D2 Druid - 2019 (WIP 75%) by beargeist

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D2 Druid - 2019 (WIP 75%)

By: beargeist
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2019
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D2 Druid - 2019 (WIP 75%)


Hybrid class / Multi class
basic attack -  2h Maul - melee 1.2 - atk/sec 1.11
shapeshift - claw - melee 2.2 - atk/sec 1.11

Collision Radius - Human 0.75 (Johanna) - Werewolf 0.93 (ETC) - Werebear 1.18 (Diablo)

Combat Trait

Shapeshift - Werewolf (D)
Cooldown: 6s, after deactivation
Gain 15 armor

1.5s Channel. Damage, Displacement and Roots do not interrupt. Must have 50% life to begin shapeshift.
dropping below 30% health while shapeshifted, puts you back into human form and starts cooldown.

While Shapeshifted, not having taken dmg for 1.5s Increases Movement speed up to 20%. speed gain and loss, accelerates & decays over 1.5s.

Disengage is instant, with no interrupt or delay penalty.
You can still be displaced while shapeshifted, but it does not interrupt the channel. Silence and Stun will interrupt, with a skill bar delay (shorter delay), rather then the disengage Cooldown.
Sleep and stasis will pause the channel timer.
Sage spirit (R)
Druid Gets his (R) Ability at lv 1

Cooldown: 16s
Cost: 50 mana
Duration 8 seconds, self cast 

Gain 2.5% of your health per second as shields, up to a maximum of 15%. Shields have permanent duration. Shields will not take dmg until the Druid (or target) is at 75% life.
potential 2 ticks over the shield max, total 20% hp. eg. bonus 25% healing "while in combat"

Primary Abilities

Maul (Q)
Cooldown: 4s
Cost: 25 mana

65 degree arc attack that deals 170 dmg, 30% additional hero dmg.

Human: slows your own movement speed by 30% decaying over 0.75s, slightly longer casting time and interrupts your basic attack interval.
shape-shifted: Increases arc width by 80% and range by 15%
Hurricane (W)
Cooldown: 14s, 50% slower recharge while shape-shifted
Cost: 60 mana

An AoE that slows enemy movement speed in the Area by 50% (KTZ - Frost nova radius), after 0.75s the area "explodes" dealing 290 dmg. Getting hit by the outer ring gives the slow a duration of 2s

Human: Has cast range of 6, and reduces the cooldown by 2s.
Shape-shift: The ability becomes self cast, fixing its cast box to your movement (rather then fixing to a location)

Its Outer ring is proportionately less then KTZ's frost nova, and only applies the duration when the ability "explodes". When self cast its radius is increased by the shapeshifted form's Collision Radius (slightly larger for bear)
Creeper Vine (E)
Passive: Every 4s, a Creeper vine attacks a single target within the druid's radius (Globe of annihilation radius). The Creeper deals 40 dmg and an additional 130 dmg over 6s with each attack, prioritizing heroes.

Active Ability
Cooldown: 16s
Cost: 50 mana
Duration 8s, low cast range

The Creeper moves to a cast Location for duration of 8s, increasing its attack speed by 100% (every 2s).

Cannot attack structures, or neutral mercs. Poison duration is refresh based. Target prioritization proximity is based on the location it last attacked, starting from the center of its cast box

Heroic Abilities

WereBear (D)
Passive increase to your HP by 25% (human and shift)

while shapeshifted, your maul pushes heroic targets back a short distance while at very close range.

Removes shapeshift Life requirement and break condition. But further Increases your "Collision Radius"(Hero size box).

the "push back" is meant to aid body blocking control, rather then function as a knockback. Could use "Raynor Q push mechanic", but instead push targets to the end of its hit box, instead of all the way outside it.
Heart of the Bear (R)
Increases Sage spirit healing duration to 12s. Allows you to target allies on cast, with "global" fly range.
Ticks for 15% bonus hp, shield cap stays at 15%.

Talents --Rough--


Carrion Crows (E) - Upon active ability usage, a murder of Crows circle the cast location periodically attacking, Dealing 50 dmg and causing enemy heroes to miss their next basic attack within 2s. Lowers Active ability cost and cooldown by 25%

Carrion Creeper (E) - Instantly kills minions on attack, restoring 60 hp for each minion destroyed. During its ability cast, destroying minions increases the ability duration by 1.5s, up to 5s (still prioritizes heroes)

Solar Creeper (E) - Creeper poisoned heroes have their ability power lowered by 15%, Hurricane deals an additional 15% dmg and refunds 10 (to Creeper poisoned heroes). This effect can stack twice per target; up to 30% ability power, 30% additional dmg and 20 mana refund. stacked effect duration is refreshed with poison duration. cannot refund more then ability costs.

Werebear (D)
Heart of The Bear (R1)

Spirit of Barbs (R) -Heart of the bear locked: Dealing damage to an enemy hero that has attacked you (the spirit's host) in the last 3s, deals an additional 100 dmg. This effect can occur once every 3s against each target.

Loyalty (Active) - For 3s you absorb 50% of the damage dealt to a targeted ally's HP pool at 50% reduction. Cd 45s, target must be in a range of 4.5 to be affected by loyality (.5 x.5 = .25)

Ogre Maul (Passive) - Basic attacks deal 10% additional dmg, and each consecutive basic attack vs the same heroic target, deals an additional 10% damage, up to 30%. Your current active damage bonus is also applied to Maul (Q). The bonus is reset if maul (Q) does not hit the current heroic target. This effect is not instantly reset when attacking Non-heroic targets. Bonus dmg is accumulative, not multiplicative with Mauls passive additional hero dmg.

Note: 1(10%), 2(20%), 3(30%).

Feral Tempest (W) - shapeshift no longer reduces the cooldown of your spell slot. while in human form your spell gains 25% ability cooldown recharge

Oak Spirit (R) - The Sage spirit heals each Allied Hero one time for 175 hp. Must be in a range of 4 to activate effect, the sage protected hero does not receive the bonus effect.

Dire Bear Guardian (Passive) - Trigger upon death, entering a stasis for 6s and healing for 800hp over stasis duration. The stasis summons a controllable Dire Bear spirit that defends the Druid's position (leashed). If the Dire Bear dies, the stasis is automatically broken, and the healing effect is cut off. This effect has a separate 160s cooldown.
Dire Bear: Duration 6s, 1200 hp, 100 dps, (Q) swipe ability (resemble's Maul - shapeshifted).

Twisted hunger (E) - The druid no longer has a passive creeper, but the active ability spawns a second creeper for its duration, each dealing an additional 80 over 6s dmg with creeper poison.

Feral Rush (active) - Cooldown 20s. Causes the shape-shifted form to rush forwards dealing 250 dmg in an area against the first heroic target hit. (Blaze (E) - Jet Propulsion, with shorter range and no stun).
If used while shape-shifted its cooldown is reduced by 4s, and there less casting casting delay. (0.33s -0.4s)
If used while in Human Form the Transformation channel duration is reduced to 0.75s, and the ability cast automatically follows. Using it this way removes roots.

Cyclone Armor (W/R) - Hitting a heroic target with cyclone, increases sage spirits

Violent Squall (Active) - Shared hurricane cooldown. Using this ability increases the cooldown of Hurricane by 10s. Pushes enemies back from your location (a "mini gust"). Reactivate to cast Hurricane within 4s. Using while shape-shifted automatically sends you back to human form. Hurricane's cost and cooldown is spent upfront.

Once every 60s, (separate timer function) The cooldown will not be increased and (reactivated) hurricane's outer ring deals bonus damage equal to 12% of targets health.

Summon Wolf spirit (W) - Hitting a hero with hurricane's explosion, causes it to conjure a Wolf Spirit to fixate on the target. Minion health bar, duration 3s. Hitting a heroic target in the outer ring increases its duration to 6s. note: 3s duration should generally not be worth dpsing down, 6s duration should force players to deal with its hp pool.

Brother Bear (Active) -Dire Bear Guardian locked: Turns Dire bear guardian into an active ability and reduces its cooldown to 60s (by 100s)

Heart of the Wolverine (R) - Reactivate Sage spirit, to grant all nearby allies 20% additional heroic dmg for 4s

Elder Sage (passive/R) - Passively recover Sage spirits shields while out of combat for 4s. Increases Sage spirit's shield cap to 20% (by 5%).


Fire Claws -Dire Maul locked: Maul (Q)'s dmg bonus from Dire maul is doubled, but the bonus resets after every use of maul (Q). Passive: The druid's attack speed is increased by 15%.

Cyclone Armor (active) - Cooldown 40s. Grants 25 armor for 4s. While above 60% health hurricane's cooldown recharge is increased by 125%. While below 60% health the armour's duration counts twice as slow (potential 8s). This armor bonus stacks with Shapeshift's natural armour.

Shapeshifter universal

Summary and Insight

Relationship to the draft
Power in a first round hidden pick

The relationship to solo lane is dynamic

- True hybrid -

Pseudo Aba
Double support
Solo lane

How Early talent functionality is relevant

Solo lane Dynamic - Objective vs aba

T1 Carrion Creeper (E) - this is the Druid's only health recovery power; meant to distinguish play in solo lane vs 4 man.
Objective control

T4 Dire Bear Guardian (passive) - This is an extremely powerful effect, especially while in low player count brawls. Designed to give leverage when Dueling for Point objectives. But the long cooldown is important to balance it for lv 10, heavily punishing players that get ganked, and use it unpurposefully. Additionally, the Bear guardian's Life bar "effect break" function, balances the team fight potential when out gunned..... With another talent commitment in the late game, this ability can redeem some of its use in the TF, for maps that have a clear phase change in the late

T2 Werebear + T3 Maul


Pseudo aba, when the Offlane is mostly frozen, eg; BoE, Hanamura, etc...

T2 heart of the bear + T3 (R) Barbs Dmg.

The Hat abilities T3/T4 Flat are designed to function on non traditional - carries. Additionally, base percent healing exploits Tank hat aspects.

T2-4 Talents have overall strong flex when there is a mix of split lane objective presence.

T3 Barbs - having Barbs and the T7 maul locked; allows you to independently balance competing dmg options in drastically different play styles.

Tank vs Double support - flex

T3 Loyalty and T4 Oak Spirit (R) - is the corner stones of both builds

the distinction is whether or not your doubling down on your tank, or off tanking with bear form.


T2 Werebear + T3 Maul + T4 Spell

Flex T1, T5, T6

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