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By: TheViking
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2021
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One who collects

Dehaka buffs and talent reworks.

Combat Trait

Essence Collection (D)
Killing an enemy Hero will grant 10 Essence and Minion kills grant 2 Essence. Each Essence consumed heals 29 (+4% per level) health over 5 seconds. A maximum of 50 Essence can be stored. Can be cast while channeling.

Primary Abilities

Drag (Q)
Mana: 75

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Dehaka lashes out his tongue, dealing 160 (+4% per level) damage to the first enemy hit, stunning and dragging them with him for 1.75 seconds.

If Dehaka is stunned or silenced while using Drag, the effect ends.
Dark Swarm (W)
Mana: 50

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Deal 52 (+4% per level) damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds. While active, you are able to move through units. Can be cast during Drag and Burrow.
Burrow (E)
Mana: 65

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Burrow into the ground, entering Stasis and becoming Invulnerable for 2 seconds. Dehaka can move at 50% Movement Speed during Burrow. Leaving Burrow grants Brushstalker speed boost for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Isolation (R)
Mana: 80

Cooldown: 50 seconds

Launch biomass that hits the first enemy Hero dealing 200 (+4% per level) damage, Silencing and Slowing them 30% for 3 seconds. Additionally, their vision radius is greatly reduced for 6 seconds.
Adaptation (R)
Mana: 85

Cooldown: 80 seconds

After 4 seconds, heal for 100% of the damage Dehaka took over this period.

Special Mount

Cooldown: 75 seconds

Activate to burrow to a bush on the Battleground.

Passive: Gain 20% movement speed while in a bush and for 2 seconds after leaving.


I am a very experienced Dehacka player and the resent buffs have showed that they want to improve him but they clearly don't see some of hi major problems and design flaws. Essens aa build is clearly the strongest build currently and i aim at making speed and w build more competitive with the aa build. Main problem with W build is that its out right ridiculous against some teams but useless in all other cases. Brush stalker build is just to unpickable on a large portion of the maps because of the lack of bushes and having any talent be gated behind a condition like that is just forcing a OP or trash state where its either insane of useless from map to map.


lvl 1

Enduring swarm(W)
Gain two Essences every second time dark swarm hits an enemy hero
Repeatable Quest: Every 50 Essence collected permanently increases armor granted by dark swarm by 3 up to 30

Enhanced agility(Z)
Hitting an enemy hero with drag grants 10 Essence
Repeatable Quest: Every 50 Essence collected permanently increases Dehaka's movement speed and brush stalker speed by 2% up to 20% and 40%

Tissue Regeneration(D)
Regeneration Globes grant 10 Essence.
Repeatable Quest: Every 50 Essence collected permanently increases Health Regeneration by 4, up to 40, and maximum Essence by 1, up to 10.

lvl 4

One who collects(D)
increase essence gained from all sources by 50% gaining essens while full on essens heals for 25% of its normal value

Accelerated regeneration (D)
Essens collector grants 1% increase healing for every Essence consumed for 5 seconds plus 0.1 seconds for each essence consumed

Lurker Strain(E)
Reduce the cooldown of Burrow by 6 seconds. Emerging from Burrow grants Dehaka Stealth for 3 seconds and also knocks nearby enemies back, Slowing them by 30% for 3 seconds. Deal 125 damage to enemies hit by Burrow.

removed hero stalker(D)

lvl 7

Feeding Frenzy(Q)
Basic Attacks reduce Drag's cooldown by 1.75 seconds. Increases the duration of Drag by 0.5 seconds.

Reduce Dark swarms mana cost to 35. Every time Dark Swarm damages an enemy Hero, reduce its cooldown by 0.4 seconds.

Pack leader(Q/D)
enemies stunned or slowed by Dehaka take 25% more damage from all sources except dehaka. Drag slows by 50% for 2 seconds after the stun ends.

removed paralyzing enzymes(Q)

lvl 13

Alpha Collector(Q)
Drag steals 10% health form heroes hit.

Primal swarm(W)
Increases dark swarms duration by 1 second. It slows by 5% per hit up to 30%slow and deals 10% more damage up to 60% damage.

Primal Rage(D)
Gain 1.25% increased Attack Damage per Essence stored.

removed ferocious stalker(W)

lvl 16

Apex predator(Z)
Using brushstalker reveals a large area around the location. Reduce the cast time by 0.5 seconds and every time Dehaka collects a Essence lower the cooldown of brushstalker by 0.5 seconds.

Tunneling Claws(E)
Increase Movement Speed during Burrow to 125%.

Elongated Tongue(Q)
Increase Drag range by 20%.

lvl 20

Isolation hits all Heroes near the first target and reduces armor by 25% for 3 seconds.

Change Is Survival(R)
Increases Adaptation healing to 200% of the damage received and reduces the cooldown by 40 seconds.

Essence Claws(D)
Dehaka's Basic Attacks slow the target by 20% for 1 second. If the target is a Hero, Dehaka gains 5 Essence.

I collect, I flow(D)
lvl 1 quest can stack 10 additional times and only need 25 Essence per stack

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