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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
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A resilient Bruiser who can peel or reduce enemy Damage.

A Rework Concept for D.Va due to her rather bad kit.

Combat Trait

Requires Mech Mode. Eject from the Mech, setting it to self-destruct after 2.5 seconds. Deals 220 to 520 damage in a large area, depending on distance from the center of the blast. Deals 50% damage against Structures.

Gain 1% Charge for every 1.25 seconds spent using Basic Attacks, and 30% Charge per 100% of Mech Health lost.

Inner radius: 4
Mid radius: 7
Outer radius: 10

Inner radius: 3
Mid radius: 5
Outer radius: 7
Call Mech
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Requires Pilot Mode. Call a new Mech and enter Mech Mode. 45 second cooldown. While in Pilot Mode, each Basic Attack lowers this cooldown by 0.5 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Boosters (Mech Mode)
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Increases D.Va's Movement Speed by 80% for 2 seconds. Enemies that are hit take 80 damage and are knocked away.
D.Va cannot be Slowed while Boosters are active, and each enemy can only be hit once per use.
If D.Va takes nor deals no damage during Boosters, the cooldown recharges 100% faster.
Defense Matrix (Mech Mode)
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Channel a defensive field in the target direction for 3 seconds, reducing damage dealt by enemy Heroes inside it by 50% and granting allies 10 Armor. The Mech can move while channeling, but cannot turn.
Damage dealt to the Mech by enemies within Defense Matrix still grants the same amount of Self-Destruct Charge.
Micro Missiles
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Channel to an area in the target direction for 2.5 seconds, dealing 61 damage every 0.3 second, the target area can be re-casted to turn.

Secondary Abilities

Torpedo Dash
Cooldown: 12 seconds
D.Va dashes forward and pass through enemies.

Range: 7.25

Range: 2.50
Nanoweave Suit
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Activate to gain 20 Armor for 4 seconds.
Concussive Pulse
Cooldown: 13 seconds
D.Va deals 62 damage and slows enemies by 25% in a cone for 2 seconds

Basic Information

Attack Damage
Attack Range
Health Regen
Attack Speed

Attack Damage
Attack Range
Attack Speed

Tier 1 (Level 1)

Expensive Plating
?Quest: Collecting a Regen Globe increases D.Va's Mech Maximum Health by 1%, up to 30%.
?Reward: After collecting 30 Regen Globes, D.Va's Defense Matrix grants Allied Heroes additional 10 Armor.
Suppressing Fire
?Quest: Spend 150 seconds dealing Basic Attack Damage to an enemy Hero, additional Heroes counts for more.
?Reward: Mech Basic Attack Damage increased by 15% and slows enemies by 10%.
Pro Moves
Torpedo Dash range increased by 33% and Nanoweave Suit grants 1 additional Basic Attack Range.

Tier 2 (Level 4)

Fusion Generator
Every time an enemy Hero deals damage while inside Defense Matrix, D.Va's Self-Destruct Charge increases by 1%. Max of 15% Charge gained per use.

Bring it On
Micro Missiles deals 20% more damage up-close.

Ablative Armor
Mech Mode gains 10 Armor for 3 seconds after Defense Matrix or Booster ends.

Nanoweave Shielding
After Nanoweave Suit ends, D.Va gains a Shield equal to 175% of the damage absorbed by Nanoweave Suit for 4 seconds.

Tier 3 (Level 7)

Emergency Shielding
When D.Va's Mech would be destroyed, it instead gains a Shield that absorbs 180 damage over 6 seconds. This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

Coming Through
Knockback distance of Boosters is increased by 100%.

Dazer Zone
Defense Matrix's effects lingers for 1.5 seconds.

Tier 4 (Level 10)

Bunny Hop
Cooldown: 90 / 1.0 seconds
Requires Mech Mode.
D.Va's Mech becomes Unstoppable and stomps every 0.5 seconds, dealing 66 damage and Slowing enemies by 40%. Lasts 4 seconds, cooldown is reduced by 0.75 second each time an enemy Hero is hit.

Big Shot
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Requires Pilot Mode.
Deal 260 damage to all enemies in a line. Call Mech's cooldown is reduced by 7 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.

Hit the Nitrous
Cooldown: 75 seconds
D.Va's Mech Boosters gains 325% increased Speed, decaying to normal speed over 0.5 seconds, while Hit the Nitrous is active, D.Va's damage is increased by 15%, lasts for 4 seconds.

Tier 5 (Level 13)

Nuclear Option
Self-Destruct damage increased by 30% and its radius by 20%, but its timer is increased by 1 second.

Pilot Mode Basic Attack Damage increase by 25%, Nanoweave Suit lasts 1 second longer.

Get Through This
D.Va's Mech gains Unstoppable for 0.5 second after using Defense Matrix.

Tier 6 (Level 16)

D.Va's Boosters cooldown reduction no longer recharges the cooldown faster, instead reduces its cooldown by 9 seconds.

Crash Course
The first enemy Hero hit by Boosters stuns them for 1 second and reduces D.Va's Micro Missiles by 3 seconds.

Salvo Missiles
Micro Missiles lasts 50% longer.

Tier 7 (Level 20)

Hop and Pop
Bunny Hop cooldown reduction inreased to 2 seconds and D.Va gains a Shield equal to 40% of the damage dealt.

Pew! Pew! Pew!
Instead of a single shot, Big Shot fires 3 shots over 0.5 seconds. Each shot deals 50% reduced damage.

Fusion Boost
Hit the Nitrous bonus damage increased to 20% and lasts 2 seconds longer.

Cooldown: 60 seconds
Call Mech is instant and can target a location. Upon landing, the Mech deals 202 damage to enemies in the impact area.

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