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Dr. Boom

By: DakDez17
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2018
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Dr. Boom

Mad Genius

Dr. Boom is a melee warrior, who punishes enemies for getting too close to him.

Combat Trait

Bombs Away
Passive: Whenever Dr. Boom takes more than 5% of his maximum health within 4 seconds, "Bombs Away" active effect will trigger with no mana cost or cooldown. In addition, Dr. Boom uses Fuel instead of mana. Fuel is generated at 5 fuel/sec when staying in one place for more than 2 seconds, up to maximum of 100 Fuel.

Fuel Cost: 2 Fuel
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Launch Boombots into all nearby enemies. When Boombots reach their trget they explode dealing 56 (+4% per level) damage to it and 33% of the damage to nearby enemies. Boombots can be destroyed by receiving 2 hero attacks, but will still explode as if they reached the target.

Primary Abilities

Zap Cannon
Fuel Cost: 5 Fuel
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Dr. Boom zaps the target, dealing 95 (+4% per level) damage. This ability also charges all Boombots on its way, increasing damage they deal by 75% and their movement speed by 50%.
Delivery Drone
Fuel Cost: 15 Fuel
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Orders a delivery drone to gather up to 5 nearby Boombots and then carry them over the targeted area. Boombots will target the closest enemy, preferring enemy heroes.
Blast Shield
Fuel Cost: 7 Fuel
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Dr. Boom gains shield with 450 (+4% per level) durability for 6 seconds. While this ability is active you can use it again to perform a short ranged jump, consuming the remaining shield. Upon landing Dr. Boom deals damage equal to 50% of the shield consumed and slows enemies by 25% for 2.5 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Big Red Button
Passive: Dr. Boom enters Alarm Levels based on his remaining health.

Alarm Level 1: Activates when his health falls bellow 75%. Dr. Boom gains 15 armor and 40% increased spellpower.

Alarm Level 2: Activates when his health falls bellow 50%. Dr. Boom gains 30 armor and 40% increased spellpower, while his Boombots become 25% faster.

Alarm Level 3: Activates when his health falls bellow 25%. Dr. Boom gains 45 armor, 40% increased spellpower and 50% cooldown reduction, while his Boombots become 50% faster. He also gains ability to finally press the button.

Cooldown: 240 seconds

Dr. Boom presses the red button, causing an explosion (in which he dies, very hero-like) that deals 600 (+4% per level) to all enemies in a wide area around himself. Afterwards his Power Suit remains on the battlefield for 15 seconds, triggering "Bombs Away" every 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Summons 3 Microbots with 680 (+4% per level) health, that follow Dr. Boom for 25 seconds. Every 5 seconds they trigger "Bombs Away" and when "Delivery Drone" is used they also rush to the targeted area, where they explode dealing 150 (+4% per level) damage each.

Talents Coming Soon!!!

Soon TM

Level 1 Talents:

1) More to go! (D) (Quest):

Quest: Hit at least 2 enemy heroes with "Bombs Away", for each extra enemy hero hit get an additional stack.

Reward: After doing so 15 times, reduces cooldown of "Bombs Away" by 1 second.

Reward: After doing so 30 times, increases Boombots' damage to the main target by 50% and area damage by 100%.

Reward: After doing so 60 times, "Bombs Away" can trigger twice. This effect has 12 seconds cooldown.

2) ZAP! (Q): Increases "Zap Cannon" range by 33% and damage by 25%. Charged Boombots deal 100% more damage instead of 75%.

3) Crush 'em! (E): While "Blast Shield" is active, Dr. Boom deals 80 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies in front of him every second.

Level 4 Talents:

1) Charged Shield (Q and E): Using "Zap Cannon" while under the effect of "Blast Shield" will refresh shield's duration and double its amount.

2) Sticky Bombs (D): Boombots' explosions also slow all enemies hit by 8%, stacking up to 40%, for 3 seconds.

3) Fuel Canister (Active):
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Restores up to 50 Fuel. Canister is refilled while restoring Fuel in normal way.

Level 7 Talents:

1) Boombot Army (D): If there are 2 or more enemy heroes targeted by "Bombs Away" it's cooldown is refreshed.

2) Super-charged (Q and D): Increases explosion radius of charged Boombots by 100%.

3) March! March! MAAAARCH! (E): While "Blast Shield" is active Dr. Boom spawns a Boombot every 0.5 seconds.

Level 13 Talents:

1) Failure IS an option (D): If Dr. Boom dies, he triggers "Bombs Away" thrice.

2) Special Delivery (W): "Delivery Drone" also drops a bomb together with Boombots, which explodes, dealing 160 (+4% per level) damage in 3 meters area.
Passive: Increases "Delivery Drone" maximum amount of Boombots delivered to 8.

3) Nullification Field (E): While "Blast Shield" is active Dr. Boom and other friendly heroes within 4 meters area around him gain 40 spell armor.

Level 16 Talents:

1) Deadly Arsenal (Q and E): Causes the next 5 attacks after using "Zap Cannon" to become ranged (5.5 meters range) and be 60% faster these attacks reduce cooldown of "Blast Shield" by 1 second. While "Blast Shield" is active "Zap Cannon" recharges 100% faster.

2) Accelerated Excavation (D): Increases Fuel regeneration rate to 25 fuel/sec. Dr. Boom's abilities recharge 100% faster while restoring Fuel.

3) Robochicken (W): Using "Delivery Drone" also summons a robochicken, which runs in the same direction and leaves an explosive egg every 0.25 seconds. Eggs explode after 0.5 seconds delay, dealing 56 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies within 1.5 meters area.

Level 20 Talents:

1) ALARM! ALAAAAAAAAAAAARM! (R1): Each Alarm Level also grants 20% increased movement speed and attack speed and increases ability AoE by 1 meter. Using "Big Red Button" no longer kills Dr. Boom, but instead he comes back at the same place 3 seconds later (with the same amount of health and Fuel).

2) Bot Army (R2): "Micro-Squad" now summons 6 Microbots with 150% more health, but their duration is reduced to 20 seconds.

3) Dr. Boom (Passive): Whenever "Bombs Away" is triggered "Zap Cannon" hits the closest enemy hero, "Delivery Drone" flies to the furthest enemy hero and "Blast Shield" activates. This effect has 5 seconds cooldown.

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