Blood-queen lana'thel by Ropi

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Blood-queen lana'thel

By: Ropi
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2019
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Blood-queen lana'thel

The San'layn

I will try to write down everything important about the so you can imagine how it would work and what’s his playstyle.

This is a copy-paste from :
The reason I copy-pasted it becauce I'm trying out this site since it looks like it has more tools to work with.

I appreciate for reading my ideas and I know it has probably tons of holes that I miss to fill in but I'll try to answer them whenever I can

Role: Healer
Difficulty: Hard
Health: 1970
Regen: 0
Mana: 500
Mana regen: 2
Range: 1.5
Attack per second: 1.25
Damage: 82

Combat Trait


Lose 1% of your maximum health every second,gain 1.5% movement speed and 10% mana regenation for every 5% missing health. Your basic attacks and abilities will heal your for 100% of the damage it dealt.

- You don't lose health until the game has started.
- When you respawn,the trait will be paused for 10 or once you engage in combat.
- Damage that has been dealt into shields will still heal you.

Primary Abilities

Vampiric Touch
Cooldown:6 seconds

Heal target allied hero for 150(4% per level). The target will gain 20% lifesteal for 2.5 seconds.

- Lifesteal will heal him for 20% of the damage it deals with basic attacks and basic abilities(ultimate doesn't count) .
- You can use it on yourself.
- Range 6.0

Cooldown:8 seconds

Heal target allied hero for 90(4% per level) or deal 90(4% per level) to an enemy. Gain a Bite stack when you hit an enemy hero with it up to 3 stacks.
-Each Bite stack will increases your next Bite heal by 60(4% per level).

- Using Bite on an allied hero will consume all of your stacks.
- You can't use it on yourself.
- Range 4.3

Cooldown:16 seconds

Target an enemy hero and make him a friendly for 0.75 seconds.

- The hero is still controlled by the player.
- They can't deal damage to you but they can deal damage to the enemy while seduced.
-Enemies can hurt him during the effect.
-It will remove every type of buff/debuff
- Range 5.5

Secondary Abilities

Prince Valanar

This ability is only avaible if you picked the 3 Princes Ultimate.

Prince Valanar:
Health: 750
Regen: 3
Mana: 0
Mana regen: 0
Range: 1
Attack per second: 1
Damage: 30

Kinetic bomb: Target a location and create a large circular zone with a smaller circular zone in the middle of it. After 2 seconds, deal 320(4% per level) damage to every enemy and heal 450(4% per level) to every allied heroes. The effect will be neglected if an enemy hero stood inside of the smaller circle.

- The area is 10x10 wide while the smaller circle is 3x3.
- It won't count towards your trait since it's not you who dealt the damage.
- Range 6

Your Ability's Name

This ability is only avaible if you picked the 3 Princes Ultimate.

Prince Keleseth:
Health: 1000
Regen: 4.5
Mana: 0
Mana regen: 0
Range: 3.5
Attack per second: 1
Damage: 22

Shadow lance: Shoot foward a shadowy bolt,dealing 30% of their current health or healing them for 30% of their missing health to the first target.

- The projectile is slow,easy to avoid.
- It doesn't pierce
- It deal damage to enemies or heal an allied hero.
- It won't count towards your trait since it's not you who dealt the damage.
- It can travel up to 10 range away.

Your Ability's Name

This ability is only avaible if you picked the 3 Princes Ultimate.

Prince Taldaram:
Health: 480
Regen: 2
Mana: 0
Mana regen: 0
Range: 6
Attack per second: 1
Damage: 48.3

Conjure Flame: Send out flaming ball that will heal the closest hero for 30(4% per level) every 0.25 seconds. Lasts for 2.5 seconds.

- It travels with an average speed forward.
- It can travel up to 8 range away.

Heroic Abilities

Catching the prey
Cooldown:60 seconds

Target an enemy hero,after channeling it for 0.5 seconds,transform into a bat,lose control of your character,become invulnerable and gain 50% movement speed for 2 seconds. Reaching your target will stun him for 1.5 seconds and cast 3 untalented Bite every 0.5 seconds on them.

- The hero will land where it stopped once it expired.
- bat form can't be body blocked,it will fly over everything.
- You will gain 3 stacks of Bite.
- Range 8

3 princes
Mana: 110
Cooldown:100 seconds

Gain 3 Extra abiliteis, Prince Valanar,Prince Keleseth,Prince Taldaram. Activating this ability will summon the selected Prince to fight for 15 seconds. Activating this ability while one of the prince is up will use his unique ability.

- Only one can be toggled on
- the 3 princes information is written in the "secondary abilities".
- The summoned prince will follow you and attack your target.

Level 1 talents

After touch

  • Your Vampiric Touch will last for 3.5 seconds.

I need more[Quest,Repetable]

  • If you heal a an ally with Bite while having full stack,increases your stack capacity by 1. If you die,you will lose a stack from your quest (you can’t go below 3 stacks).

    [Reward 1]

    • If your stack capacity reaches 5 ,your Bite cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds. If you die,you will lose 2 stacks instead of 1 (You will lose the reward and the penalty if you fall below 5 ).

    [Reward 2]

    • If your stack capacity reaches 8 , your Bite will deal 30% more damage and add 30% more heal for each stack.If you die,you will lose 3 stacks.

    [Reward 3]

    • If your stack capacity reaches 11 , your Bite will grant you 2 stack instead of one when you are using it on an enemy hero. If you die,you will go back to 3 capacity and lose all of your rewards.

Serve the queen

  • Your Seduced target will heal you for 100% of his damage dealt and damage taken.

Level 4 talents

On a diet

  • Activating your trait will make you heal every second instead of taking damage from it for 5 seconds. This will always heal the same amount you would take damage from your trait. 15 second cooldown.

You look delicious

  • Activating your trait will allow you to Target an enemy hero(moderate range) and put a vampire’s mark on it for 7 seconds.While he is holding the mark,your trait will heal you for 150% damage instead of 100% from your abilities and basic attacks. 20 second cooldown.

No one stops our hunger

  • Activating your trait will allow you to target a friendly hero and make him unstoppable for 1.5 seconds. Using it will cost you 20% of your health.
    If you remove or prevent a stun or silence effect,you will heal for 40%(only occur once). 45 second cooldown.

[Share the pain

  • Activating your trait will allow you to target a friendly hero and restore 20% of his max health back but he will start losisng 2% of his max health every second for 10 seconds.Casting it will cost you 10% of your health but you will regenate 1% health every second for 10 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

Level 7 talents

Thick bloody skin

  • Passive: Gain 20 armor but you will lose extra 1% health every second(armor won’t reduce the damage you receive from your trait).

Forced bite

  • Increases the range of your bite against enemy by 50% but you will leap towards them(you won’t leap if you use it on a friendly hero).

Eat my dear

  • If an ally heals himself 15% health back with Vampiric Touch, increases the lifesteal effect of your Vampiric Touch by 5% for 15 seconds.Stacks up to 2.

Don’t move

  • Your Seduce will be a straight line skillshot (instead of clicking on an enemy) with a fast projectile speed and reduce it’s cooldown by 7 seconds.

Level 13 talents

Another one

  • When an enemy hero dies,your Vampiric touch remaining cooldown will reset and your next one’s cooldown will be set to 0.5 seconds.

Dry fangs

  • Reduce the cooldown on your bite by 3 seconds but you will take extra 1% damage per second from your trait.

What a dear

  • When you use your Seduce ,the targeted hero will immediatly cast his own untalented first ability(Q) towards the closest enemy hero(if it’s in range).(Note that the hero won’t lose any mana or gets any cooldown on that ability).

Level 16 talents

Share my hunger

  • When the Vampiric touch expires,it will bounce to the closest friendly hero(Bounced Vampiric Touch can’t bounce) but you will take additional 0.5% damage per second from the Hunger.

Masochist Bite

  • When you fall below 40% health,consume all of your bite stack and heal that amount back.

Stuffed belly

  • When an enemy hero dies,your trait will stop draining your life for 15 seconds.

Level 20 talents

Share the reward

  • When you transform back from a succesful Catching the Prey] ,your next Bite will heal everyone in range.

Safety first

  • Your movement speed increased by 10% while you are in your bat form.If you don’t reach your target,you will be teleported back to the location you started.

Personal Council

  • All 3 of the Prince will follow you as a weaker form(60% less health and damage).Each of them will have a 45 seconds respawn time.
    using your 3 prince will empower the selected prince to his original strength and revive him back if he died recently.

Can’t stop the hunger

  • Increases your basic attack damage by 100% but you will take 1% extra damage from your trait.

Bonding touch[Extra ability]

  • Every friendly hero gain an untalented Vampiric touch effect(they won’t get the basic heal from it). Unlimited range,40 seconds cooldown.

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