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By: BRitz_OP
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021
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The elemental assassin


HEALTH 1.352 (+4.0%)
REGEN 4.38 (+4.0%)
ENERGY 100 (+0)
REGEN 10.00 (+0)
DAMAGE 138 (+4.0%)

"Grace is an melee assassin, focused on making quick executions while using different elements to make her kills more unique and adequate for the situation."


-High Mobility
-High Damage/Burst Damage
-Quick Execution
-Energy Based/High Energy Regeneration


-Low Energy Pool
-Relatively Squishy
-Easy to Overwhelm when using the wrong Element at the wrong time

Grace is an Nexus born Hero, despite being the youngest sister on the realm hunters family and going through an long rebellious phase, she was able to master the ancient elemental magic present on their birth realm, seeing it´s true potencial and continuing her elders ancient quest. Now, she carries the power of the elements with her, in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to show to her older siblings that she is an strong warrior

Inspired on Qiyana and Akali from League of Legends, Grace dashes into battle, taking advantage of her elements in order to adapt to the situation, making herself even deadlier to her enemies, while also, making sure she will be able to escape and live after the fight

Synergises well with


Countered by

-Chain CC
(she dosen´t have an direct counter other than Deathwing, since he is always unstoppable, but she can easily be countered by your positioning and outplays, so, in another words, being outsmarted is her greatest counter)

Color Schemes

-Ancient Grace
-Royal Grace
-Twilight Grace

Possible Skins/Concepts
-Pop Star Grace (with chromas)
-Battle Queen Grace (with chromas)

Combat Trait

Old Techniques
Grace´s attacks and abilities deal 80 (+6% per Level) bonus damage to her affected enemy, this effect only occurs on the first hit against that enemy every 20 seconds and resets upon changing elements
D-Twilight Shroud
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Restore 80 energy and create and shroud on an area beneath you. While on the shroud, you receive invisibility while not attacking your enemies and 20% movement speed. If you attack an enemy, reveal yourself quickly go back to invisibility after 1 second on the shroud. The shroud lasts 8 seconds

Primary Abilities

Q-Elemental Volley
Cost: 45 Energy
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Range: 5

Slash foward in an line, dealing 210 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies hit. Collecting an new element resets this ability cooldown and increase it´s range by 100%

Earth empower: Deal 120 (+4% per Level) bonus damage and increase this bonus by 50% towards enemies below 50% maximum helath

Ice empower: Deal 65 (+4% per Level) bonus damage and root your targets for 1.5 seconds

Grass empower: Deal 75 (+4% per Level) bonus damage and become stealthed for the next 6 seconds or until you attack an enemy
W-Ancient Mastery
Cost: 15 Energy
Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Activate to receive an element from the order. The order goes: Earth, Ice and Grass. After receiving an element, deal 15% increased damage on your basic attacks until you consume the element and your next Elemental Volley will be empowered based on the element, consuming it. The ability can be recast with no cost within the next 4 seconds after the initial cast before entering on cooldown, using any ability or attacking on this free time, selects the element and puts the ability on cooldown
Cost: 30 Energy
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Range: 8

Throw an shuriken on an direction and flip an medium distance backwards, the shuriken deals 140 (+4% per Level) damage, stops on the first enemy hit and marks the target for 6 seconds. Grace receives 60% movement speed when moving towards an marked target and deals 310 (+4% per Level) bonus damage on her next attack or ability against them, consuming the mark

Heroic Abilities

R-Ancestral Power
Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Range: 10

Send an windblast in the target direction, knocking up and pushing all enemies hit backwards, slowing them by 70% for 2 seconds after the knock back. If the blast hits any kind of wall or structure or passes through any bush, create an shockwave that quickly extends until the end of that wall or structure, granting vision of it´s affected area along the path. The shockwave stuns any enemy hit for 2 seconds and deals 570 (+4% per Level) +15% of their maximum health as damage to all enemies hit
R-Assassin´s Will
Cooldown: 75 Seconds
Range: 12

Dash towards the targeted enemy Hero, dealing 240 (+4% per Level) damage to it and receiving 20% movement speed for 12 seconds. After 2 seconds, the ability can be recast within 10 seconds, making you dash towards any direction you choose, dealing 420 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies hit and stunning them for 2 seconds


Level 1


Old Techniques cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds and now deals 25 (+2% per Level) additional damage, wich is increased to 125 (+6% per Level) against disabled enemies

Five Point Strike

Every 8 seconds, your next attack will deal 140 (+4% per Level) bonus spell damage to all enemies in an cone infront of you, restoring 10 energy per enemy Hero hit. This attack has 15% chance to deal 75% increased damage and to slow enemies by 30% for 1 second
Quest: Hit 30 enemy Heroes with Five Point Strike
Reward: Increase the chance for increased damage to 45% and it´s bonus damage to 150%

Ancient Beauty

Receive 15% spell power and recharge your abilities 30% faster
Quest: Collect 15 Regeneration Globes
Reward: Increase your maximum energy by 80 and your energy regen by 10

Level 4

Seismic Shove

Elemental Volley Earth empower now will damage and knock up for 1 second the area around the first enemy hit

Ring of Frost

Elemental Volley Ice empower now will damage and stun for 1.5 seconds the area around the first enemy hit

Floral Surge

Elemental Volley Grass empower now will heal you for 20 (+4% per Level) per enemy hit, increased by 150% against enemy Heroes

Level 7

Assassin´s Mark

Hitting an enemy Hero with an ability will create an ring with 7 range around you for 4 seconds. Leaving the ring will make your next basic attack within 6 seconds will have 1.5 increased range, deal 180 (+4% per Level) bonus spell damage on an cleave and will restore 10 energy


Activating Ancient Mastery will make your next movement be an short dash towards your targeted location. This effect has an 1.5 seconds cooldown


Old Techniques now deals 100% increased damage, wich is increased by 35% towards enemies below 50% maximum health

Level 10

Listed on Heroic Ability section

Level 13

Hitting Hard

Elemental Volley Earth empower execute damage is increased to 125%

Soaking Wet

Elemental Volley Ice empower damage is increased by 60% and slows by 45% for 3 seconds all enemies that were hit by it after the root ends

Hidden by the Leaves

Elemental Volley Grass empower now will leave Grass Elemental Twilight Shroud along it´s path. The shroud will be removed when you reveal yourself

Level 16


Backflip can now be recast at no cost, making you dash towards your marked target, consuming and reapplying the mark for 4 additional seconds. Casting Elemental Volley will make you dash an small distance towards the location you selected while channeling the ability, maintaining the abilities original range

Elemental Gracefulness

While having an active element, receive 45% spell power, 10% movement speed and 30% chance to deal 50% bonus damage on your attacks and abilities

Elemental Shroud

Activating Twilight Shroud will empower it based on your current element, additionally, reduce it´s cooldown by 15 seconds

Earth: Now Blinds enemies that are within the shroud

Ice: Now slows by 30% all enemies that are within the shroud

Grass: Now puts you back into invisibility after 0.25 seconds instead of 1 second, and affect any allies within it with the bonus movement speed

Level 20

Ancient Talent

Increase Ancestral Power maximum health damage from 15% to 35% and reduce it´s cooldown by 45 seconds

Bring the Boulders

Assassin´s Will now executes enemies below 30% maximum health

Elemental Wrath

Increase Elemental Volley base damage by 110% and reduce it´s energy cost by 20

Mother Nature

Ancient Mastery now only has an 1 second cooldown and no longer costs energy

In Game Quotes

Store Greeting - Pre-Purchase: "Greetings Champion"
Purchase: "Cold steel and a target are all I need."
Store Greeting: "Do we want to be safe? Or free? The choice is ours."
Ready: "I'll make this look like magic."

Intro - Greeting Jaina: "I'm about to cut your ice!.. Wait, n-not like that, I meant my knives are going to... *grunts* Never mind."
Intro - Greeting Anduin: "Anduin... Why are the hot ones always either crazy or purely right?"
Intro - Greeting Valeera: "I was trained to kill since I could walk, and you?"
Intro - Greeting Li-Ming: "Impressive magic, but so primitive, just like you!"
Intro - Greeting Haruto 1: "Don't waste your anger brother, channel it!"
Intro - Greeting Haruto 2/Budo: "I KNOW! I know i can be annoying when i´m happy, and NO, i´m not sorry for being rebellious with the others, no way"
Intro - Greeting Diablo/Deathwing: "Big targets are easier to hit."
Intro - Greeting Imperius: "Ugh, Imperius, what a drama queen."
Intro - Greeting Fuyuhiko: "The will comes from within, not from the blade."
Intro - Greeting Yui: "Nice magic sister. I miss your old hair though. Why'd you change it?"
Intro - Greeting Aoi: "How about I take this life, Sister?"
Intro - Greeting Aruni: "Time to show out the light, Sister!"
Intro - Greeting Hina: "Let me show you my secrets too, Sister."
Intro - Greeting Negative: "Still time for you to do the smart thing: go home."
Intro - Greeting Positive (any ally on an mount): "Horsey! What? I can like horses. I can like… things."
Intro - Response Negative: "Call it a purse, I dare you."
Intro - Response Positive: "There is a day we must all fulfill our destiny. ...That day is taco day!!"

What 1: "Yes?"
What 2 (angry): "YES???"
Humorous 1: "They can't stop me. I mean, *giggles* they can try."
Humorous 2: "Everyone dies, I just speed things up."
Humorous 3: "There are over 300 pressure points on the human body, no one can protect 'em all."
Humorous Towards allied Budo/Haruto: "There are holes in reality. And... in donuts."
Move 1: "On my way."
Move 2: "Right on it."
Hearthstone 1: "We must stay moving! Keep them guessing."
Getting Healed: "Thanks."

Attack 1: "HA!"
Attack 2: "Okay, THIS, i got!"
Attack 3: "Boo!"
Attack 4: "Can´t stop me."
Attack 5: "Hehe, come on, I dare ya!"
Attack Haruto/Budo: "Roaaarr!! *snorts and laughs*."

Killing a Hero 1: "Next!"
Killing a Hero 2: "We all grow up! Well, you died, but... y'know."
Killing a Hero 3 (with ice element): "I just love the way blood pools on ice."
Killing any of her brothers/sisters: "Wait... they aren't coming back?"
Killing an Enemy with Budo/Haruto 1: "Bye bye! But isn't it better with sparkles and more colors?"
Killing an Enemy with Budo/Haruto 2: "THAT WAS AWESOME AWESOME!!! Right?"
Killing an Enemy with Budo/Haruto 3: "*gasp* Celebration time! CHOCOLATE MOONCAKE TIIIIIIIME!!"
Killing an Enemy with Assassin`s Will second cast: "Aaaaaaaaaaand, scene."

Death: "(gasp) Sister?..."
Revived: "Back for more."

Ping - Kill Hero: "Kill this hero!"
Ping - Capture Mercenaries: "Some allies would be nice.."
Ping - Help Ally: "Assist our ally, guys?"
Ping - Help Me: "Help, please?"
Ping - Destroy Fort: "Kaboomey!!"
Ping - Defend Fort: "Keep this up! It´s pretty."

Collecting Element-Earth 1: "For crushing."
Collecting Element-Earth 2: "Now watch the bastards fall!"
Collecting Element-Earth 3: "Yes, i WILL, throw you a rock."

Collecting Element-Ice 1: "Chilly."
Collecting Element-Ice 2: "Cold yet?"
Collecting Element-Ice 3: "Perfect!"

Collecting Element-Grass 1: "Give all and the spirits give back."
Collecting Element-Grass 2: "Cozzy."
Collecting Element-Grass 3: "Confortable, and, pretty."

Hitting an Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley 1: "Catch!"
Hitting an Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley 2: "Goal!"
Hitting an Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley 3: "YAS!"
Hitting an Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley 4: "I am the besta!"
Hitting an Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley 5: "Match-a!"
Hitting an High Mobility Enemy with an empowered Elemental Volley: "Ri-dic-u-lous!"

Using Backflip 1: "WHOOSH!"
Using Backflip 2: "See ya!"
Using Backflip 3: "Catch!"

Using Twilight Shroud 1: "Bye!"
Using Twilight Shroud 2: "As the wind..."
Using Twilight Shroud 3: ""Shhhh."

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