Allies by 50% decaying over 5 Seconds. Effects do not decay over time on you and Bonded Allies.

Heroic Abilities

Ancient Totem
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Create a Totem with 600 ( +4% per Level) Health that sends Shockwaves from its center outwards. Shockwaves will Deal 80 ( +4% per Level) Damage to any enemies on their way and it will Knock them Back by 1.5 Meters each Second. Totem lasts for up to 10 Seconds and it can be Destroyed.
Ancestral Chain
Cooldown: 80 Seconds

Bond yourself with all nearby Ally Heroes and after 5 Seconds Restore all Damage you and they did over 5 Seconds Proportionally as Health to all Bonded Heroes.


Level 1

Quest: Damage 50 Enemy Heroes with [Q]Seismic Strike.
Reward: Increase [Q]Seismic Strike's Shockwave Radius by 50%.

[E]Ready To Fight-
Quest: Buff Allies 100 Times with [E]Battle Horn.
Reward: Increase Effects of [E]Battle Horn to 75%.

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