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By: lucky-tiger
Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019
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the demigod

low hp- 1500
low aa- 70. 1 per sec. 5.5 range

talents are WIP
suggestions are welcome!

21/6 revert the trait to work like originaly, but with tweaks.

Combat Trait

[D] sacred grove
cover target aoe in lush, buildings in the aoe regen 35 hp (does not scale) per sec, allied units regen 20 hp per sec. there may be one lush aoe at a time. last 30 seconds.
When you stand within, building gets 25 armor.

If you die the grove is destroyed.

20 sec cd. Can have up to one active at a time.

possible talents

heroes under 50% health are healed for additional 2% of max hp.
heroes gain 10 armor, buildings gain 35.when you stand within.
increase your ability power by 20% while standing on sacred grove.
cd recharge 100% faster while standing in the aoe.
Gain an additional charge.
While you stand within, enemies take 20 damage per sec, enemy building take 30 and lose 15 armor.
Active to teleport to the secrad grove.

FORCE OF NATURE- summons 3 treants at the lush ground location. they deal 55 damage per aa. and last up to 10 sec. has 500 hp. they gain structure bonus from SACRED GROVE. they taunt nearby non heroics enemies.
45 sec cd. regen 100% faster while standing on SACRED GROVE.

Primary Abilities

[Q] Faerie Fire
skillshot that hits the first enemy and explode dealing 140 damage to enemies in a medium aoe, leaving an aoe that apply Faerie Fire debuff, for 2 seconds. dealing 30 damage per sec reveal target and reduce healing effects by 50%, the aoe last 3 seconds.
Standing in the aoe refresh fairy fire duration.

8 sac cd.
50 mana.

possible talents

you aa splash and deal 50% more damage vs targets affected with Faerie Fire.
shields take 150% more damage from Faerie Fire.
deal additional damage equal to 1% of targets' max hp per sec.
increase aoe size by 20% and duration by 1 sec.
Faerie Fire reduce target's Spell damage by 25%
friendly target gain 350 points of shield, reflect 50% of the damage done to the shield to enemies in a small aoe arround the target, last up to 3 sec.

10 sec cd.
70 mana.

possible talents

collecting regen globes increase shield by 5, collect 20 increase the damage reflected to 75%.
remove all dot effects from target.
heal target for 20% of shield damage to heroic targets.
upon expiring deal additional 75 damage and root targets for 1 sec.
getting stunned increase damage reflected by additional 50% for the remaining duration.
can be cast on buildings within SACRED GROVE, with 100% more shield. and on heroes within the SACRED GROVE as well.
[E] Cyclone
after 1 sec delay create a twister of winds in a ring arround target aoe, dealing 100 damage and pulling enemies to the center, lifting minions off the ground, stunning them for 3 sec.

15 sec cd.
70 mana.

possible talents

heroes under 50% hp are lift off the ground as well, stunning them for 1 sec.
reduce Faerie Fire cd by 2 sec per hero hit.
slow targets after the pull for 40% decaying over 2 sec.

Heroic Abilities

[R1] Horn of Cenarius
channel for up to 3 seconds to call wisps to attack targets within a large aoe (1 wisp per 0.5 sec) targeting the target with highest health (preferring heroes), each wisp deal 150 damage in a medium aoe, and reduce targets' damage by 15% up to 75% for 2.5 sec, last up to additional 3 seconds after the channel (maximum total of 6 sec). reactivate to cancel the channel.

100 sec cd.
100 mana.

increase maximum channel time to 6 seconds, targets that have heir damage reduced by 75% are silenced for 1 sec.
Summon an immobile Ancient Protector in targeted area for up to 20 seconds. The Ancient Protector hurls boulders for 165 area damage with 10 range (works like siege mercs). considered as a structure. has 1200 hp.

60 sec cd.
60 mana.

gain additional charge, cd regen 100% faster while standing on SACRED GROVE.

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Da Huuuuuudge (2) | June 6, 2019 8:49am
A very good baseline for a concept so far: Faithful, Simple to understand but with new twists on familiar mechanics. However I do think some of the base Abilities have a bit too much going on, so here are a few things you could do to balance it out (aside from Capitalization):
Sacred Grove: Remove the Structure Heal from Sacred Grove (it's more broken than it sounds) and slightly increase the Healing toward allies, plus make it for all allied units. Instead of a set duration, maybe make it last until 2 seconds after Cenarius leaves the area, increasing the cooldown to 40 seconds.
Faerie Fire: Have DoT Debuff be dealt as a poison rather than an AoE, and maybe change it to a delayed targeted effect rather than a skillshot. If you want to double down on the support aspect you can replace the Heal Block with Spell Power Reduction.
Cyclone: Instead of an AoE have it cast as a ring around a target area. Also remove the 4 second stun, even against just minions that's too much.
Force of Nature: Make this a talent, somewhere between levels 7 and 16.
Horn of Cenarius: Can actually be buffed. Remove the channel (replace with 1.5 second up-front channel), increase duration to 6 or 7 seconds, change to 2% Total Hp damage (or don't, it works either way), and maybe even make the targeting area invisible to enemies.
Ancient Protector: Clarify if the Protector is Immobile or not. I know it say it's considered a structure, but just to be sure it's clear.
lucky-tiger (2) | June 7, 2019 1:28pm
im glade you liked the core of the concept!
i took some of you advises and made some changes and clarifications.

Sacred Grove: will last as long as you stand within (expires after leaving), increased healing and cd as you suggested. the structure heal got nerfed (didnt considered scaling) and with the fact that you have to stay in the aoe, i think its more in lie now.
Faerie Fire: i clarified that it creates an aoe that apply dot debuff, the reason is to have a unique ability to deny an area by reducing healing as we dont have enough healing counters on basic (but i might change my mind later). added the Spell damage Reduction as a talent for now.
Cyclone: is now a ring aoe (which is a great idea), the minion stun got reduced to 3 seconds but remained. i think its an important part of his anti push gameplay without having a great waveclear capabilities.
Force of Nature: became a talent.
Horn of Cenarius: damage got buffed, the full channel got replaced with a 3 seconds channel and it lasts additional 3 seconds after you end the channel. i want it to be a bit different from already existing similar abilities. i think a maximum of 1650 damage on basic is pretty solid.
Ancient Protector: is Immobile indeed.

thank for your suggestions! i think this concept is going in the right direction!
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