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By: kid-karma
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018
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Loa of Death

Combat Trait

Death's Bargain
Bwonsamdi's abilities separate Enemy Heroes from their Souls. If an Enemy Hero leaves the area without reclaiming their Soul, Bwonsamdi can pick it up and gain Death's Bargain against that Enemy Hero. Souls persist on the battlefield until claimed by the affected Hero or Bwonsamdi.

An Enemy Hero whose Soul is in Bwonsamdi's possession deals 25% less damage to him and is considered Soulless.

Enemy Heroes can kill 25 minions to remove Death's Bargain from themselves.

Primary Abilities

Loa Lash
Deal damage in a line, knocking the Soul of any Enemy Hero that it hits behind them.

Deals 25% more damage against Soulless Enemies.

8 second cooldown.
Soul Call
Channel on a target Enemy Hero for up to 3 seconds, dealing damage and pulling their Soul toward you.

Soul Call slows Soulless Enemies by 20%.

12 second cooldown.

Grim Fright
Activate to cause all Souls on the battlefield to fear nearby Enemy Heroes for 1.5 seconds.

Enemy Heroes can only be feared by their own Soul.

Grim Fright silences Soulless Enemies for 1.5 seconds.

14 second cooldown.

Heroic Abilities

Big Bad Voodoo
Activate to surround all Enemy Heroes with a small aura that activates after 2 seconds. If any Hero's activated auras overlap they are stunned for 1.5 seconds and separated from their Soul (or dealt a burst of damage if they are already Soulless).

Aura lasts 4 seconds after activating.

70 second cooldown.
Activate to link all nearby Soulless Enemy Heroes for 5 seconds. 25% of the damage dealt to one is also dealt to the others.

60 second cooldown.


Level 1:
A Change Of Terms: Each time an Enemy Hero clears themselves of Death's Bargain the number of minion kills required to do so increases by 5.
Hex & Vex: (Quest) Possess Souls for a combined duration of 500 seconds.
(Reward) Enemies under the effect of Death's Bargain deal 35% less damage to you.
Empowered Loa: The range of Loa Lash is increased by 5% for each Soul in your possession.

Level 4:
Give Up Da Ghost: Every time you collect an Enemy Hero's Soul, permanently increase your maximum health by 50 and permanently reduce their maximum health by 50.
Abandonment: Reduce the area around an unclaimed Soul that an Enemy Hero must leave before Bwonsamdi can acquire it by 15%.
Bone Collecta': Increase Soul Call's slow by 4% for each Soul in your possession.

Level 7:
Grave Mistake: If Loa Lash hits two or more Enemy Heroes its cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds.
Da Otha' Side: Loa Lash strikes in two parallel lines.
Spirits Be With Ya': Grim Fright's cooldown refreshes 5% faster for each Soul in your possession.

Level 10:
See above section.

Level 13:
Final Destination: Increase the speed at which Soul Call pulls Souls towards you by 50%, and cause their final position to be behind you.
Foot In Da Grave: If Soul Call's channel lasts for the full duration the target is rooted for 1.5 seconds.
Spooked: Enemies feared by Grim Fright have their Armor reduced by 25%.

Level 16:
Remove Ya: Loa Lash instantly kills minions.
Lingering Lash: Loa Lash's effects persist on the ground for 2 seconds.
Mournin' Glory: Grim Fright causes Enemy Heroes to be feared by any nearby Soul.

Level 20:
Ya No Good Ta Me Dead: Activate Death's Bargain to release one Soul and reduce the death timer of the next allied hero to respawn by 10 seconds. Useable while dead.
Bigger Badder Voodoo: Increase the size of Big Bad Voodoo auras by 15%, and reduce its cooldown by 10 seconds for every enemy it stuns or damages.
A Debt To Pay: If an enemy is killed while under the effect of Bloodline its duration is refreshed.
Devoted Followers: Allied Hero deaths permanently reduce your death timer by 4 seconds.

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Chronoreaper | September 6, 2018 7:37am
Actually created this account just to comment properly here, gotta say i was expecting something stupid, grossly OP or badly done up due to lack of information to the lore character but i was wrong there, this is one hell of a beautiful concept and the design of a utility assassin is best fitted for him, while i do think his Soulless mechanic could get out of hand a lot, i would add that when the enemy hero dies while Soulless that Bwonsamdi only keeps there soul for say 10-20 seconds before the Nexus itself returns it to the enemy hero just so they don't respawn as a Soulless.

Overall im really impressed by how good the concept is and matches his character while fitting a nice niche of his own in the Nexus.
kid-karma (2) | September 13, 2018 11:23pm
Thanks, I appreciate that.
chubra (1) | August 24, 2018 4:48pm
A cool concept man! I envisioned a Bwonsamdi concept to be something like this (although my version would be something like a specialist/support). The Soul mechanic is an interesting one. I have one suggestion: since this mechanic is used with all abilities, I would add that the target takes extra damage (with or without dealing less damage to Bwonsamdi). I think just weakening the targets damage output is kinda a waste, considering that, as mentioned, that this debuff is found in every ability. And bare in mind that Bwonsamdi is an Assassin here, so something like this would be a good addition. Everything else looks great (talent names are especially cool)!
kid-karma (2) | August 24, 2018 5:31pm
He does deal increased damage with his Q if he has an enemy's Soul, but I see what you mean. I kind of envision him as a "utility assassin" in that his W becomes a slow and his E can be used for a fear or silence.
Da Huuuuuudge (2) | August 22, 2018 10:22pm
A really cool and unique mechanic, though I don't think you need to have the enemy leave to have their soul be collectible. If you want to balance it out you can make it that getting Hero Takedowns can grant a soulless hero a chunk of Soul Whatsits.
kid-karma (2) | August 24, 2018 11:32am
I envision him being tuned around him having Souls. Without someones Soul he's slightly undertuned, but with it he's slightly overtuned. The enemy potentially trying to stick around to protect their Soul adds an interesting element to the gameplay. They don't want to leave and let Bwonsamdi have it, but they can't just jump on it right away because he might fear them with Grim Fright if they do.
Meemaster | August 22, 2018 3:22pm
wow... this is amazing... i would love to play Bwonsamdi like this...
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