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By: Meemaster
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2022
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Lord of Lies

Belial is a tricky Melee Assassin that can dart around the battlefield and manipulate his enemies to death.

Combat Trait

(D) Lord of Lies
Choose an allied Hero and channel for 2 seconds, donning an Illusion that makes you look visually identical to them for 30 seconds. While wearing the Illusion, your attacks become those of the Hero you are disguised as, but you don't get access to any of their abilities.

Upon using an ability or being Revealed, the Illusion fades.

Primary Abilities

(Q) Illusory Shift
Dash in a straight line, dealing 120(ish) damage to enemies in your path. Illusory Shift (Q)'s cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each enemy Hero hit.

If Lord of Lies (D) is active when you use Illusory Shift (Q), erupt into a burst of lighting, dealing 120(ish) damage to enemies around your destination.
(W) Liar's Breath
Breathe a burst of lightning in a small cone, dealing 150(ish) damage to enemies hit.

If Lord of Lies (D) is active when you use Liar's Breath (W), reset the cooldown of Liar's Breath (W).
(E) Insidious Visions
Channel for 1 second and fire a bolt of lightning in a straight line. If the bolt only hits a single enemy Hero, pull them a short distance towards Belial.

If Lord of Lies (D) is active when you use Insidious Visions (E), no channel is required.

Heroic Abilities

(R1) Mass Confusion
Enemy Heroes in a large area Taunt each other for 2 seconds, moving towards and attacking each other.
(R2) Hellish Abnormality
Project an area of abnormalness, Slowing the movement and attack speeds of enemies inside of it by 20% and increasing the movement and attack speeds of allies by the same amount. The area lasts for 6 seconds.


Maybe another day.

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