C'Thun by KnockNoble

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By: KnockNoble
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2022
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Old God of Madness

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Combat Trait

Cult of C'Thun
C'Thun's team's Minions are outfitted with dashing purple robes and are able to collect experience for C'Thun. However, allied Heroes can not collect Minion XP in the vicinity of C'Thun's Minions and experience C'Thun's Minions pickup is only worth 50% of its original value.

Primary Abilities

Eye of C'Thun
Fire a laser anywhere C'Thun has vision. Drag the laser in any direction across the ground, dealing heavy damage.
Heart of C'Thun
Corrupt an allied Structure, allowing it to uproot itself and attack down a lane. Walls and Gates grow mouths with which to bite enemies. If a corrupted Structure comes across a destroyed similar enemy Structure, yours will take its spot for your team. Cooldown varies depending on the Structure that was corrupted.
Maw of C'Thun
Temporarily summon a large Maw anywhere C'Thun has vision. The Maw will pull in enemy minions, killing them instantly and gathering their XP for full value. Also damages enemy Heroes, trapping them for the duration if they are caught in the center. Does not damage Structures.

Heroic Abilities

Mask of C'Thun
C'Thun's Minions deal 50% more damage and can temporarily convert enemy minions into C'Thun's Minions when enemy minions fall below 50% Health. If converted minions die, they will drop XP for your team. Additionally, C'Thun's Minions gather XP for their full value during this time.
Body of C'Thun
C'Thun temporarily removes himself from his team's Core and can emerge anywhere he has vision on the battlefield with greatly reduced Health. C'Thun will summon tentacles to attack nearby enemy Heroes and fires lasers chaotically around him. If C'Thun dies, he returns to his Core. While away, C'Thun's Core has no Shields and can not summon minions.

Special Mount

Living Mountain
C'Thun can't move or mount, as he replaces his team's core.

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