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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018
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The Destroyer

"At Last, the whole of Azeroth will break...and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings..."

Once one of the Five Dragon Aspects, Neltharion, the leader of the Black Dragonflight, was driven mad by the whispers of the Old Gods, forcing him to turn on his fellow Dragon aspects during the war of the ancients. Thought to be dead by many after his defeat in the second war, Deathwing emerged from the recesses of Azeroth and laid waste to the world in an event only known as "The Shattering".

Now, the Aspect of Death has found his way into the Nexus, and he'll stop at nothing to bring the end to every realm in his wake.


Deathwing is a massive and imposing Warrior who excels at area control, both around his enemies and his allies. Deathwing stands as the largest base-size hero in the game, being on par if not a little larger than that of Alexstrazsa's Dragon form. This hero is designed to specialize in grouping enemies together and peeling aggressive heroes off of his teammates, on top of just being an overall imposing presence on the battlefield.

Damage: 7/10

Utility: 6/10

Survivability: 9/10

Complexity: 5/10


+Massive Health Pool
+Natural immunity to slows and push effects
+Above average damage for a Warrior
+Excellent wave-clear
+Some of the best Peel abilities in the game
+Global Flight


-Massive size is weak to all forms of damage
-Escape is difficult against a majority of heroes
-heavily susceptible to stuns
-Very little Self-Sustain outside of specific talents

Synergizes Well With:

LT. MORALES, DECKARD, KAEL'THAS, KEL'THUZAD (Deathwing's ability to group enemies together allows for heroes who excel at AoE damage to truly shine, namely the likes of Kael'Thas, Kel'Thuzad, Jaina and Azmodan. He also greatly benefits from healers who can provide consistent healing as his massive size means he's going to be taking damage a majority of the time.)

Excels against:

KERRIGAN, MAIEV, VARIAN, GARROSH (Deathwing excels against melee heroes that lack the overall burst damage to take him down quickly, giving him ample time to wither them down with abilities and basic attacks. He also excels against overly-aggressive dive heroes who move out of position in order to try and confirm kills)

Struggles Against:

TRACER, THRALL, JUNKRAT, HANZO (Deathwing's biggest weakness is the fact that he's a very big target, meaning that it's incredibly easy to be hit by stray damage. On top of that, heroes that can kite his abilities and focus him down with sustained damage are a major problem unless accompanied by a healer)

HEALTH: 2800 (+4% per level)

HEALTH REGENERATION: 6.32 (+4% per level)

MANA: 500 (+4% per level)

MANA REGENERATION: 6.11 mana per second

Combat Trait

Ironbound Frame

Deathwing's massive body is constructed of heavy iron plating, making him immensely heavy. As a result, Deathwing has a natural immunity to slows and a natural resistance to any movement altering ability, such as Garrosh's Wrecking Ball, Junkrat's mine or Maiev's Umbral Bind, only being moved 35% of the distance a regular hero would be moved.

After not engaging in combat for 3 seconds, Deathwing will enter flight mode and gain an instant 20% movement speed bonus. This effect will be cancelled once Deathwing takes damage or directly engages in combat.

Primary Abilities

Molten Flame
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Deathwing will release a wave of molten lava from his mouth, dealing 110 damage initial damage as well as an additional 150 overall damage to any enemy standing in the leftover lava puddle. The lava stays on the ground for 3 seconds before disappearing.
Shattered Earth
Mana: 85
Cooldown: 13 seconds

Deathwing will target a wide area in front of him. After a 1 second delay, Deathwing will slam his fist down and five rocks will emerge from the ground, their appearance resembling claws. The rocks will then close in on one another, pulling all enemies in the target area together, dealing 100 damage and slowing them by 20% for 2 seconds.
Land's Wrath
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Deathwing will bring his upper body down on the ground, creating a fissure that shoots out forward in front of him. After reaching its maximum length, a geyser of lava will emit from the wounded earth and deal 175 damage to any hero caught in its path. This is designed to catch runaway heroes that Deathwing cannot pursue thanks to his low mobility.

Heroic Abilities

Mana: 175
Cooldown: 85 seconds

After a brief Delay, Deathwing will take to the skies and soar offscreen, all before coming back down and unleashing a wave of fire in his wake, soaring past buildings and enemies alike, dealing 300 direct damage. The fire from Deathwing's attack will remain on the ground for five seconds after the initial fly-over, dealing a total of 600 damage over time, along with slowing down anyone that steps in the fire by 30% until they exit. After the fly-by, Deathwing will come crashing down at a targeted location, dealing 100 damage to anyone near his landing position.
Mana: 200
Cooldown: 75 seconds

A more defensive option, Deathwing will soar up into the air before coming down on the targeted location, crashing through the earth and releasing a massive maelstrom onto the battlefield. The Maelstrom will attempt to pull people in, slowing anyone that gets close to it. If an enemy falls into the Maelstrom, they will take a total of 800 damage over the eight second duration. Once finished, Deathwing will fly out of the Maelstrom and land in the same location he initiated the attack from.

Special Mount

Dragon Soar
Deathwing cannot mount normally, but can instead fly from location to location. After choosing a location, Deathwing will raise his wings above his head before soaring off towards the targeted location, coming down with a massive thud and pushing back any enemy in his way.

Talent Examples

(Q) Blazing Fury

QUEST: Hit Enemy Heroes and Kill Minions with Molten Breath.
REWARD: After hitting enemy Heroes 35 times, Molten Breath's range is increased by 15%
REWARD #2: After killing 100 minions with Molten Breath, Reduce Molten Breath's cooldown by 3 seconds and grant Deathwing leech for 12.5% of the damage dealt

(W) Tectonic Prison

QUEST: Hit Enemy Heroes with Shattered Earth
REWARD: After hitting enemy heroes a total of 30 times with Shattered Earth, Radius is increased by 15%
REWARD #2: After hitting enemy heroes a total of 50 times with Shattered Earth, damage is increased 30 and slow duration is increased to five seconds.

Steel Plating

QUEST: Collect Health Globs
REWARD: After collecting 25 Health Globs, Deathwing receives an additional 20% healing from all sources.


Lands Wrath's size increased by 20%

Bone-crushing Grip

Shattered Earth reduces enemy armor by 25 for 2.5 seconds.

(Active) Molten Claws

(Active) Upon Activation, basic attacks deal additional damage over time for 10 seconds (40 second cooldown)

(Passive) Volatile Scales

(Passive) Dealing physical damage to Deathwing will cause his body to emit a splash of molten lava, dealing 35 damage to anyone near him.

Compressed Earth

Lands Wrath damage increased by 15%, time between the initial attack and the lava geyser is increased to 2 seconds.

Stone Prison

Shattered Earth roots enemy players for 1.5 seconds after the initial attack ends. Radius reduced by 10%.

Flames of Hatred

Molten Breath's radius is increased by 15%. Now deals more damage near the center.

Jagged Stones

Shattered Earth deals an additional 75 damage over time.

Molten Cannonball

Molten Breath's damage is increased by 20%, in exchange for having a smaller radius.

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