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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Nov 6, 2019
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Jailor of the Dammed

Bolvar is a tank with good self sustain and have it's potential used mostly in crowded battles.
Weakness: low overall damage; slow auto attacks; weak against single target.
Strenght: strong in crowds; self sustain;

Combat Trait

Jailor of Souls
Passive: Enemies who dies nearby Bolvar have its soul absorbed, healing him.
Minions heals 2% while heroes heals for 20%

Active: absorbing souls charges a gauge. Once it is full, trait can be activate to unleash it's total power, turning his fire blue.
While this form is active, Bolvar has 20% increased mov. Soeed, basic attack slows and slpashes. Also increases healing from all sources by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Ice crown Boulder
Summons an Ice Crown Boulder that travels in a straight path and hits the first hero it meets, slowing and damaging.
If a hero is hit, a second boulder can be cast within 2 seconds. This second boulder has damage and size increased by 20% per enemy hit by the first one.
Boulders roots slowed enemies.
Soul steal Aura
Consumes mana while active.
This aura slowly and constantly steals the soul from nearby enemies, causing damage and healing Bolvar for the same amount. Is stronger against heroes.

Level 16 talents causes it's damage to increase by % of enemies health
Unstopable Death
Once active Bolvar becomes unstopable for 1.5 seconds.
Cd 12s

Quest: defend against stuns or slows 15 times.
Reward: breaks free from a stun or slow every 60 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Master of the Scourge
Summons 7 undeads in a wide circle around Bolvar. The Undeads will march inwards, pushing enemies it encounters. Enemies can walk between them to avoid - the closer to the center they are, the harder it is.

Level 20
After 1 second simmons a second wave, rotated in a way it fills the first wave empty spaces
Icy Mist
Creates a misty area around Bolvar, decreasing mov and atk speed of enemies by 50%

Level 20
After 2 seconds, undeads uproots and roots enemies inside.

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