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Deckard Cain

By: capeside
Last Updated: Apr 3, 2017
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Deckard Cain

Last of the Horadrim

A Horadric scholar well versed in obscure lore and history of the arcane. After his untimely death to the Coven Witch, Maghda, he awoke in the Nexus, with the fabled Horadric Cube tucked away in his satchel. He intends to apply his scholarly prowess into unlocking the secrets of the Nexus... after he kicks some butt.

Combat Trait

Horadric Cube
Passive: Deckard Cain is followed by the fabled Horadric Cube. He can command the cube to assemble powerful items and artifacts.

Active: Command the Horadric Cube to move to target location, dealing damage to enemies on the way. If Cain moves too far away, the cube is returned to following Cain.

Primary Abilities

Horadrim's Forge
Forge steel within the Cube and unleash them in a circle around it, dealing damage to enemies.
Rejuvenation Potion
Forges a Rejuvenation Potion at the target location near the cube which restores health and a small amount of mana when picked up.
Return the Cube to Deckard Cain, granting him and any allies the cube passes through a short duration shield.

Secondary Abilities

Scroll of Town Portal
Passive: Deckard Cain's Hearthstone is replaced by a town portal which allows him to return to the battlefield quickly.

Heroic Abilities

Stay awhile and listen
Now they have to listen. Pull nearby allies into the Horadric Cube for a short period of time, removing them from combat and granting them unstoppable.
Wrath of Jordan
Passively stuns enemies for .25 seconds while they remain near the Horadric Cube.


Level 1 (Tier 1)

Towards Adventure - Group Quest: Allies that gather a Regeneration Globe increases all allies Health Regeneration by a percent per second, up to a max. Reward: Increase all allies health by a percentage.

Working Together - Group Quest: Stun, Root, Silence or Stop enemies for a large amount of times as a team. Reward: Decrease CC duration against your team by a percent.

Greater Healing Potion - Potion of Rejuvenation grants more healing but no longer restores mana.

Level 4 (Tier 2)

Of Flame - Adds damage over time to Horadrim's Forge.

Of Shivers - Adds a slow to Horadrim's Forge.

Of Light - Horadrim's Forge now blinds enemies within its radius but now has a slightly longer cooldown.

Level 7 (Tier 3)

Celerity - Ward increases movement speed to allies affected by Ward's shield.

Poisoned Well - Enemies close to the Horadric Cube take a small amount of passive damage.

Hoarder - While the Horadric Cube is following Cain, gain a small regenerating shield and increased mana regeneration.

Level 13 (Tier 5)

Dupe Hack - Rejuvenation Potion creates a second potion.

Scroll of Identify - Reveal in a small area around the Horadric Cube and reduce all enemies armor for a short period of time.

Hello my friend - Shielding Allies with Ward decreases all of your Basic Ability Cooldowns.

Level 16 (Tier 6)

A Quick Study - Significantly decreases the cooldown of Horadric Cube when it does not deal damage.

Multiplayer - Allies can use your town portal.

Deckard's Journal - Allies that are healed by Rejuvenation Potion are now healed over time but gain Ability Damage for the duration of the heal.

Level 20 (Tier 7)

Unending Tale (R1) - Stay and While and Listen lasts indefinitely but can be cancelled at anytime. Allies inside gain healing over time. Can no longer be used while the Horadric Cube is following Cain and allies will be ejected if the Cube returns to Cain for any reason.

Unbounded Wrath (R2) - Enemies effected by Wrath of Jordan's stun, are also damaged they closer they are to the Horadric Cube.

In Pursuit of Shadow - Horadric Cube can now be used globally.

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