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Dr Doom

By: Batlox
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019
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Dr Doom

Ruler of Latveria

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Utility: 2/10
Survivability: 8/10
Complexity: 9/10


Health: 2300 HP
Regen: 4.5 HP/s
Resources: 560 Mana
Rescource Regen: 2 Mana/s

Attack Damage: 180 damage
Attack speed: 0.73 ATK/s
Attack Range: 5.5

Movement speed: 100%
Mounted Movement Speed: 130%

Spell armour: 10
Physical armour:0

Combat Trait

Born Ruler
Minions around Dr Doom gain 20% armour.
If on the same team as Invisible Woman, Human Torch, the Thing and mr Fantastic: give all members 10% more damage to non-heroic enemies.

Cooldown: 600 seconds
Upon dying, revive at the position of death, after 5 seconds, at 100% health. Killing Dr doom whilst Born Ruler is available, grants 50% XP.

Primary Abilities

Anti-matter Pistol
Cooldown 12 seconds
Mana: 50
Fire a shot in the target direction, dealing 10 damage and lowering the first enemy's amour by 10. After 1 second, channel for 0.2 seconds, detonating the shot, at the target hit, dealing 190 damage to the initial target.
Fusion Energy
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Mana: 60

Generate an orb of fusion energy, growing in size as it moves in a straight line, for up to 3 seconds. The orb deals 5 damage every 0.1 seconds and slows enemies for 30%. if it hits a structure, it explodes for 400 damge, but can only damage the structure.
Face your Doom
Cooldown: 13 seconds
Mana: 100

After 1 second, remove all debuffs and the next instant of damage deals 100% more damage. This extra damage is reduced to 25% if it hits a Hero.

Heroic Abilities

science and magic
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Mana: 200

Put all enemies, in an area around Dr Doom, in Time stop for 2 seconds, before flying in the air and targeting a position. After 3 seconds, Fire a beam from the sky, dealing 100 damage every 0.1 seconds, lasting 1 second, and landing at its position. Whilst in the air, you can move the target of the beam
Waste of Time
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Mana: 0

Recharge all cooldowns and gain 50 spell armour for 2 seconds.
Create a rift around Dr Doom, slowing enemies by 40% whilst in it. lasts 10 seconds.

lv 1

Mastery of Magic:
Gain 20 spell armour whe out of combat for 5 seconds.

Mastery of Science:
Upon activating a Basic ability, gain 5 spell armour.

Genius intellect:
Basic attacks return 20 mana and kills return 100% of the missing mana.

Army destroyer:
If Anti-matter Pistol hits a minion, the explosion deals 50 damage around the target.

Lv 4

Rank up:
Killing minions drop Black Anti Matter.
[Quest] Collect Black Anti Matter.
[Reward] Upon collecting 25 Black Anti Matter, increase Hp by 10%
[Reward] Upon collecting 50 Black Anti Matter, Increase Hp by an additional 10%
[Reward] Upon collecting 100 Black Anti Matter, Increase Hp by an additional 15%

Allies around Dr Doom gain 10 armour and get slow duration reduced by 25%

Fusion Core:
Dr Doom gains a shield equivalent to 100% of the damage dealt by Fusion Energy. Lasts 3 seconds.

lv 7

Piecing shot:
Anti-Matter Pistol's explosion deals 200% damage to Shields and ignores all armour.

Unstable Pistol:
Anti-Matter Pistol's initial shot stuns the target for 0.75 seconds.

Deep Wound:
Anti-Matter Pistols initial shot deals 1400% damage to heroes with their amour reduced.

Lv 13

Sombre Shadow:
Face your Doom now makes Dr gain 25% movement speed for 5 seconds. Damage after 2.5 seconds of activating it, stops the speed increase.

Negative Field:
Enemy heroes hit by Fusion Energy get silenced for 1.75 seconds.

Flag of Latveria:
[Active]: Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Place a flag on the ground, whilst Dr Doom is in the area, Dr doom gains 20% spell armour. lasts 6 seconds.

Lv 16

Precision shot:
[Quest] hit 25 heroes with Anti-Matter Pistol, including previous hits.
[Reward] Increase Range of Anti-Matter Pistol by 100% and Explosion damage by 25%.

Short Circuit:
Fusion Energy now stuns structures for 4 seconds if it has travelled the full distance without hitting an enemy hero.

Flying Magic:
Dr Doom gains 35% movement speed. He can no longer mount.

Lv 20

Science and Magic Proficiency:
Increase the time stop duration to 2.9 seconds, and it now pierces Unstoppable. Slow enemies for 90% decaying over 2 seconds after the time stop ends.

Fusion Rift:
The Rift now damages heroes for 20 damage a seconds and lowers their armour by 30%.

Doom Bot decoy:
Dr Doom now has a doombot on his side, dealing 20 damage per second and healing Dr Doom for 100% of the damage. This damage is increased to 300% against Heroes.

Rival Genius:
Damage against an enemy Hero with a higher percentage of health, heals Dr Doom for 20% of the damage dealt. Damage against an enemy hero with a smaller percentage health, deals 20% more damage.

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