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By: TehZerglisk6
Last Updated: May 12, 2022
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The Red Leader

The Nexus is a powerful yet mysterious multiverse that we know FRIGHTENLY little about, not even the smartest of Dragon Aspects, Xel'naga, or Demons have a grasp at the tiniest of magnitude the Nexus holds.

One universe inside the Nexus, include a funny, yet sinister monster within, Derpfestor (or Kingfestor..). once a regular infestor turned into a bad egg, broke apart from the swarm set their sights on making everyone. one. big. happy RED family.

if matters were not worse enough, the RED team has found a way to seep into the Nexus themselves, with Derpfestor leading the charge. once the RED team has conquered the Nexus, Azeroth, Sanctuary, or the REAL Koprulu sector.. might be next.

Derpfestor is a support who can use summons to assist in fights, who HEAVILY relies on ally protection due to him being needed on the frontlines, and being a major priority.

Health: 1250
Mana: 200
Mana Regen: 2/1sec
Attack Damage: 14
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Range: 3.3

Combat Trait

[Trait] - Infested Bodyguard
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Derpfestor is permanently followed by an infested bodyguard, that only follows Derpfestor, it has no health but it will expire after 3 minuites, they can be used as a shield for your allies, it does not fight back, you can target where the bodyguard goes, or it can automatically run in front of any enemy Hero, causing it to lock onto the bodyguard.

All of Derpfestor's summons will be in the Carbot style, similar to the Carbot Zergling found in the SC2 files.

[Basic Attack]
Derpfestor uses their pincer hands to slap enemies, They can't use his parasite stick straight away, plus infestors are already pretty weak in general. what did you expect?

Primary Abilities

[W] - Fungal Growth
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Mana: 75
Area: 2.25

Derpfestor spits out a projectile that stuns an area for 1.2 seconds, slows stunned targets for 1 second afterwards. reveals cloaked heroes.
[E] - Spawn Hatchracks Gate.
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Mana: 90
Unit Spawn cooldown: 15 seconds
Limit of Hatchracks Gates: 1
Unit duration: 30 seconds
Building health: 500
Limit of Units on field: 5

What the tin says, Spawn a Hatchery, Barracks, and Warp Gate, all fused into one, spawns either a Zergling, Marine, Or Zealot from the Hatchracks Gate, when destroyed, all units spawned on field are killed, Hatchracks Gate decays health overtime.
the talents for this ability, spawns different units, depending on which path you choose.
[Q] - Micro Gas
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Mana: 20
Duration: 5
Area: 5

Derpfestor Farts, releasing yellow clouds that give 20% Mana regeneration to nearby allies, while dealing 30dps to nearby enemies.
that's disgusting! *Cat in the hat laugh*

Heroic Abilities

[R] - Control Stick
Cooldown: 200 seconds
Mana: 100
Range: 4

Derpfestor takes control of an enemy hero for 20 seconds, gaining access to all their abilities and movement, enemy hero can still be attacked by Derpfestor's allies, Derpfestor will have to follow and keep in range within the Hero he's controlling, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

Enemy hero is also silenced, can also reduce time of being controlled by 0.5 by spamming WSAD every 2 seconds.
[R] - Recall Army
Cooldown: 180 seconds
Mana: 100
HA units duration: 15 seconds

Derpfestor Recalls all his units currently on the map, to his location, also spawns a heavy assault unit to assist: a Thor, a Colossal, or an Ultralisk. Heavy assault units are randomized and also deal large splash damage against minions/enemy summons.

Special Mount

Siege tank
Because Derpfestor is zerg, he cannot use mounts, luckily he can hitch a ride on a siege tank. it cannot fire, but at least it looks cool right?.. right?

Level 1

[Passive] - Buddy Up!

Regenerate health faster when nearby allies.

[Trait] - Aw screw this!

Infested Bodyguards run towards nearest enemy and explodes upon contact after expiring.
? Quest: Shield allies from 1300 damage with Infested Bodyguard.
? Reward: Infested Bodyguard's cooldown is reduced by 15 Seconds.

[Q] - Rough Burritos.

Micro Gas is able to carry an extra charge, Mana restoration and dps do not stack.

Level 4

[E] - We're gonna live forever!

Hatckracks Gate no longer has health decay, but units spawn 10% Slower.

[Trait] - Double Trouble.

Spawn 2 Infested Bodyguards instead of 1.

[Passive] - Not enough minerals!

? Quest: Minerals now spawn throughout the map, collect 100.
? Reward: once 100 minerals are collected, Obnoxious Executor joins Derpfestor Permenantly, able to shoot a constant stream of lightning and shouting orders time to time.
basically a high Templar, We need more minerals!

Level 7

[E] - Reactor

can now spawn 2 units at once and adds 5% attack speed, but reduces health by 15%.

[E] - Tech Robotics Nest

Units spawntime reduced by 5 seconds.
? Quest: have 5 units assist in kills.
? Reward: Units have changed, now spawns Mutalisks, Golliaths, or High Templar instead of previous units.

[Trait] - That's not a Marine!

Replaces Infested Marine with a Fat marine, no longer has an expiration date and can fight back, however it will go it's own way and not follow Derpfestor.

Storm Talents

[R] - RC Hero.

Derpfestor no longer needs to be nearby his selected enemy hero to control it, you can also now cancel the ability early for a lower cooldown time, and regain control of Derpfestor.

[R] - Who called in the fleet?

Replaces Heavy Assault units with Battlecruiser, Carrier, and Brood lord, Heavy Air units that last longer and cannot be detected by minions and mercenaries.

[E] - Red is not Dead.

Hatchbarracks Gate Unit limit has been removed, and units spawn 5% faster also has a 0.7% chance to be accompanied by a Medbay vehicle.

[Passive] - Pbbbbbrrrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrrrrt!

Replacing Basic attack, Derpfestor now has a Hellion on his Parasite stick, and can now flick the mouse to slam the hellion against enemies, dealing 90 damage per hit.

Level 13

[Z] - They pinch Back!

Siege tank now attacks enemy heroes if stationary for 5 seconds.

[W] - Can't.. move..

Fungal growth stuns for 0.4 seconds longer and slows 2 seconds longer.

[Q] - V.I.Poo Treatment.

Gas now heals allies by 20%, but now slows enemies instead of damages.

Level 16

[Passive] - Love from Naval Russia.

Derpfestor increases attack damage on nearby allies.

[Passive] - Love from Nurtured Russia.

Derpfestor increases shield regeneration on nearby allies.

[Passive] - Love from Steady Russia.

Derpfestor decreases nearby ability cooldowns on nearby allies (does not work on heroics.)

Changelog (Suggestions)

[E] - Spawn Hatchracks Gate

Hatchracks Gate has been nerfed, no longer spawns Hydralisks, Banelings, Hellbats, Marauders, Dragoons and Adepts and has a unit limit. but increases lethality in the late game.

[W] - Fungal Growth

decreased Stun.

[Trait] - Infested Bodyguard

Infested reinforcement has been reworked, technically no longer a summon, but is now a living shield.

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