Blood Raven by lucky-tiger

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Blood Raven

By: lucky-tiger
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2019
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Blood Raven

The Corrupt Rogue

High aa- 110, 1.33 per sec, 5.5 aa range.
Medium hp- 1650
Energy source- arrows can store up to 3, recharge one every 8 seconds.

Talents are wip.
Tell me what you think!

*added another heroic option that replaces one of the current ones. i would like to see if there is a preference so i can eliminate one of them.

Combat Trait

army of the dead
Active to temporarily raise a dead friendly hero after 2 sec delay, bringing him back to battle for up to 15 sec. Ressurected ally killed worth 0.25 kill xp.

80 sec cd.

Passive- Friendly minions that die near you return as zombies. Zombies stay near the place they were summoned and only attack nearby enemy minions and mercs. Towers kill them at one shot. last 8 seconds. (they are defensive tool only)

300 hp, 40 damage.

raised hero gain 20% increased aa damage and spell power. Also increase duration by 5 seconds.
20- gain a 2nd charge, cant be used on the same target.
zombies have 30 spell armor and last 2 additional seconds.

increase max amount of arrows by 1.
active to recharge 3 arrows. 60 sec cd.

Primary Abilities

plugged arrow
Shot an arrow that leaves a trail of deadly poisonous cloud were its travels for 3 seconds and hits the first enemy target dealing 110 damage. The cloud poisons any enemy target for 60 damage per sec for 2 seconds, if the target stays in the cloud the poison debuff replenishes.

costs 1 arrow.
4 sec cd.

create poison cloud on impact.
slow targets' speed and aa speed by 25% while poisoned
poisoned targets receive 30% less healing
cursed shot
Short range skill-shot, hit the first enemy hero dealing 110 damage and pushing it away. In addition, curse the target for 3 seconds. Making it suffer additional damage from your aa equal to 3% of target's max hp, and heal you for 3% of your max hp per shot.

costs 1 arrow.
4 sec cd.

hitting an enemy hero summon a zombie to attack it.
aa vs cursed enemy heroes reduce arrows cd by 2 seconds.
cursed target have its armor reduced by 15.
for each consecutive increase damage bonus and healing by 0.5% of target's/your max hp. up to 5%.
hitting an enemy hero increase your aa range by 1 for 3 seconds.
multi shot
Dash a short distance at target direction and shot at 3 nearby enemies within range dealing 150 damage to each, and increase aa speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

costs 1 arrow.
4 sec cd.

deal additional damage to targets affected with cursed arrow equal to 3% of target's max hp.
hitting 3 heroes increases the speed bonus to 35% for 4 sec
heal for 50 per enemy hero hit. hitting 3 heroes also grant 20 armor for 3 seconds.
reduce arrows cd by 2 per hero hit, hitting 3 heroes also reduce multi shot cd to 1.5.

Heroic Abilities

frost arrow
Shot an arrow that explodes upon hitting the first enemy, dealing 150 damage in an aoe and rooting all enemies for 1.5 sec.

4 sec cd.
costs 2 arrows.

passive- increase arrow count by 1. (not sure about that)
inner sight
Reveal a large aoe around you and reduce targets physical armor by 20. Also increase your aa range by 3 for the duration. last 5 seconds.

50 sec cd. aa vs heroes reduce cd by 3 seconds.
static trap
this is an additional idea that replaces FROST ARROW. its not as iconic for the diablo archer archetype but its more unique and may function better.

Shot an arrow at target location.
Shooting an additional arrow will cause an arc of energy to erupt between the two arrows, dealing 300 damage to all enemies within and stunning them for 1 second.

costs 1 arrow (each).
4 sec cd.

passive- increase arrow count by 1.

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