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By: ThallidWithAShotgun
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2023
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The Last Kaleidosaur

A tank that protects his team by warding an area with crystals that empower him.

Health: 2600
Health Regen: 5.34
Mana: 600
Basic attack type: Melee
Atk Speed: 1.00s
Atk Damage: 60

Galvadon has lumbered from his home below Un'Goro to build a new crystal cavern right inside the Nexus. Galvadon is tank who uses crystal to empower his abilities and protect his team. Able to make areas undesirable for his opponents to enter unless they wish to get Smacked around by the last of the Kaleidosaurs.

Galvadon is Unique to hearthstone and basically has no lore to his name. Though that may be a shame this is a blessing for creating a new an interesting hero around the idea. I decided to avoid doing the changing/adapting hero that I think most would have done for the last kaleidosaur but with Dehaka in the game I felt that it would just be retreating used ground. So instead I focused on his More crystalline nature to create, what I hope, is a unique and fun hero design.

Combat Trait

Crystal Formation (D)
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
Activate to change the type of crystal formation created by Raise Crystals from Dispersing crystal to Condensing crystal and vice versa.

Galvadon's basic abilities are empower by crystal formations Only five crystal formations can be active at once..

A few notes on the crystals: They are not terrain so don't block movement and they don't grant vision. The color and appearance of the crystal differ based on their type; Dispersing being the lighter colored of the two and having the crystal more spread out as opposed to condensing which are more closely packed together. They would be just over the size of a creep tumor.

Designer note: The crystal are unfortunately the part of this concept that give me the most trouble. I feel that it need to be clear that they aren't terrain but also still be large enough for Galvadon's abilities to not look silly interacting with them. I feel though that this is not an insurmountable problem and could be tuned in the design process.

Primary Abilities

Incandescent Light (Q)
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Fire a beam of light from your back crystals dealing 66 damage to enemies hit. Incandescent light is empowered by the first Crystal formation it hits.
Dispersing crystal: The beam releases a burst of light around it dealing 22 damage and blinding for 1 second.

Condensing crystal: The beam continues through the crystal increasing its damage by 50% pushing enemies back.
Raise Crystal (W)
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Paw the ground after 0.5 seconds a crystal formation erupts from the earth dealing 30 damage and slowing enemies hit by 20% decaying over 0.75 seconds.
Quartz Crash (E)
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Barrel Forward knocking heroes aside dealing 90 damage to them and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. any Crystal formation moved through during this charge are destroy granting Galvadon unstoppable and trigger the following based on their type.

Dispersing crystal:Each dispersing crystal passed through during Quartz crash burst dealing 25% of the charge damage to all enemies around it.

Condensing crystal: Each Condensing crystal passed through during quartz crash increases the charges damage by 20% and give Galvadon 160 shield for 3 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Geode upheaval (R)
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Swing your Tail forming a wall of impassible crystals. Enemies hit by the initial tail swing take 140 damage and are knocked away. This wall of crystals counts as both a Dispersing crystal and Condensing crystal. and can be destroy by quartz crash.
Silicate Slumber (R)
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Form a wall of crystal around yourself going into statis for 3 second regaining 70% of your maximum health. Whilst in statis this way you can still cast Raise crystal and you become terrain with collision.

Level 1 Talents

All talents at first level allow you to cast your raise crystal ability more frequently.

Q: Focused light- Quest: Hit 30 heroes with empowered incandescent light attacks.Reward: Each hero his by a empowered incandescent light attack reduces the cooldown of Raise Crystal by 0.75 if it was a Dispersing crystal or 2 seconds if it was a Condensing crystal.

R: Fragment Regrowth- Each Crystal formation destroyed with Quartz Crash reduce the cooldown of Raise Crystal by 1.5 seconds.

Passive: Earth Shaker- Basic attacking Heroes who are slowed, stunned or rooted reduces the cooldown of Raises crystal by 1 second.

Level 4 Talents

The Survival Talent level.

Q:Crystal Healing- Hitting a hero with a empowered Incandescent light beam causes galvadon to restore 10% of his max health over 5 seconds.

E: Mineralized shell- Charging through a Dispersing Crystal with Quartz Crash grants 10 spell armor stacking up to 30. Charging through a Condensing crystal grant 10 physical armor stacking up to 30.

Organigenic crystals-Quest: Collecting regeneration globes increase your health regen by 1 and your max health by 10.

Level 7 Talents

Level 7 Improves your overall CC effectiveness

Q: Dazzling Reflections- Hitting Enemy heroes with an empower Incandescent light Beam reduces their spell power by 15% for 2.5 second. If it was empower by a Condensing Crystal their spell power is reduce by 30% instead.

W: Crystal Aggression- Raise Crystal slow no longer decays and basic attack increase the duration of the slow by 0.75 seconds.

E: Collide-A-Saur- Destroying Crystal formation with Quartz Crash increases the damage of Quartz crash by 20% and the stun duration by 0.25 up to a max of 1.25 extra stun time and 100% extra damage.

Level 10 Talents

<Covered in the Heroic abilities section above.>

Level 13 Talents

Level 7 lets you unleash your inner Godzilla by empower your Incandescent light.

Q: Amethyst Adaptations- Heal for 30% of the damage dealt by Empowered Incandescent light attacks.

Q: Ruby Wrath- Incandescent light Dispersing crystals attacks deal an additional 1% of enemy heroes health in damage. Incandescent light Condensing crystals attacks deal an addition 2.5% of enemy hero health in damage.

Q: Sapphire Sight- Increase the range of Incandescent light by 60% and decrease the cool down by 2 seconds.

Level 16 Talents

Q/E: Ruby Rage- Deal 15 damage Per second around you whenever you empower an attack increase the damage by 40% 3 seconds.

E: Run the Dinosaur- Gain 5% movement speed. After Using Quartz Crash gain an additional 20% movement speed for 2 seconds.

E: Deadly Fragments- Damage dealt by Dispersing crystals by destroying them with Quarts Charge deal 100% of the charges damage instead of 20%.

Storm Talents

Storm talents I'm not the happiest with. Buy hay I did put some adaptations in like he has in the game

R1: Raised from the Core- Geode Upheaval gains a second charge.

r2: Kaleiodsaurus Wrecks- For 7 seconds after Silicate Slumber ends Galvadon gain 600 Hp, his basic attack speed is increase by 20% and his basic attack damage is increase by 200%.

Q: Beam Crystal Power- Incandescent light can trigger an additional Crystal formation and benefit for all your level 13 talents.

Blessing from Un'Goro: Gain the following 3 active abilities.
Active: Volcanic might: Gain unstoppable for 1.5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Active: Liquid Membrane: Gain Protected for 1.5 second. 60 second cooldown.
Active: Lightning speed: Gain 40% movement decaying over 1.5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

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