Grand Marshal Garithos by VikingEagle

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Grand Marshal Garithos

By: VikingEagle
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2021
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Grand Marshal Garithos

Dark Knight

He who did nothing wrong

Difficulty: Medium
Health: 2480 (+4)
Mana: 500 (+4%)
Basic Attack Damage: 126 (+4%)
Basic Attack Speed: 0.91

Combat Trait


Garithos deals 100% increased damage to and takes 50% reduced damage from all non-human (i.e. non-player) units, however his prejudice disheartens friendly minions and mercenaries, passively reducing their attack speed by 30%. Additionally, Garithos cannot capture Mercenary camps or receive buffs from Mercenaries and Monsters (Spell Armor from Knights and speed boost from Cavalry) as he refuses the aid of non-humans.

Primary Abilities

Holy Purgation

Deal 176 (+4%) damage to a target non-structure enemy or target Garithos to restore 265 (+4%) health. Whenever Garithos kills an enemy (last hit), the cooldown is reset, if the unit was killed with Holy Purgation, also refund 35% of the mana cost. Cooldown: 10. Mana Cost: 60.


After a 0.5 second delay, launch a linear wave of force that deals 130 (+4%) damage, knocks back, and slows enemies by 35% for 2 seconds. Enemies cannot be knocked back more than once. Against non-humans, the slow is increased to 70% and it's duration is increased to 6 seconds. Cooldown: 12. Mana Cost: 70.

Seal of Courage

Gain 15 armor and an additional 3 armor for every nearby enemy, upto 30 armor, and 10% increased movement speed for 3 seconds. Basic attacks and nearby non-human kills refresh this duration. Armor stacks with Supremacy's damage resistance. Cooldown: 16. Mana Cost: 65.

Heroic Abilities


Activate to increase Supremacy's damage bonus to 200%, cause all damage to heal for 25% of the damage dealt, and make Garithos Unstoppable for 4 seconds. Basic attacks and nearby non-human kills extend this duration by 1 second. Cooldown: 75. Mana Cost: 80. Passive: Basic attacks against non-humans reduce basic ability cooldowns by 1 second and restore 8 mana.


After a 1 second delay, remove all armor and slam the ground, dealing 225 (+4%) damage and stunning enemies around Garithos for 0.75 seconds. Each point of armor removed increase the damage by 2.5%, upto 75%, upon reaching the maximum bonus, increase the stun duration to 1.5 seconds. Stun Duration is tripled against non-humans. Cooldown: 25. Mana Cost: 70. Passive: Increase the range of Seal of Courage by 15%. While only one enemy unit is in range, gain the full armor bonus.


Level 1:

Defender of Humanity - Every 16 seconds, gain 75 physical armor against the next heroic basic attack. Nearby non-human kills reduce this cooldown by 4 seconds. Stores 3 charges.

Seal of Valor - Upon casting and expiration, Seal of Courage grants 10% of Garithos' maximum health as a shield for 3 seconds.

Conviction - Holy Purgation heals 1% more for each point of armor Garithos has, upto 30%, and it's mana cost is reduced by 40% if used on Garithos.

Every Man For Himself - Activate to remove all Slows, Roots, and damage over time effects from Garithos. Collecting a Regeneration Globe actives this ability for free. Cooldown 30. Passive: Garithos receives 50% more healing from Regeneration Globes.

Level 4:

Die, Mongrels! - While Seal of Courage is active, Garithos's basic attacks deal 7% more damage for each nearby enemy, upto 35%. Passive: Garithos gains 15% increased basic attack damage.

Purge the Unclean - Holy Purgation deals 40% more damage to enemies hit by Castigate for 2 seconds. Each enemy hit by Castigate reduces the cooldown of Holy Purgation by 0.75 seconds.

Eternal Crusader - Castigate deals an additional 50% damage to Minions. (!)Quest: Each minion killed by Castigate permanently increases it's damage by 2, upto 60. (!)Reward: After reaching 60 bonus damage, gain an additional 40 damage and increase the slow duration by 1 second.

Level 7:

Suffer Not the Witch - Holy Purgation reduces the target's spell power by 30% and slows by 25% for 3 seconds.

Tyrant - Castigate reduces the basic attack speed of enemy heroes by 40% for 3 seconds and it's slow is increased to 50% for enemies hit by the center.

Enforcer - While Seal of Courage is active, Enemy heroes in range have their armor reduced by 15 and Garithos' basic attacks slow them by 20% for 1 second.

Lesson Learned - Activate Supremacy to increase Garithos' damage against structures by an additional 100% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 45. Passive: Destroying a Structure refreshes all basic ability cooldowns.

Level 10:

Heroic Abilities

Level 13:

Devotion: Seal of Courage grants nearby allies 15 armor and counts them toward the armor bonus.

Command Aura: While Seal of Courage is active, Supremacy's attack speed debuff is removed and nearby Minion's and Mercenaries gain half of Supremacy's bonuses.

Burning Hatred: While Seal of Courage is active, enemies in range take 22 (+4%) damage, each non-human killed while Seal of Courage is active increases the damage by 10%, upto 100%.

Cavalry Charge: While Seal of Courage is active, Mounting is instant and damage does not dismount you for 3 seconds

Level 16:

Cleansing - Holy Purgation deals 97 (+4%) damage to enemies near the target, even if that target is Garithos. Garithos is healed by 40% of the damage dealt by Holy Purgation.

See Them Driven Before You - Castigate travels 20% further and knocks enemies back twice as far. Each enemy hero hit by Castigate grants Garithos a 120 (+4%) health shield for 3 seconds.

Justice Falls - Garithos' basic attacks against heroes deal an additional 2% of their maximum health as damage. While Seal of Courage is active, basic attacks against heroes heal Garithos for 2% of his maximum health.

Level 20:

Azeroth History X - While Overman is active, gain all Level 1 and Level 7 talents. If Overman has been active for at least 20 seconds, also gain all Level 16 talents for the rest of the duration.

By This Axe I Rule - Grudgeweilder instantly kills minions, each minion killed reduces the cooldown of Grudgewielder by 3 seconds. Stunning at least 2 enemy heroes with Grudgeweilder resets the cooldown of Seal of Courage.

Seal of Kings - Increase Seal of Courage's base armor bonus to 25 and its duration by 2 seconds, if Seal of Courage is active for at least 12 seconds, increase this bonus to 45 for the rest of the duration. Passive: Gain all Level 13 Talents.

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